vrijdag 30 november 2012

All I want for Christmas...a kitty ;)

Hey Everyone,
Today I'll show you my nails for the 2nd week of Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Challenge. Last week the theme was Snow and I made my Snowy Owl nails. This week the theme is Gifts, Presents, Stockings, anything related to you getting the awesome things you want.
My parents, my sis, our boyfriends and I used to celebrate Christmas with presents under the tree and my mom would be busy wrapping the presents for weeks. The closer Christmas was, the bigger the pile of presents grew ;) She always wrapped them in other boxes or strange things otherwise we would know immediatele what was inside. It was really fun, she always said when we couldn't come up, because she was wrapping them in the attic.

But as you know last year we spent Christmas and the week before in the hospital, while my mom was in a coma and could die any moment..stupid Cancer had won. She died 2nd Christmas day :( So I really don't look foward to Christmas, because it will never be like that again, and I don't think we will ever do presents again like that :( I so really miss my mom :( these days even more.

My biggest wish for Christmas is to have my mom back, but I know that isn't possible :(
Of course I also would love to get some holo polishes (Color  Club, Jade, Hits No Olimpo or other brands) and many more new plates (both Cheeky sets, MASH, Gals, Nailz Craze, Messy Mansion, MJ plates, FUN, Sugar Bubbles, Moyou and more and more if I write down all the plates I wish for this post would be really long ;))
My boyfriend and I talked about a new kitten too. I said I wanted distraction with Christmas and I love animals. We took care in the Springtime for two 18 years old cats, that belong to my best friend and I knew them for over 9 years. He was moving and couldn't take them with them, so they lived the last weeks of their lives with us :) I was really sad when they also died, so many loses in a year. But my bf said maybe someday we will have new cats.
So that is why I decided to make present stocking gift wrap nails with on my ring finger Chococat in a stocking...isn't he cute?
Base is Colorama Nutriverniz Melancia (from Brazil) and on my ring finger Essence 50's girls reloaded 01 Ahoy!. Full nail bows stamped with Konad SN wine red and the Christmas imageplate from the Nailways Snowwhite collection they call it A-NW00002. I also stamped part of that full nail image over my red french tip on my ring finger. And the presents and stockings are also from that plate, stamped those with Konad SN white. Chococat in the stocking is a self made water decal.
Some more pictures. I still miss my own camera. But I do my best to take decent pics.
 My whole hand.
 Different settings.
 Different settings.
The bow full nail stamp and my self made Chococat in stocking water decal :) 
Here just the bow full nail stamp.
Here a swatch of the Colorama Melancia. A very bright red creme.
You can see all the amazing entries here and you can also still sign up for this weeks challenge and the next week. If you want to vote for your favorite entry you can also do it there, if you like mine you can vote on mine too by selecting my blog name D.I.A.N.A and fill in your name and email :)

Thanks for reading :)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

donderdag 29 november 2012

Christmas 2008: Happy Snowmen

Hi Everyone,
Today another oldie from 2008. Hope you do like seeing my older mani's?
Again I took a picture of my right hand, so I really think I had a broken nail on my left hand. Because normally I really take pics of my left hand or show both of them, never just my right hand ;)
A silver base (no idea what brand could be P2 but I do know I don't have it anymore) Stamped with Konad M12 and M40 using PSN gold black and SN red.

I really find it funny to see all my older mani's some are really not well cleaned up, sometimes my nails shape is different or shorter or reallllly long, it's funny and I do like the designs.

woensdag 28 november 2012

Christmas trees from 2008 :)

Hi everyone,

Today I have a real oldie for you haha, I made during Christmas time in 2008. I also like sharing my oldies with you, I wasn't very good in clean up back then..did not had a brush. But I don't mind sharing them. This was in me first year of stamping and I like looking at my oldies too :)

Not really sure why I took pics of my right hand?? I guess I had a broken nail on my left hand back then ;)

Base a pink pearl polish (don't know the brand any more but I suspect Catrice since I did not had many polishes back then) with a white french. Stamped with Konad M3, M12 and M35 and SN green, SN yellow, SN red, SN white and PSN chocolate brown. On my index a blue star glitter or rhinestone or something.

This was the original photo when you saw part of the Christmas tree, but I zoomed a bit so you could see the nails better.

Hope you like seeing my oldies too?


dinsdag 27 november 2012

Christmas nails 2011: Forever Friends Reindeer

Hi Everyone,
As I told you I still have some Christmas nails to show you from last year while I had a blogging break because of my mom's disease. I also have some more from before I started blogging. So in between my new mani's I'll will show all of these too.
I made these in December last year.
Base China Glaze Touch of Glamour. Stamped with Konad SN red and imageplate M59 (big snowflakes) and HB23 smaller red snowflakes. The golden snowflakes are stamped with China Glaze 2030 and Konad M11. The Forever Friends Reindeer are self made water decals. Later added a layer of China Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat, the flash and light made the effect stronger then it really was. In real life you only saw some glitter sometimes.
 With different light.
Without the holo topcoat, you see the decals better. But like I said in real life the decals were very clear with the topcoat too, it was the flash and light that made it soo holo ;)
Some swatches of China Glaze Touch of Glamour.
I know it is not even December yet, but I have some more Christmas nails to show you, so that is why I already start with it now ;)

Thanks for reading.

maandag 26 november 2012

Black full nail over a green matte P2 base

Hi everyone,
I made this last week. The challenge on AIS last week was matte and it made me think of other matte polishes that were untried. So later that week I picked one of those to do a mani with. As you know my camera died, so I use another camera that was my moms but that one isn't the greatest for nail pics. So I just made a lot of pics with different settings. And also used my boyfriends phone.
Base is P2 Your Wild Side (LE from a couple of years ago) 010 Vibrant green. Stamped with Konad SN black and imageplate M89. This full nail image really covers a lot of your base color, I liked it because it made it look like a black base with green stamping ;)
And some more pics with different settings:
And of course some swatches of this matte green polish. I am not a big matte fan but I actually really liked it, it was also very easy to apply... 2 coats and dried really quick.
I was happy with how this turned out, it really looks like I stamped with green on a black base instead of with black on a green base. I did not add any topcoat because I wanted to keep it matte.
Thanks for reading.
Oh and also don't forget to vote for your favorite SNOW mani over at Nail Polish Canada. I also entered with my Snowy owls (see previous post) you can find my entry under my blog name D.I.A.N.A but please vote for your favorite because there really are sooooo many gorgeous entries :)

vrijdag 23 november 2012

Snowy owl at dusk

Hi Everyone :)
Let's start by saying a really miss my camera :( Hope to have a good new one for nail pics soon.
A few weeks ago I got an email from Nail Polish Canada, they invited me to enter their 3 weeks holiday themed challenge. I always love taking part in a challenge or contest...love that kind of fun and distraction (this upcoming month even more you'll know why :( ). I also felt really honored that they invited me :) especially when I saw all the names of the amazing bloggers that also take part :) But I really love to join. This first week the theme is SNOW, so that means anything snow related.
I really love stamping and also like to combine that with some self made decals, so I decided to make Snowy owl at dusk nails :) Too bad the camera made the black a bit blue.
A white, grey, black tip gradient with P2 Ship Ahoi! 010 Pure white, Catrice C01 Pebble Beach and P2 Eternal. And Catrice C08 Have an icy day on top for the holo glitter. Stamped the big snow flakes /ice crystals with XL plate O (it's a dupe from XL plate K) the small snowflakes are from HB 23. Stamped with Konad SN white and SN black The Snowy owls on the branches are self made water decals.
Here a pic made with my boyfriends phone.
It is moreblue with that camera.
Another one from my hand (with the camera that was from my mom).
Also some pictures of the gradient tips with holo glitter topcoat.
A bit blurry so you can see the glitter.
You can still enter this challenge. And if you want to do that or see all the beautiful SNOW entries click HERE. You can also vote for your favorite entry there until November 28 :)

I am curious what the theme for next week will be :)
Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

woensdag 21 november 2012

Boohoo my camera died...Piglet in the rain.

Hey everyone,
Last weekend during the World Cup speed ice skating my camera got a lens error. The lens did not wanted to go back in again. A few days before it already started to make a strange noice when I turned it on. I was hoping my dad could fix it but too bad.. my camera died :( So the next few weeks you will probably see some not so great pics :(
I do have the camera that was from my mom, but that one is not so great for taking nail pictures. It's more for filming and panorama pics...it is too advanced I guess, it doesn't have a macro button is switch to macro automaticcly but only when there is enough light otherwise is switch to night mode. Plus I am always scared I might break it too...and it was my moms so I don't know I am just weird ;) On holiday I also only took it with me on trips, not just with me everyday and to the beach and stuff.

Anyway some colors it will photograph correctly and some don't so sorry for maybe some bad pictures to upcoming weeks. I also used my boyfriend's phone sometimes for pics.
This is made with my bf's phone, my hand looks a bit blue but my nail colors are accurate.

Base OPI Cozu-melted in the sun and a bit of Nubar Absolute at the bottom. Stamped with Konad M13 and M79 and SN sky pearl. Piglet in the rain are self made water decals.
Here also some more pictures with different setting on my moms camera.
The swatches are actually not so bad color wise.

I miss my own camera...my dad has some older camera's so maybe one of them will be great for nail pics.


maandag 19 november 2012

Orange snowflakes for the World Cup speed ice skating

Hi Everyone,
Saturday I went to the World Cup speed ice skating in the Thialf stadion. And of course I wanted to support our country. So that means doing something orange...since orange is our national color. And red white and blue are the colors of the flag. So I chose do make orange snowflakes/ ice crystals on my nails.
 In the back ground you see the stadion. Base is a white from a LE from Essence and on top Orly Gogo (white with fine silver glitter). Stamped with one of Konad's newer stamping polishes SN orange pearl (pretty orange with lots of shimmer and part of the full nail image of BM323. I did not want it to fill my entire nail, because that was too orange ;) Added some red, white and blue dots on my ring finger.
 You can really see the shimmer in the stamping polish.
Sunday's challenge on AIS was an aspect of matte so I made them matte with my Essie matte about you topcoat.
 I am not a big matte fan, but I kinda liked this matte :)
Also some picture of our fun day at the World Cup speed ice skating.
 Warming up.
The 6 of us :) before it started. My dad, my best friend, another good friend, my sis, me and my boyfriend.
Go to the start....ready...go.
Making the ice smooth.
Family and friends in their orange outfits, the purple scarf and hats we got for free from the sponsor.
Me and my sis, with my funny hat that says "Zet 'm op" that means "Go for it/ Do your best" or something like that :)
Go Holland ;)
All 6 of us together, picture taken by the sponsors photographer for their facebook page, so we had to put the purple scrafs and hats on.
 Dave and I <3
The team pursuit...that the Dutch men won :)
We had a fun day there.