dinsdag 30 november 2010

Disney Piglet week 2: flowers

My second Piglet creation, this time Piglet with flowers.
As a base I'm wearing Golden Rose Holographic 118. Self made water decals of Piglet picking flowers. I stamped flowers with Konad SN dark red, violet pearl, pastel blue, yellow and imageplate M3. On my thumb a little fimo flower with a happy face :)

maandag 29 november 2010

Disney Piglet week 1: winter

I still have my Winter Wonderland creation on my nails, and now it is snowing outside :) Ofcourse I have to post something new so I decided to show some older creation that I made. I'm a Disney fan and I really like Piglet so I often made Piglet nails, this week I'll show you them.

First Piglet's Winter, I made this in the winter of 2009.

As a base I'm wearing OPI Suzi and the lifeguard. I used self made water decals of Piglet. Stamped with Konad SN white and SN pink imageplate M11 and M59. On my ringfinger 2 rhinestones.

A photo with one of mine cute Piglet stuffed animals :)

Here s swatch of OPI Suzi and the lifeguard
Later this week I'll show you Piglet with flowers and Piglet with love (Valentines day)

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's not yet winter but my autumn nails made me feel sad, so I decided to make some winter nails. Snow makes me much happier, but we don't often have snow here in Holland. I just really want to make this creation and couldn't wait for the winter ;)

As a base I'm wearing MNY 109A a beautiful light blue shimmer. I sponged with Konad SN white and white rainbow glitter for a snowy effect. I also used a bit of pastel blue the create an ice idea. The snowmans, ice skating children and trees are self made water decals. The snowflakes I stamped with M51.
Photo with flash under artificial light.

It's hard to take a good photo with al that white ;) so you don't really see the glitter. Photo with flash.

Sorry it's a bit blurry ;)

I'm more of a summer person but I do like the winter when it's snowing and we can ice skate. And ofcourse christmas and all those lovely decorating lights.
Do you like the winter and snow?

vrijdag 19 november 2010

Alessandro Go Magic Twist - Blue Chip

When I was in Germany, my sweet boyfriend finally found the Alessandro magnetic polish at the Muller :) It costed 12,95 euro's that is cheaper then I thougt but still my most expensive polish ever. I bought the blue one, and I was happy that I finally also had a good magnet (because the Essence one is not good at all). It's strange on the box or polish I can't seem to find the name (just a number) but I saw on the Alessandro website that this one is called Blue Chip.

A beautiful metallic blue with purple shimmer, with the magnet you pull out the purple shimmer :)
Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash. It was not as easy as I thought, the Alessandro magnet is much stronger and I was used to holding the magnet really close, but this magnet really pulls the nailpolish up and sometimes it even touched the magnet :(

Another photo with flash.

The polish, the magnet and some different swatches (see next photo).

First with my refrigerator magnet (you can see this one makes wider stripes and really pulls out the purple), second the Alessandro magnet normal, third the Alessandro magnet vertical and last the Alessandro magnet from a distance and with a really thin coat of polish.

Again the Essence magnetic polishes on the right with Alessandro magnet.

With some subtle Konad butterfly's (in real much better to see but I couldn't take a normal photo of it) plate M1 stamped with China Glaze Sci-Fi.

donderdag 18 november 2010

Dark autumn nails

It's dark rainy outside, so I made some dark autumn nails.
As a base I'm wearing P2 meet me at 12:30 - 020 dramatic green (see previous blog) stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM04 and BM11. Used Konad SN green, yellow and pastel orange.

I don't know if  I like this creation it sort of makes me feel sad :(

P2 Meet me at 12:30 - 020 Dramatic green

When I was in Germany a couple of weeks ago I saw the new P2 LE collection: Meet me at 12:30. There were 3 colors, a dark blue, dark purple and dark green. I bought the last one (020 dramatic green), because I already had colors similar to the other two.
It's a very dark forest green, I only needed one coat. Photo with flash.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Greece Chios week 3

The weather is really bad here in Holland it's rainy and there is a really strong wind. I almost forgot to post the creation of my third and final week of my vacation. So now is the perfect time because I sure can use a few summer pictures to remember to good sunny times ;) The theme on my nails this vacation week was flowers, I took pictures of them everywhere, with a flower, in the sea and at the beach.

As a base I'm wearing OPI Don't Socra Tease Me I stamped with Manhatten Black and Konad PSN White used plate M75. I made yellow and pink dots in the flowers (Konad SN yellow and psyche pink), I didn't bring a dotting tool so I had to improvise and used the tip of a fork :) hahahaha.

My hand and foot at the beach.

My hand in front of the sea.

My feet lying at the beach.

My hand with a soda can of Mast, a real Chios soda drink with natural mastic in it. The island is famous for their mastic. Mastic is resin (don't know if you call it like that I would say wax or something haha) from the Mastic tree, that only grows on Chios. They use it in food, candy, gum, drinks, cosmetics etc. I also have a wonderful hand cream with mastic. Mastic is also known for several medical purposes.

My hands under water.
My feet under water. I also made a picture like this last year, but I find it so funny how everything deforms under water.

