zaterdag 30 november 2013

Snow globes :)

Hi Everyone :)

Today I'll show you my first winter nails :) Nail polish Canada invited me again to join their Holiday challenge, just like last year. I always feel honored when they invite me to join. And I love joining even though I am not eligible for the prizes (since I am not in the US or Canada). Maybe you are allowed to just give an US/Canada address, I don't know that. But just joining is already a lot of fun with or without prizes :) 

The theme of this first week is Snow you can see all the participants by clicking the snow link. So I decided to make snow globe nails hahaha. I saw some snow globes online and I wanted to make that on my nails. And since I am a stamping is all done with stamping :) 

It was hard to capture so my thumb is in an oblique angle. And it isn't all perfect and neat but I still like it :)
Basea beautiful blue holo polish... Jade Hypnose. Stamped with Bundle Monster BM320 and BM07 (peace signs) the snow globes and colored them with white blue and silver and a little glitter topcoat. Stamped the globe/bulb standard with Konad M19 (part of the french tip) first in white went over it with red. Used QA19 from Born Pretty Store for the reindeer, house, snowman and golden snowflakes on the standard. Winstonia W115 for the penguin. HB33 for the little Christmas trees. And dotted white snowflakes. I used Konad black, white, pastel blue, silver, brown, yellow, red, green, pastel orange and Essence A piece of forever for stamping (stamping decals), coloring and dotting.

And some swatches of this pretty blue holo polish.

You can still join the Nail polish Canada challenge and also vote for your favorite on their website.
I am already looking foward to next weeks theme, I always like these challenges.

Thank you for reading :)

Have a nice weekend!


donderdag 28 november 2013

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hi Everyone,

I want to wish all my US readers a Happy Thanksgiving :) So today I have a Fall/Autumn Thanksgiving mani for you all :) I call this another episode from my Children's book :) cause someone once commented on a mani that it reminded her of children's book illustrations :) And with my Fairytale nails I also wrote a little story....the story on my nails lol :) So this time it is a thanksgiving episode in the forest with all kinds of cute animals. I love doing scenery/ landscape nails :)

Base a subtle gradient with Different Dimension Tubular and Born Pretty Store holo no 5. Stamped with Moyou Suki 01 (branches), Moyou Biker 08 (leaves), Moyou Back to the 60's 01 (mushroom), Winstonia W115 (owl), Winstonia W119 (turkey), Bundle Monster BM H11 (pumpkin), HB28 (spider), H21 (squirrel). Using Konad brown, black, white, yellow, green, red, orange, pastel orange and mixed some. From some images I made stamping decals, some I double stamped and the rest is just normal stamping :)

Here a pic of the sublte holo gradient.

I entered these in a Fall/Thanksgiving contest :)

Hope you all have a great thanksgiving for those who celebrate :) The rest hope you all just have a great day too :)

I am really happy with how these turned out.

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 26 november 2013

Blue on blue

Hi Everyone,

I did these about a month ago when my nails were super long (too long haha) but I needed the extra space for some nail art back then. I thought let's share them today, cause I feel a little blue :(

I am not so happy today, I received my Bundle Monster products that I ordered with part of the coupon I won in their Halloween contest and I had to pay $25 (€18,46) at the door before I could receive it. I had to pay sales tax :( it made me a bit mad, cause that is almost twice the value of the goodies. And the products aren't even worth that much. And for me that just is a lot of money. And it makes winning stuff let's fun. Plus I just don't understand why a few plates and binder are charged for sales tax, I understand when it is done with more valuable products and even with polish, but something likes this never happened to me before. Thing is that when the value was below 22 euros it would not have happened, this was written value 26 euros :( Anyway let's show the mani a did a month was just something quick between some other mani's.

Base a light blue holo from DA (local Dutch drugstore) called Turbulent. Stamped with Kleancolor metallic aqua and image plate Pueen 32. 

Some more pictures.

And some swatches of this nice light blue holo.

Thanks for reading :)


vrijdag 22 november 2013

Born to be wiiiiild....

"Get your motor runnin' 
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure 
In whatever comes our way"  

I did these about a week ago. When I was making theme this song got stuck in me head :)

Base Catherine Arley 805, stamped with Konad SN yellow the big flames from Moyou Roxy 01 and the smaller flames from Moyou Biker 08 (then stamped over it with gradient flames with Konad SN yellow, SN pastel orange and SN red). The Route 66 sign is from Moyou Biker 08 too and the motors are from Moyou Back to the 60's 01 both stamped with Konad SN white.

Just a short post today :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


maandag 18 november 2013

A Fairytale ♥

Hi Everyone,

When I saw some of the Moyou plates this Summer I knew I wanted to make certain mani's with them. One of them was the cherry blossom with owls I showed you some months ago. Another one was the mani I'll show you today :) I just had to have this plate to do this mani. But somehow I waited a few month to actually do it hahaha. I did these last week. And was happy with how they turned out. The challenge last Sunday in AIS was I am in the mood for....well I was in the mood for fairytales and happy endings ;) When I posted this mani friday in another nail group I also wrote a little story with them. Someone once said on one of my mani's it reminded her of  children books illustrations :), so was a bit crazy and thought let's write the story too haha. It is the story on my nails:

It is a beautiful starry night in WONvillage*. The moon is full and 1000 of stars shine bright. The fairy is watching over the castle and keeps an eye on the princess when the king and queen leave in their carriage with horses. The evil witch is already on her way to the castle to kidnap the princess but pegasus makes sure she won't come closer :)  So the princess will get a goodnight sleep and she will never know of the danger lurking outside the castle walls. Cause her magical friends will protect her <3 

*WON is the name of the group

Gradient with Color Club Puccilicious, Hits Frapê 416 and Hits Edicao Limitada 205. China Glaze Fairy Dust on top. Stamped with Konad SN black and Moyou London Princess 07 (fairy, castle, carriage, horses, witch) And Moyou Princess 04 (pegasus). Stamped the stars with Konad SN pastel yellow and Moyou Princess 07. Twinkle stars with Color Club Worth the Risque and Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 but those aren't showing very well on the pic. Also stamped the rein (?) from the carriage and the horses with parts of the necklace image on Princess 07.

