dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Under the Sea 2014

Hi Everyone,

The weather here is very warm, so for this weekend I had to do a fun Summer mani. I did a Under the Sea themed mani again :) (I do at least one under the sea mani once a year). I went to the beach saturday and my Under the Sea hands and feet had fun swimming in the ocean :)

Subtle gradient base with China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and China Glaze Splish Splash (over Sinful Colors Snow me white).

All stamped with Moyou Sailor 01 and Sailor 08.Stamped some seaweed, plants, coral. First stamped the pearl shell in white then colored it white and stamped over it with black and added a pearl rhinestone in the middle. Stamped the jelly fish in black colored it pink and stamped the top again with black. The starfish is stamped in white and over it stamped again with the peachy color. The crab is stamped in white too, but colored that with a little brush and red and dotted some eyes. The pufferfish is stamped in yellow colored it yellow and stamped over it with black. The shell and anker just stamped in white. And at the end stamped some light blue and white bubbles. All done using Konad stamping polishes and some mixes of those.

As you know I love doing matching pedi's (especially in the Summer) so here are my toesies :)
A subtle gradient with China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and China Glaze Splish Splash. Made a stamping decal of the octopus from Moyou Sailor 08 for my big toes. And stamped the same bubbles on the rest of my toes.

Thought some might also like to see my other hand. I always try to make it match but taking a normal pic from that hand is hard :P 

And a picture of both hand and foot together.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. These are so adorable and fun and summery!!! Yay! I saw your pic of your toes at the beach on FB - it's a perfect picture. I am still, and always will be, awed at the talent you have for making these great scenes all with double stamping, and all the color and creativity! Love them!!!! :)

  2. prachtig. wilde binnenkort ook gaan proberen nu ik mijn mdu polishes heb

  3. This is so creative! I just wish we had the same good weather at this side of the border. It's amazing how we just need to cross the border to Holland and have sunshine. Oh man, how I hate Belgium... LOL
    I love your mani Diana, it's super cute. I don't do art on my toes anymore, but still like to dare with unusual colours.

    Have a great week dear! :*
    GioNails | Facebook::Gio_Nails

  4. Adorable. Your designs look great should appear in an magazine for nail art :)

  5. oh, wow! how pretty they are! your manis and pedis always leave me speechless...

  6. Aww thank you all so much, you are soo sweet <3