vrijdag 29 april 2011

Q-day 2011 Dutch Hello Kitty

Tomorrow it is Queensday here in Holland, so here are my new Q-day nails ;) This year I wanted something more subtle ;) But ofcourse all our national colors did had to be in it. Unfortunately my Ez flow topcoat smudged the orange french so everything has an orange glow on it :( also Hello Kitty and the white glitter base color from China Glaze.

Base China Glaze Glacier a bit of a white base with multi colored glitter in it. Orange tips made with Essence 09 Get the fever. Self made and designed Hello Kitty decals, she is wearing a Dutch dress and bow with the colors of our flag and the colors fade a bit at the edges. Stamped with China Glaze Peachy Keen and XL plate B on the tips.

Like I said unfortunately everything got this orange glow from my topcoat, but on Queensday it is allowed that everything is orange ;)

Here a close up from one nail:
Happy Q-day for my Dutch readers :) and don't forget to follow Nagelzone and enter her giveaway, she wants 5 more followers for this giveaway that ends tomorrow!

To everyone have a nice weekend.!


donderdag 28 april 2011

Queensday nails from 2010 & 2009

On April 30th we celebrate Queensday here in Holland. And ofcourse I always make some matching nails. I will make my nails for this year tomorrow, but today I'll show my Q-day nails from last year and the year before that ;) Our national color is orange and the color of our flag are red, white and blue. So these are the colors you see a lot on Q-day.

This creation I made in 2010:
Base China Glaze Peachy Keen with China Glaze Orange Knockout (this one is quite sheer so that's why I used Peachy Keen under it) it was sooooo bright, almost needed sunglasses to look at it. I stamped some crowns with Konad SN red, SN white and SN blue imageplate M40. Also in the same colors the dots from M79.

Here sort of a swatch from Peachy Keen with Orange Knockout:
It was soo bright so I had trouble to capture it's true color.

And now the ugliest nails you have ever seen!!!!! I made this in 2009 I find them horrible (people really liked them that day but looking back I can't imagine I had the courage to walk around with these nails ;) hahah)
I sponged the red, white and blue nails with Konad SN polish and rainbow glitter. Stamped the orange crown with M40. My ring and index finger have an orange base color (don't remember which one I believe it was a color of L`oreal) the tips I stamped with Konad SN pastel orange and rainbow glitter. The flowers I stamped with SN red, white and blue and imageplate M25.

I also wore this horrible matching ring that day, especially young children really liked that one :)

Tomorrow I will make my Q-day nails for this year!

woensdag 27 april 2011

Swap with Spellbinding Nails

The lovely Sarah from Spellbinding Nails asked me if I sell my selfmade decals. And we decided to swap. I search and made here some cute Disney decals, she had a list of what she wanted. So I did my best to find or make everything on the list ;) I still had no idea what I wanted in return. I like foreign nail polish, something I can't buy here in Holland, so I said to her surprise me with a nice bottle of nail polish...I was thinking about just one or maybe two bottles...but she got me soooooo many goodies :) I felt that my swap for her was sooo tiny compared to what she got me, I know making decals takes a lot of time and effort but still .... it looks so small ;)

Look what she got for me :) It felt like it was my birthday unpacking everything and it just didn't stop, there was so many in it :)

Look how cute those baby OPI's are :) (yeah I have a weakness for baby bottles find them sooo cute) The colors are great too, don't know which colors they are but I like them :)

And some nice nail art stuff.

Also a sweet card and some yummy chocolate eggs (I think they are yummy I haven't tried them yet because it would be weird taking a photo of an empty bag with only wrapping papers in it ;))

And look at this really lovely nail polish set, I really love the colors.

Thank you Sarah!

For those of you who don't follow Spellbinding Nails yet, you should really do that (I've a feeling that all my readers already follow her ;)) She makes wonderfull designs and what makes her blog unique is that everytime she uses an imageplate she also swatches the rest of the images on it on her nails. So you can see how all the images look like.

