vrijdag 24 december 2010

Christmas Workshop

Sometimes I organize Konad workshops at my home, such as birthday and bachelor party's. But also workshop/ meetings with my nail friends from the forum Beautiful Nails 4 U :) This week I had 3 of those workshops and we had al lot of fun. So here some pictures.

I decorated my workshop room in Christmas style.

My stash and some stuff that is for sale.
My door with ofcourse Disney ;)

The table, my little Christmas tree and my Disney Christmas balls.

As a table seating I decorated soms mini Christmas balls with the first letter of their names and some stamps.

Saturday I was expecting 8 people but because of the snow and bad weather only 4 people came, but we had a lot of fun.

Here you can see me acting weird in the back hahaha (thanks Michelle for this photo)

Sunday I had another workshop/meeting but I don't have pictures of that day.

Yesterday Brenda came to me, another friend couldn't come so it was just the two of us. But again we had a lot of fun and we counted all my nailpolish :)

And Brenda gave my my first CND effects...so sweet :) I also got one from Henny that was a big surprise because I already saw her saturday but Brenda had the polish and she couln't come then, so I got it yesterday....thanks again sweeties for the CND.

Here you can see me and Brenda.

As a thank you gift I gave all of them a Candy cane with a set of selfmade Christmas decals.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. jij ook nog een keer een fijne kerst hihi.
    Vond het zoooo gezellig en zo leuk om allemaal na te lezen!

    Ben echt zoo blij met al de leuke spullen die ik morgen open mag maken met Kerst. (: echt heel erg bedankt!

    Liefs, xxxx

  2. Het was zeker leuk en gezellig! Ik ben blij dat ik het weer heb getrotseerd!

  3. How cool!!, love the little favors :).
    I wish I could live close to your house ^_^.

  4. Omgish I love the setup of your workshop room!! Everything is displayed so nicely =) It looks like everyone had a wonderful time and I bet they loved your water decals! I would love to do meetings and workshops myself hehe.

  5. @ Arie... when you ever visit Holland you are always welcome to come ;)

    @ 'chelle...it is so nice so if you have the room I would say start your own meetings/workshops :D Yeah they loved it but they already knew my decals because I make and sell them by request.