Some more picture of the mani.

I went swimming this weekend and in the pool you can dive and see aquaria undewater, so I had to take a pic of my nails too (love playing with our underwater camera). Too bad the fishes wouldn't show up while I took the pics ;)

 In the right corner you can see a yellow fish.

Here a better pic of the fishes.

And a picture of just the gradient base.

Thanks for reading.


donderdag 14 november 2013

Starry night with howling wolf under a full moon!

Hi Everyone,

I feel like I could blog everyday, still so many mani's to show you also from weeks, months or even years ago haha. Today something I've made this week. I had to try an untried polish that I have over a year now. And also wanted to use some plates I had never used before.

The polish and his name kinda matched the mani theme :)

Base Essence Vampire's Love 02 Into The Dark. Stamped full nail holo stars with China Glaze OMG and Vivid Lacquer VL014 plate. Stamped the other stars also with VL014 and Konad SN pastel yellow and SN yellow. The moon is the peace sign from BM320 that I colored with pastel yellow, yellow and white. The howling wolf is stamped with Konad SN black and LLC10.

Here a pic of the VL014 plate:

And some swatches of this pretty base color.

I actually liked this polish more then I thought when I had it on my nails.

The LeaLaC LLC plate I bought at Llarowe, but it discontinued I believe :(
BM plates you can find at Bundle Monster.
And Vivid Lacquer you can buy in her etsy shop and can also check out her facebook page

Thanks for reading :)


dinsdag 12 november 2013

Stampaholic ST03 on a beautiful duochrome polish :)

Hi Everyone,

I am soo behind with showing my nails...still have Halloween nails to show you haha. But for today something I did last week.I broke one nail, so I decided to make them all shorter :) Haven't had them this short in a while, the older Konad full nails even fit now haha :)

You know when I showed you all the ST02 Halloween mani's I also told you about ST03 the 3rd Stampaholics plate, well I now finally used that plate too. And I love it. I really like all the full nail patterns and so many on one single plate too, together with some nice words stamps. And the full nail sizes are big 2cm length and 1,5cm width. 

I used a pretty duochrome for the base or maybe it even is a multichrome it switches from purple to gold but also has a bit of blue/green in it. I got this polish last year on holiday in Greece from my boyfriend. Seventeen is a Greek brand that I really like. I used to buy one or 2 every year when we were in Greece too bad we did not went this year :( I really miss the warmth and beauty of the Greek islands.

I have made a lot of pics cause the duochrome and stamping is so difficult to capture.

Seventeen 539 (very pretty duochrome polish :) ) stamped with Stampaholics ST03 and Essence a piece of forever.

And some swatches of this polish, again a lot of pics cause it looks different is all kinds of lights.

 Here you can see all the colors in the bottle.

I really really love this polish and also this plate.

 A picture of the plate.

And a scanned picture of the plate.

You can buy ST plates on her facebook page Stampaholics by sending her a pm or emailing her.

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 5 november 2013

Halloween nails and party pics of us :)

Hi Everyone,

Like I said before we went to a Halloween party Saturday night. I'll show you my nails and some pics of how we look liked :) We had sooo much fun. I looked similiar to last year but I don't have money to buy a new dress every year lol ;) So we did our make up a bit differently. I always love putting make up on my bf but he doesn't like at all and keeps on flashing his eyes and wont sit still, so it was really hard to do haha (let's not even talk about the removing part lol) But I liked the result and we had fun that is what is most important. The people there liked it too cause we (especially he) were photographed often.

Let's start with the nails.

Base Beauty UK Midnight Minx and sponged the tips with Julie G Cinnamon. Stamped the webs with Color Club Worth the Risque and Nailways Darker Period Halloween A-NW00016 plate. The spiders are also from that plate, stamped with Konad SN white. The skull is from Moyou Roxy collection 01. Added some studs for his eyes that I colored red :)

Here a pic of the webs without the spiders.

And a pic of just the base.

And here all 3 together. I kinda liked these looks all 3 of them haha.

And some pics of our night out the Halloween party :)

 Me, my boyfriend and my big sis.

My sis and I, I sooo loved her contacts soo cool those scary eyes and they were her strength too so she could see well. I can't stand anything in my eyes, but those contacts would be so cool to wear. I was jealous of her ;)


 And impression of the night there.

 Dancing together.

 My sis her outfit.

 My boyfriend and my sis.

 My bf and I :)

 He acting goofy :)

 This guy was soooo creepy, it was a mask and wig but looked soo scary haha.

And the picture made by the Stairway to Heaven that was on their FB too.

Thanks for watching/reading :)

Hope you all had a nice Halloween.