woensdag 27 april 2011

Swap with Spellbinding Nails

The lovely Sarah from Spellbinding Nails asked me if I sell my selfmade decals. And we decided to swap. I search and made here some cute Disney decals, she had a list of what she wanted. So I did my best to find or make everything on the list ;) I still had no idea what I wanted in return. I like foreign nail polish, something I can't buy here in Holland, so I said to her surprise me with a nice bottle of nail polish...I was thinking about just one or maybe two bottles...but she got me soooooo many goodies :) I felt that my swap for her was sooo tiny compared to what she got me, I know making decals takes a lot of time and effort but still .... it looks so small ;)

Look what she got for me :) It felt like it was my birthday unpacking everything and it just didn't stop, there was so many in it :)

Look how cute those baby OPI's are :) (yeah I have a weakness for baby bottles find them sooo cute) The colors are great too, don't know which colors they are but I like them :)

And some nice nail art stuff.

Also a sweet card and some yummy chocolate eggs (I think they are yummy I haven't tried them yet because it would be weird taking a photo of an empty bag with only wrapping papers in it ;))

And look at this really lovely nail polish set, I really love the colors.

Thank you Sarah!

For those of you who don't follow Spellbinding Nails yet, you should really do that (I've a feeling that all my readers already follow her ;)) She makes wonderfull designs and what makes her blog unique is that everytime she uses an imageplate she also swatches the rest of the images on it on her nails. So you can see how all the images look like.

Thanks again for all those lovely goodies ♥

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  1. Yay im glad you like it all!-i saw the OPIs on Ebay for a bargain i couldn't say no too...the only problem was...no names =///. The seller said she will email them onto me - ill let you know asap


  2. pretty nice ...i would love to buy decals too cause here i cant find them:((...and i am to blondy to make them ...:D gr8 job Diana u should sale some of the decals ;;)

  3. Yay That is a great haul! Lucky you. :)

  4. Dat is een leuk pakketje zeg! :D En je hebt haar ook prachtige decals gegeven! Leuk!

  5. so cool!! I love doing swaps too!

  6. @ Diana you can always email me if you would like some decals, I'm sure we can work something out :)

  7. Gewoon een super swap :D
    geniet ervan!!