maandag 24 januari 2011

Let's do it in 3D with nail art

For today I have Let's do it in 3D with glitter and glamour nailart. I've made this in March 2010 for a party of my boyfriends work and the theme of this party was glitter and glamour.

I used Konad SN black pearl and white, imageplates M14, M40 and M61. On my ringfinger I have a line of silver beads around the white diamond heart. And around that some silver and black rhinestones. Photo with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light. So you can see the beads better.

It was really funny at this party there was a small stand where you could have you nails painted and decorated, I was curious but I'm also shy so first I didn't had the guts to go and have a look. But when a was finally looking it was kind of disappointing for me just one coat of polish no matter if it's sheer and some straight or curvy lines with a striper that was it. I was really glad I did my own naisl already and started to daydream how great it would be if I was standing there doing peoples nails with Konad, rhinestones and decals :)  (I didn't know anyone at this party so doing nails with be a great way of spending my time)

When I was looking some women noticed my nails and asked my if I just had them done there, I said no I did them at home myself especially for this party. And then they said oh okay and didn't say anything bit weird but later of find out that one of the women was the wife of the big boss. So perhaps she was disappointed that I did not made use of the hired girl with her stand at the party hahaha :) Anyway I liked my own creation and it was totally great for that party.

Next blog: China Glaze Kaleidoscope week: Visit me in Prism or something about my current creation :)

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  1. Ahhh this polish is such a big lemming of mine. Looks amazing on those gorgeous nails of you and that nailart is great!

  2. Hij is echt schitterend!! Gelukkig heb ik hem dankzij jou nog kunnen krijgen! xx Esther

  3. Heel leuk je holoweek .
    Vind hololakken helemaal super ..

    Ik heb er een paar van en ben r zuinig op ..

    XX Sylsyl

  4. Hello, new follower to your blog :)

    LOVE your designs xo