maandag 14 april 2014

Bad Hair Day

Hi Everyone,

Today something fun, I did this last week. As you all know I love being challenged and get creative, I was invited for a "Bad Hair Day" contest over at Upload And Share Your Own Nail Art Creations and felt so honored (she is amazing). I was challenged to think outside the box and use unusual things for nail art. So I used my own hair haha :)

"The moment you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror (pinkie)
Trying to brush and comb your hair (ring finger) 
But nothing works you are having a bad hair day (middle finger) 
Blow drying, combing, even consider cutting because nothing works (index finger) 
But then you make the cutest braid with bows (thumb) 
And you bad hair day is saved"

We had to include a paper with a smiley face on it so she could see it was new and made for her contest :)
Gradient with Essence Show your feet Flamingo rose, Konad SN pastel violet and Essie Full Steam Ahead. Stamped the mirror from Moyou Princess 07 and colored it with a mini silver from Color Club, stamped the comb, brush, sciccors, blowdryer, hand mirror from parts of Cheeky CH40. Stamped and colored the girl on Moyou Suki 10 and used a little freehand coloring, adjusting her hair and eyes.  And added my own real hair on my middle finger and made a little braid in my own hair cut it off and paste it on my thumb haha LOL Also added one silver and one pink fabric bow.

Also a picture without the smiley face.

And this what it look liked without my own hair.

And some swatches of just the pink and lilac gradient base.

I had so much fun doing this :)

Thanks for reading.


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty funny! :D
    Especially the manga girl on the very right! :D

  2. This is the best manicure I've seen in a long time! So imaginative and creative and you have pulled it off soo good! Looks amazing! :D x

  3. Funny and creative... Awesome mani! ♥

  4. So cute and funny! I love your manis :)

  5. vind deze zo ontzettend gaaf terecht dat je hebt gewonnen

  6. omg, what a fun manicure, looks amazing and super cute and i absolutely love it <3

  7. Woow je eigen haar, leuk gedaan!