dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Blogger award and Color Club - Pucci-licious + Essence Black and White topcoat + nailart

Sorry for not blogging for a week. My next blog will be about making your own water decals, but for today I have some swatches of Color Club Pucci-licious.
These are 2 coats without topcoat. I really love this color but don't really like the plastic finish. Photo with flash.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash and different skintone settings.

Saturday I went shopping in Germany and I bought the Essence Black and White topcoat. It's called Make me holo, but there is nothing holo about it. I already knew that because I've seen the swatches on Parokeets but I still liked it. It's a blue shimmer topcoat and I did it on top of Color Club Pucci-licious.

I'm personally not a huge fan of crème polishes, so I made Pucci-licious more my taste with the Essence topcoat :)

I really love the blue shimmer on that purple color.

Ofcourse I wanted to do some nailart on it, but that didn't turned out the way I wanted. I bought some nice metallic water decals on Ebay but one sheet was wrong and the decals turned into a dusty glittery kind of thing when I made the back of the paper wet. So I was planning to do a decal on each finger but that wasn't possible anymore. I totally messed it everything up but I took a picture before doing that (only my thumb was really bad at this moment but that doesn't show in the picture).
I stamped with Konad SN pastel blue and M15 and on my ringfinger a metallic decal (one that did work).

I have been tagged with the Stylish Blogger Award by Tsiisfamke from Nails 4 Fun  Rianne from Rianne Things Crystal from Crystaliciousss Diava from Diava's Lacquer Box Sarahlouise from Spellbinding Nails Cre8tiveKtina from Nail Art Design Tutorials and Random Information Aryn from Totally Polished and Maki from Candy Glaze
Thank you very much :)

Tell 7 things about myself:

1. I stopped biting my nails more then 3,5 years ago.

(cute hamster huh ;) but this is what my nails look liked a couple of years ago, hard to imagine. Also very difficult to find a picture from my nails then)

2. A lot of people think I have fake nails and it makes me proud to say they're all natural :)
3. I have about 375 bottles of nails polish (topcoats not included)
4. I have one older sister she is 3 years older then me, also bites nails :( so I can't share my addiction with her.
5. I love going on vacation especially to Greece.
6. I really love animals (have one hamster and 2 rats) so my favorite tv channel is Animal Planet.
7. I have a boyfriend his name is Dave and I love him very much.

I always find it hard to give it to 15 new bloggers because the new bloggers I follow already received it or aren't new and have received this award for like a million times ;)
So I give this award to all my followers who have a blog and haven't received this award yet :)
I love reading all your blogs ♥

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations on that great blog award and thank you for these gorgeous swatches!
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  2. look foward for the new blog ...
    can't wait to see your water decals

  3. Geweldige kleur zeg!

    Jammer dat de nail art mislukte, ik vind het er anders nog leuk uit zien!
    Poeh, als ik maar es van die mooie nagels kon krijgen :) Ik vind de feitjes leuk om te lezen!