dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

My Halloween nails from 2011

Hi Everyone,
Today I'll show you my Halloween nails from last year. As you know I had a blogging break back then, because of my mom. But I never stopped doing my nails :) I already showed some Fall nails from last year and I also have a lot of Christmas nails from last year ;) But since it is almost Halloween and I am going to a Halloween party saturday, I thought I'll show my Halloween nails from 2011 today. They weren't very special, did not had much time but just wanted to do something that was Halloween themed.
Base Catherine Arley 805 a gorgeous black/dark grey holo. Stamped 3/4 of a full nail spiderwebs on it with China Glaze OMG and imageplate HB28. And added some waterdecals of skulls (NOT self made) I got those from ebay.
Here you see it without the decals.
And ofcourse swatches of this pretty polish.
 A close up :)
I really like this holo polish it is the blackest holo I have :)

Thanks for reading.

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