And then suddenly my nailart and foot was ruined :( I stepped in some oil on the beach.

It was soooo nasty and really thick, my boyfriend and I scraped some of it off with stones. But I couldn't even wear my flip flop because that was made of white fabric and I didn't want to make it dirty as well. So I walked on one bare foot and one flip flop to the quad/ATV and we had to drive more then one hour to our apartment. So I was holding my flip flop and sitting there with one bare foot, not the most safest footwear for a quad/ATV ;) Not that flip flops are safe but then I felt like I at least had something under my foot.

Luckily the owner of the apartments could help me and had something to clean it up with. So here you see me happy cleaning my foot :) And my toes and nailart became visable again.

woensdag 10 november 2010

Flowers made by Brenda

Saturday my friend Brenda came to my house and she painted beautiful flowers on my nails. We had al lot of fun :) It was also the first time I saw acryl and how that works in real life. She brought some 3D molds (don't know if that is the correct English word) and I played with it. It's not so simple but really funny to do. She also made some 3D acrylic flowers on my nails, not with a mold but by hand. I find is soooo good that she can do all this. She is just 13 years old :) I predict her a great future in nailart, sometimes I say to her that she should open a nailart studio it doesn't matter that she is only 13 years old.... does it?

As a base I'm wearing OPI DS Reflection see my previous blog for swatches. This is my left hand.

My entire left hand.

Both hands.

My right hand. Somehow I find it difficult to keep my right hand fingers "normal" while taking a picture with my left hand :)

I really love my nails thanks again Brenda, big kiss for you XXX

maandag 8 november 2010

OPI DS Reflection

This color is from the OPI designer series. It's a beautiful pinkish red with some holo in it.
With flash (in real life a bit less pink)

Lighter skintone setting with flash.

Artificial light without flash.

Artificial light with flash.

These are all 3 thin coats and the application is just great. I really love this polish.

donderdag 4 november 2010

Zoya Ivanka (+ nailart)

This is my first Zoya nailpolish I really love the color. To bad my camera couldn't capture it's true beauty. Now it is a bit to dark.
This photo is with flash.

Another one with flash but darker skintone.

A blurry one so you can see the sprakle.

Photo in daylight.

I wanted to do some Konad on it, but I don't really like how that turned out. I do think it's kinda okay in real life but not on photo (because of the flash but without I couldn't take a photo at all). I feel like a floral curtain or something. And the color combination reminds me of Christmas :) I used M65, this is one of the few full nail design I can stamp double so when I use a full nail design I often choose this one. I stamped with China Glaze 2030. I'm not really pleased with this creation, but it's just for a few days because this weekend my friend Brenda is going to paint on my nails (I believe you call it one stroke and maybe she also makes some 3D acryl flowers). She is just 13 years old but so very good. Ofcourse I'll write a blog about it.

maandag 1 november 2010

Essence Metallics (magnetic nailpolish) swatches

Saturday I went shopping in Germany and I saw the Essence Metallics LE collection. I just had to buy them :) A bought them all, and the Essence magnet to create the magnetic effect (I didn't used this magnet for the swatches).
There are 5 colors in this collection: 01 Iron Goddess, 02 Copper Rulez, 03 Steel Me, 04 Nothing Else Metals and 05 Metal Battle. The last one isn't a magnetic polish.

Here you can see them swatched on a wheel. This is the only picture I could take without flash or artificial light.

Swatched on a wheel, photo with artificial light.

I have also some swatches on my own natural nails. I have to say they aren't the best swatches (a did it in a hurry) and it is difficult to take picture of the magnetic effect. It's really dark, grey, rainy outside so I don't have good light. But when I take photo's with flash the flash really reflect in the magnetic effect. So I took them under artificial light without flash. The main thing is you can get an idea of how the polishes are. The colors are quit accurate.

01 Iron Goddess, photo without flash under artificial light. One thick coat.

02 Copper Rulez, photo without flash under artificial light. One thick coat. This is my personal favorite, I think the effect is really showing the best with this color.

03 Steel me, photo without flash under artificial light. One thick coat.

04 Nothing Else Metals, photo without flash under artificial light. One thick coat.

05 Metal Battle, photo with flash under artifical light. I had to take this one with flash so you can see that it isn't just an plain black polish.

I really like these polished but I did'n use the Essence magnet. That magnet is very weak and the effect you create with it is minimal or with some colors not showing at all. It could be me (I saw on Parokeets blog a wheel swatch with that magnet), but I used a strong refrigerator magnet instead. Most magenets create lines and it's up to you how you want them on your nails, vertical, horizantal or like how I did it. This refrigerator magent created lines with a 0,5 cm space between them. The Essence magnet lines are really small probably 0,2 cm space between them as you can see on the picture below.
Pattern with Essence magnet. Like I said I personally find it hard to create a good showing effect with this magnet.

Ofcourse I also had to try some simple Konad on it ;)

If I can get my hands on more of these polishes I might organize a GIVEAWAY with a couple of them. My plan was to have a giveaway when I have 75 or 100 followers but that is going to take a while ;)