donderdag 17 maart 2011

Some new goodies

I went to Germany some place very close, because I was still a bit sick. I really wanted to go outside because of the nice weather, and of course it is always fun to look a the new nail polish collections. I bought some new polishes, but unfortunately I was really disappointed in two.

From left to right:
- a new color from Essence 52 Out of my mind (beautiful blue with green/gold shimmer maybe duochrome)
- Essence effect topper 04 Mystic mermaid (silver with blue and purple sparkles, really like this one but it's for a topcoat too opaque)
- P2 590 Who cares (such a sweet color)
- Essence magnetic nail polish 01 Miracle shine (a gray polish with lilac shimmer, nice color but the effect is disappointed compaired to the Essence LE magnetics and Alessandro)
- Essence cracking white (really ugly it cracks bad and slow and most of the time only veritcal cracks)

From left to right:
- Essence cracking white, you can see how ugly it is. It needs a really thin coat otherwise it doesn't crack at all, this was a thin coat.,
- Essence magnetic 01 Miracle shine with strong Alessandro magnet, you see the effect isn't that big.
- Essence magnetic 01 Miracle shine without any magnet, a nice gray with lilac shimmer, dries matte.
- Essence effect topper 04 Mystic mermaid.
- Essence 52 Out of my mind (love this color)
- P2 590 Who cares (also love this one it's is sooo cute)

On this photo you can see all my magnetic polishes with different magnets tests.
On 5 o'clock you see the new Essence magentic 01 Miracle shine, the bigger stripes are made with a refrigerator magnet, the smaller ones with the Alessandro magnet. You can see the effect of this new one is less. (don't pay attention to 4 o'clock there is crack polish under those magnetic polishes, so it looks nasty)

I really hated the white crack I tested it over my mood polish and then a did one coat of Essence 52 Out of my mind to make the white blue, it looks better, but I still hate the way it cracks. A close up of the magnetic polish you can see the lilac shimmer in it, but this was the best result with the magnet I could get :( I was playing with it for an hour, first I thought the magnet didn't worked anymore, later I thought I just couldn't do it anymore. But then I tested it with my other magnetic polishes and everything was fine.

I don't recommend buying the Essence white cracking polish, the magnetic one is not that magnetic but still a nice color without the magnetic effect.

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