donderdag 20 januari 2011

He's going in Circles with nail art

Here the photo's of He's going in Circles with nail art. I uses the limited edition Konad Coraline imageplates for this. This is from June 2009.

The sunny french is stamped with Konad PSN Jungle Green and imageplate C06. The dragonfly's with SN psyche pink and blue pearl C03. Photo outside without flash.

Photo with flash.

Photo outside cloudy day.

My short thumb with the face of Coraline imageplate C02, stamped with SN blue pearl, psyche pink and some gold black for her eyes.

Next blog: swatches of Sexagon.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. your so very very very talented!!

    i love this blog =)


  2. mooi is ie he!!
    mooie konad ook..
    als ik naar je foto's kijk krijg ik weer zin in de lente/zomer met die mooie bloemen!!

  3. ooo p.s

    I've tagged you on my blog for the Stylish bloggers award