woensdag 13 april 2011

P2 Sun City 010 Ocean Drive with Honeybees

A couple of weeks ago I saw the new P2 Limited Edition it's called Sun City and it has 5 nice colors of nail polish (and also a lot of bronzing make up and stuff). I bought 3 of them, the yellow, green and blue one. They also have a red and orange one, but I already have something similar to those 2 colors.

This week I really felt like making some sunhine on my nails so I painted my nails with P2 Sun City 010 Ocean Drive a really glowing yellow shimmery polish. P2 itself calls it metallic. First I'll show you my nail art photos, later the swatches and bottles photos. I really can't take good photo's with my left so sorry but most of them are of my left hand with my short nail in the middle ;)

Base P2 Sun City 010 Ocean Drive. Honeycomb stamped with Konad SN pastel orange and plate HB34 and the bees stamped with Konad SN black also HB34. I had to stamped the full nail on my thumb twice that did not went so perfect but it doesn't bother me ;) Photo with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo of my right hand, some how I can't keep my hand normal. But I do want to show you how it looks on nails with equal size ;)

With flash under artificial light.

I only took one swatch photo:
Sometimes I don't like yellow polish but I do like this one, it looks like it's glowing. I call it sunshine in a bottle ;) You can see my nail line but in real life this wasn't really showing, I think it's because of the flash. But I also could have done 3 coats instead of 2.

Here a photo of the 3 bottles I have from this collection.

Yellow 010 Ocean Drive, Green 020 Copacabana, Blue 050 La Rambla. I also like the square bottles :)

And here you can see them swatched on a wheel, I personally find them very pretty. Love the glowing shimmer effect

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Very original mani and full of light...
    I love the bees!

  2. De kleur vind ik niet geweldig, maar de nail art! WOW just love it!

  3. wauw een echt honingkleur. Leuk hoor die bijtjes.

  4. Deze zijn leukkkkkkk ben niet zo gek op geel staat mij ook niet maar deze is wel heel mooooooi

  5. I absolutely love this design! Colours are perfect and the result so cute!

  6. It´s perfect! I like this nice design :)

  7. Oeeh wat leuk! Heel subtiel die honingraat op de achtergrond en erg leuk met die bijtjes erbij :) En de nagel van jouw middelvinger begint weer mooi bij te groeien he? =)

  8. This polish looks not just sunny, but also reminds of honey :) So you picked the idea for design very precisely! Yummie :)

  9. I love this nail art so much! I just emailed the post to both of my sisters. Great job!

  10. Wat heb je er weer een geweldige creatie op gemaakt!

  11. Thank you all :)

    @ Sam ja gelukkig groeien me nagels vrij snel en komt hij weer dichter in de buurt bij de rest ;)

    I need to get that plate!