donderdag 31 juli 2014

Summer water marble and stamping

Hi Everyone,

In one of the facebook stamping groups we have this game called Tag You're It. Someone can tag you and give you a personal challenge. Then after you finished you have to tag another person and give her/him a challenge. Now I was tagged to do a stamping mani over a watermarbled base of atleast 3 colors. I really don't like to marble, I just ain't good at it and the water here isn't great for it too. So this was I real challenge for me.

But I did my best (that the weather here is pretty warm wasn't helping either) and I did 2 nails, yes 2 nails ;) The rest I just painted and stamped to match the rest.

Colors used China Glaze That's Shore Bright, China Glaze Too Yacht Too Handle and Icecream polish pink over Sinful Colors Snow me White. Stamped with FUN2 the white flowers and added some dots with a dotting tool.

Here a picture of just the base.

At the end I did kinda liked this mani. The water marble was pretty simple not like a pretty flower design, but this was all I could do ;)

Thanks for reading!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Simply beautiful! Love the bright colors :)

  2. echt mooie kleuren en de marble is erg goed gelukt. Bij mij is t nooit zo mooi meer door elkaar gehaald zooitje :-)