woensdag 30 maart 2011

I got some presents....nail polish from Brazil ♥

My friend is from Brazil (she is the girlfriend of my best friend) and sometimes she goes back to Brazil, a couple of weeks ago she went there for a wedding and the carnival. She already said to me that maybe she was going to buy some polish for me. When she was back her boyfriend told me that she had presents for me...and this weekend a saw them and she gave me the presents.....it felt like my birthday or christmas :)

Look it's a paper bag.

A paper bag filled with polishhhhhhhhh :)

Look how many she got me, I'm so happy thank you Debora thank you ♥ I got 10 new colors and 5 neons (in the back of the photo) that I already have but she knows I like them and sometimes use them as prize for a giveaway or contest (I did that last summer she already got me the neons again for a contest) I'll show you the neon photos and swatches later ;)

Now let's see them closer ;)

These 3 are from Impala (I love this brand and the shape of their bottles). They are specially made for São Paulo Fashion Week (see the  holograpgic logo SPFW) and are inspired by a millitary theme. There were 5 colors made, these are 3 of them. The first one is really special I love it sooooo much, it's called Na Mira 3D and it's a holograpghic one ♥ The second one is a dark shimmer called Metal Glam and the third is a blue/purple/blurple cream polish called Azul Aviador.

These 4 are from the brand Hits Speciallità, new for me but I like them, they cover really well. The last 3 are way more brighter in real life, look almost like pastel neons. The first one is Passeio 412, the second one is Sorvete 402, the third is Caipirinha 415 and the last is Edição Limitada 205.

The first two are from Ana Hickmann (a Brazilian model who distributes her own cosmetics line). It's a red/orange cream called Salsa and a purple shimmer called Techno. The last one is from Colorama Nutriverniz, Rosa Mosqueta pink with shimmer the color is darker in real life (see photo below).

My 10 new lovely polishes :)
From left to right: Impala Na Mira 3D, Impala Metal Glam, Impala Azul Aviador,  Hits Speciallità Passeio 412,  Hits Speciallità Sorvete 402, Hits Speciallità Caipirinha 415, Hits Speciallità Edição Limitada 205, Ana Hickmann Salsa, Ana Hickmann Techno and Colorama Rosa Mosqueta.

Swatches on a wheel same order of polishes as above. Top with flash under without flash (you can see better how bright the pink one is)

I got quite a few Brazilian polishes brands such as Impala ♥, Risque, Colorama and Hits Speciallità. The first ones I got were a souvenir last summer when my best friend went to visit her in Brazil (she was there for a few months) while she was there she also took a photo in the store and I chose some colors I liked, so she bought a few for me. When she was back in Holland I paid them. A few weeks after that it was my birthday and I got some more Brazilian polish and now these 10 new ones. So I think I'll start Brazil week on my blog and show you all my polishes and some swatches and creations I have made so far.

♥ Debora thanks again for getting me and giving me all those great polishes ♥

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  1. Na Mira 3D is echt een prachtig lakje!
    De pastelkleurtjes zijn ook erg leuk :)

  2. Oh, man! Great stuff! How nice of your friend.

  3. Wauw ze zien er geweldig uit!

  4. Hiii!!!
    how nice to see brazilian polish in here!!
    if anyone wants to swap just let me know!!


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  7. Hi!Be careful with those nail polishes.. cause in brazil, most of them have Formaldehyde,toluene and DBP. I think that the only brand that dont have those things is Colorama. I'm telling you as a brazilian worried girl (: