dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Hugs, Kisses and Red Roses

Hi Everyone,

I am still not better, but I wanted to show you my nails from last week. (I still have this on my nails right now ;)) Last week I wasn't feel well either so I decided to go for a holo polish again, because they dry really fast :) plus I wanted to use some of my new plates. 

It is almost Valentine's Day, so I guess this can also be a V-day mani :)

Base Catherine Arley 671 (beautiful grey/silver holo with a blue glow over it), stamped with Nailways Spring Time plate A-NW00007 Love is in the Air, using Konad SN white, SN red and SN green.

Another picture, you see a bit of the blue glow in the base polish.

And some swatches of this base polish. I love Catherine Arley holo's :)

I really want to feel well again, I have so many V-day mani ideas ;)

Thanks for reading.


maandag 28 januari 2013

Fire and Ice from 2009

Hi Everyone,

The challenge this week on AIS was using tape and stamping, but I am sick so I don't feel like doing my nails. Maybe if I feel better I will do a tape mani later this week, because I finally have some striping tape and love to use it. 

So today I'll show you a really old tape mani I made in January 2009 for a fire and ice themed contest. The red representing the fire and the white the ice, I also took pics in the snow with fire in the background ;) It is not very neat, but I remember that I was really proud of this back then :) I used normal tape for this and I remember it being really hard to do..lol :)

I am not sure what polishes I've used I think the white was from P2 and the red I know for sure was from Catrice (don't know name or numbers) Stamped with Konad imageplate M59 and half of the image with SN white and the other half with SN red.

And a collage with the fire in the backgorund :)

This was my contest entry in January 2009...lol :)

Thanks for reading, hope I feel better soon I have the same nails now for more then a week ;)


maandag 21 januari 2013

Icy Butterflies :)

Hi everyone,

I made these for the AIS challenge. The theme was accent nail. I often do accent nails also with different colors or totally different. But this time I chose to do a subtle accent nail, all with the same colors and theme but just a little bit different then the rest of my nails.

When I did the base color on, I had actually something else in mind, but then I saw my decals and thought they would look good on this color too.

Base Hits Speciallità 205 Edição Limitada a pretty polish from Brazil. On top a layer of Essence @Holographic.com LE 04 Prismatic white. Stamped with Konad SN black pearl and XL plate O (that is a dupe from XL K). The butterflies are selfmade water decals.

Also some swatches.

Hits Speciallità 205 Edição Limitada with layer of Essence @Holographic.com LE 04 Prismatic white.

Hits Speciallità 205 Edição Limitada. I really love this color.

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 15 januari 2013

Japanese Geisha Hello Kitty

Hello Everyone,

Today something I made in May 2010. My nails were really too long there, but I did really liked this design a lot.

Base Catrice C01 Pebble Beach (a matte gray polish) Stamped with Konad M66 and SN blackm SN red and SN white, made dots in the flower with a dotting tool. Self made water decals of Hello Kitty in a Geisha dress.

Here also a swatch of the base without topcoat.

Like I said looking back I did find my nails too long but I loved this design <3 

Thanks for reading.


maandag 14 januari 2013

A sad blue Monday

Hi everyone,

Today it's a sad blue monday for me :( Because we should have been celebrating my mommy's birthday today and I just really miss her so much. So I made some rainy sad blue nails really quick.

Base is HEMA (local Dutch drugstore) metallic blue (no name or number). And I stamped with Konad SN pastel blue and Nailways Snowwhite Weather Forecast imageplate A-NW00001. It isn't all very neat but I thought it was okay for a day.

Some swatches of this pretty blue (I had it for a few years already but didn't used it yet)

Danbo is crying too :( next to mommy's picture.

Thanks for reading.


vrijdag 11 januari 2013

A Romance in the Snow

Hi Everyone,

It's getting colder again and maybe next week we will have snow, so I decided to make snowflake nails (again hahaha). I just got this polish and the collection name Snow Jam also fits the theme. And I really wanted to use my new MM03 love plate from Messy Mansion. I just had to have this plate because of the love couples, I used to make love couple decals (as you may remember from some Summer mani's?) but know I can stamp them too. Plus the rest of the plate is also great, and will make more mani's with it this month since it is almost Valentine's Day and the images on this plate are perfect for that :)

I did something similair last year click here. Also with a blue base and snowflakes but without the love couples.

Base Essence Snow Jam LE 01 Goofy-Blue (such a pretty blue with silver shimmer/glass flecks) Stamped with HB23 the bigger blue and white snowflakes using Konad SN pastel blue and SN white. The little snowflakes are from Konad M11 and the love couples from MM03 both stamped with Konad SN white.

Also some swatches of this pretty polish. I really like this color :)

Thank for reading and enjoy your weekend!


woensdag 9 januari 2013

China Glaze IDK holo with holo stamping

Hi everyone,

The photos uploading problem isn't fixed yet but I did find it way to upload photos again directly from my computer. Somehow the button where you can choose files isn't showing in Explorer but it does show in Chrome. So I guess I use Chrome now for typing a blog. (although I am not a fan of that, because it has automatically grammar control so everything I typ gets a red line underneath...since it isn't Dutch ;)) Oh wait while I am typing this I find a way to set it for English instead of Dutch or completely stop it yeey :)

Today I'll show you something I did really quick and easy. A holo base with holo stamping :) I still had some of the China Glaze OMG holo collection untried on my nails as a full mani...shame on me ;)

China Glaze IDK a gorgeous lilac holo. Stamped with Color Club Wild at Heart. Both images are from Cheeky XL (or should I say Jumbo?) plate L (but the site said K2 when I ordered it for Christmas but the plate itself says L) So I will call it XL plate L.

And some more pictures of this :)

And of course some swatches of this pretty lilac holo polish.

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Funny .. 15 oldies from 2008 :)

Hi Everyone,
I still can't add photos :( Hope this problem will be solved soon. So I thought lets show a lot of oldies from 2008, when I just started stamping. I have those on a Dutch page of my mine, so I can link them and doesn't have to add new pics, since that isn't possible at the moment unless I first upload them somewhere else.

Back then I was also still struggling with my nails and trying to stop biting them completely. So my nails aren't in the best state, but I find it fun to show you those oldies too :) Although some are ugly hahaha and very bad cuticles and stuff. But it makes me laugh to see those oldies :)
I don't know all the base colors anymore, but I do know the plates I've used.
Stamped with Konad M2 and M9 using PSN gold black, SN whte, SN violet pearl and SN silver.
Konad M31 stamped with PSN cool red, SN yellow, SN green and SN dark orange.
Konad M15 stamped with SN dark orange.
I actually did liked these, and it was a holo from a Essence LE. Stamped with Konad M35 and SN white.
Konad M66 stamped with PSN chocolate, SN pink pearl and PSN light gray.
Konad M24 stamped with SN white.
Konad M8 stamped with PSN psyche pink.
Konad M25 stamped with SN green and PSN gold black.
Koand M24 and SN violet pearl.
Konad M8 stamped with SN pink pearl.
Konad M9 stamped with SN violet pearl.
Konad M24 stamped with SN white.
Koand M15 and SN blue.
Konad M66 stamped with SN blue, SN green and SN violet pearl.
This was actually the first time I took a picture of my nails in the beginning of 2008. But I like these much more then some other ones I made after that hahaha. Also my nail shape looks much better, but sometime I did start biting again, so I guess I did that after these too. Konad M29 stamped with SN green, SN red, SN yellow.
Hope you liked seeing my oldies haha.

maandag 7 januari 2013

Holo, dots and flowers from 2011

Hi everyone,

Today I'll show you something I've made in 2011 during my blogging break.
Something really strange is going on, I can't add pictures to my post. The section where you can normally browse and select a picture from your computer is gone, I do see it sometimes but before I can click it's gone again. So luckily I had these pictures already online somewhere so I added them that way.

Does anyone else has this problem?
Base Catherine Arley 802 a pretty holo. Stamped with XL plate B and Konad SN white. And some flower decals (these are not self made).
Also a picture of just the stamping.
Of course also some swatches, I really like Catherine Arley holo polishes.

Thanks for readings.


donderdag 3 januari 2013

Best Wishes for 2013

Hey everyone,
Hope you all had a great New Years and were careful with fireworks! I thought let's write my first blogpost of 2013 and start by wishing you all the best for 2013. Hope you'll have a great year with love, good health, polishes and nail art and many more great things :)
Base Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U60 (sort of black with golden shimmer) Stamped with Essence A Piece of Forever and Nailways Snowwhite New Year plate A-NW00004.
Some more pictures because it was kinda hard to capture because of the shimmer and gold stamping polish.
 I really like the shaking hands image and that it is also mirrored.
Of course also some swatches. I must say I really like all the Flormar polishes I have, it isn't many but the ones I do have I like :)
 A bit red hands but the polish color is quite accurate. You really see the golden shimmer here.
Danbo wanted to say "Hi" and he tooks his "New Years" bath and is ready for a new year full of adventures ;) 
Again I wish you all the best, and I hope my phone gets better so I can comment more on other blogs :(
Thanks for reading!