dinsdag 18 januari 2011

China Glaze Kaleidoscope week!

With the new China Glaze Tronica collection coming up I thought it would be nice to show some swatches of another holographic collection the Kaleidoscope from 2005. It's my favorite nailpolish collection, to bad it isn't available anymore :( I have all 12 colors and will show swatches of the 9 I've worn, 3 of them I haven't worn yet, so those swatches will come some day in the future ;) I will also show the colors with my nail art creations on it.
From the white dot clockwise:
- It's my turn
- Don't be a square
- Rated holographic
- Spin me round
- Visit me in prism
- Let's do it in 3D
- Tickle my triangle
- How about a tumble
- Octa gone wild
- Kaleidoscope him out
- He's going in circles
- Sexagon

The bottles, photo with flash.

The bottles, photo without flash.

My first swatch tomorrow will be my favorite color: Octa Gone Wild.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I want! *droooooooooooooooool* Really bad they're not available anymore. They should bring back this collection and not that wnb holo Tronica. :/

  2. gorgeous holo collection :D I really hope tronica is this good!!! :D


  3. you have some awesome nail polishes in there!

  4. PS, sorry if you've already received it, but I've given your blog The Stylish Blogger Award: