donderdag 17 juli 2014

The World Cup is over :(

Hi Everyone,

The World Cup is over and I kinda miss it. I loved watching the games on tv almost every night. And also loved supporting my country with mani's and pedi's. Here the 7 World Cup mani's and 2 pedi's I've done. Now wait 2 years for the European Cup :)

Just a really short post today ;)


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Jou inspiratie is echt eindeloos....

  2. Short but amazing!
    I don´t like football but I admire all your manicures. Great!
    I´ve just published the post with the manicure for the Hi5 challenge. Better late than never!
    I hope you like the manicure I´ve chosen even though I had a problem while stamping. The Konad nail polish I used for stamping got blurred when I apply on top the Poshé. I don´t know why and it was a pity that the stamping isn´t sharp. However, this way it looks more bloody :P
    Have a nice weekend!!

  3. I loved each and every one of your World Cup mani's, they were all amazing :)