woensdag 9 juli 2014

World Cup: The Netherlands - Argentina

Hi Everyone,

In about an hour the World Cup Semi Final will be played...it's the The Netherlands - Argentina.  Or our Queen vs our King haha since she is from Argentina ;) This is my 6th World Cup mani....Go Holland Go!!!  I did my best to try and make something new/different ;) I will be making a 7th mani, hopefully for the final against Germany but will also make one for the 'loser' final against Brasil if Argentina wins tonight.

Base Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and Snow me White (index and ring finger) stamped with Nailways Snowwhite -Traces the feet, the big ball pattern is from Bundle Monster BM 408, the soccer/ foot balls from Winstonia W103, The I and heart from MoYou Tourist 15, and made the VS from the word Winstonia on W03. Using SN white, red, blue and pastel blue.

And here a picture of just the base with the flags on my ring finger and index. Made those with striping tape over my white base so I could paint the red and (light) blue and have straight lines.

Thanks for reading and Go Hollang Go or as we say in Dutch.....HUP HOLLAND HUP :)


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