woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Everything is Haunted!

Happy Halloween Everyone,
This holiday isn't really celebrated here in Holland but I do like it a lot  and wish it was a real holiday here too:) (and like you could see in my previous post I went to a Halloween party last weekend) I love making Halloween themed nails, so today I'll show you another creation: a haunted village :) on a sunset gradient base.
A 3 color gradient with Catherine Arley 806, 800 and 673 (just painted not sponged) Did sponge the black with Konad SN black. Stamped with SN yellow and SN black and used a lot of plates ;)

Pinkie: bat BM13, tree HB33 and cat HB28.
Ring finger: moon M16 (the middle of the button and colored the 4 holes), witch, ghost and pumpkin HB28, cross BM13.
Middle finger: bat C04 (Konad Coraline plate), tree HB33, house BM305.
Index: ghosts HB28, cross M18 (made of the letter T), pumpkin BM305.
Thumb: moon HB012 (part of a christmas ball), witch BM13, small bats HB28, little village HB33.
Some images like the pumpkins I first stamped in yellow, colored them in, and then stamped over it in black. Used a dotting tool for the eyes and windows.
 Different light.
 Before topcoat and before I damaged the pumpkin in the shower :P
 Without topcoat.
Also some swatches of the gradient base.
I love gradients especially holo ones :)
A month ago while we were on vacation we lost our oldest pet rat Trouble. And Valley stayed behind very sad and lonely, so when we got back we had to buy some new friends for her. So we got Hope and Faith :) Here you see 3 months old Faith... see wanted to play in the haunted village too ;)
 Can I play in the haunted nail village too? Please? It looks like fun.
 Let me in!
 I'll lick my way in...I want to scare people too...Muawhahaha.
 Yummy yummy that ghost tastes funny ;)
Let's visit the graveyard.

I know some people are scared of rats, but they really are sooo sweet and smart. Hope I didn't scare any of my followers away by posting rat pics...but to scare people on Halloween is allowed isn't it ;) But really they only give kisses, so no need to be afraid :)

Have a nice Halloween!

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  1. Hihi de vorige vond ik een beetje donker maar deze zijn dan wel weer heel leuk :)

    1. Hihi ja ik wissel altijd wat af met stijlen, happy, girly, dark etc :) De vorige moesten bij de outfit passen. Klopt het trouwens dat ik niet meer op jouw balletbalm blog kan?

  2. it's the best halloween manicure! really pretty :)

  3. Ongelooflijk! Een Nederlandse nagellakblogger die van ratten houdt... Ben jij mijn zus?

    Je nail art is echt awesome, je hebt een nieuwe trouwe volger ;-)

    1. Hahaha uhh heb maar 1 zus voor zover ik weet (zie foto's vorige blogpost) die bijt dan helaas wel nagels (net als ik vroeger) maar vind wel ratjes erg lief :)

      Dankjewel ook voor het volgen, ga ook ff jouw blog bekijken en volgen natuurlijk. Oh wacht zie je nu je blog naam en ik volg je al :) hihi.

  4. I love your manicure! I´ve also used for my Halloween manicure the image of the pumpkin, bats and the scary village.
    Your rat is so cute :-)

  5. you did awesome job with this manicure, it's really perfect for halloween :D
    few days back my cat drag a dead rat in... but i heard they are very smart ;)

  6. Haha love that rat, and the manicure looks good to (:

  7. You did a great job with all you Halloween nail art and your pet is the cutest!!

  8. Easily the most awesome Halloween mani I've seen this year! My sister has pet rats too, it's amazing how much personality they have!

  9. Thanks everyone for all the kind comments :)

  10. wow wow wow - looks so beautiful!
    Really the best i have seen so far
    love it!

  11. So dangerously pretty! You did an absolutely amazing job!

  12. Your nail art is really well done and I love you pet:)

  13. Your Haloween mani is very beautiful, and the cute photos with Faith made me smile :-)