Thanks again for all those lovely goodies ♥

zondag 24 april 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

I have some new Easter nails.I really like the Easter Egg images on plate HB38. And I wanted to wear this polish with Easter since I saw the swatch from my friend Brenda. So it was an easy choice for me to make this :)

Base P2 Who Cares with CND effects Copper pearl. Stamped with imageplate HB38. I used Konad SN yellow, SN pink pearl, SN pastel violoet, SN pastel blue and PSN popgreen.

Here a swatch of P2 Who Cares?

I didn't clean up very well because I wanted to do CND on top of it, and thought clean up later ;)

P2 Who Cares? with CND effects Copper pearl, I love the pink shimmer on this light blue polish.

Happy Easter everyone!


vrijdag 22 april 2011

Easter Eggs

This week I made Easter Egg nails :) (I already have something else for Easter on my nails right now) Like I said before somehow I really like pastel color (especially yellow) for Easter.

Base color Essence Blossoms etc...03 My Yellow Fellow. Stamped the bunnies with imageplate HB38 and Konad SN pink pearl, SN pastel blue, SN pastel violet and PSN apple green mixed with SN pastel green.

Here a swatch photo of that cute Essence color, I love the yellow shimmer in it.
Happy Easter everyone!

woensdag 20 april 2011

Butterflies in the sky (P2 530 Charming)

This creation I made this weekend. I had it in my head the day I got these decals from one of my nail friends (thank you Syl). I did not really found this creation beautiful but I found it funny :) and it reminded my of wallpaper from a children's room. (that is what my mom and I said) I did found it very happy :)

I was in a supermarket in Germany and an older lady was handing out chocolates for the customers and I grabbed one and she noticed my nails. And wanted to see them and she was talking too fast so I couldn't understand everything but she really liked them. All I could say was Danke Danke Danke with my blushing head ;)

It could also be something for Easter with the clouds (look like dots from a distance).

Base P2 530 Charming, beautiful blue polish that reminds me a bit of Orly Snowcone, stamped with Konad SN white and imageplate M77. Water decals of some great colorfull butterflies, I got them from a friend (not self made). Photo with flash.

Photo with flash under artificial light of my right hand.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo of just the base with the clouds.

Here some swatches of P2 530 Charming.

With flash.

Without flash under artificial light.

With flash of my other hand.

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dinsdag 19 april 2011

My Easter nails from last year

I made this last year with Easter. I always find pastel colors perfect for spring and easter (now I also have pastel yellow easter nails I will post that later this week).

Base Catrice LE pastel yellow (don't know the exact name/number) Stamped with Konad SN pastel blue and pink pearl and imageplate M44. Selfmade water decals of Thumper coming out of an egg. And on my thumb decals of Happy Easter (on my ring finger Happy Easter in Dutch).

Here a swatch of the Catrice LE polish from last year.

Somehow there were a few bubbles in it :(

My Dutch readers: don't forget to enter Nagelzone's giveaway!

vrijdag 15 april 2011

Disney: Flounder in the sea (on Nubar Absolute)

I really love Disney and last weekend I really wanted to make some Disney nails. I also like sea themed nails, so I combined both....Flounder from The Little Mermaid is swimming in the sea.

Base Nubar Absolute, stamped the bubbles with Konad SN blue pearl and imageplaes M16 and M34. And ofcourse 5 different self made decals of Flounder ♥ Photo without flash under artificial light.

My right hand it is a bit blurry but I just can't keep my hand still while taking a photo. Photo with flash (because of the flash you see the holo effect better but the stamping and decals less).

Here some swatches of Nubar Absolute. It's a bit sheer so I just a coat of China Glaze Sexagon first to cover up my nailline. But after that I used 3 coats of Nubar Absolute so I don't think Sexagon has any effect on the holographic effect of Absolute. It looks the same on my nails as in the bottle.

 Photo with flash.

 Photo with flash other hand with equal size nails ;)

 Photo with without flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

I have added a giveaway page on my blog, I will post giveways of fellow bloggers there :)
Especially for my Dutch readers check out: Nagelzone she is having her first giveaway when she has 30 followers.
Have a nice weekend!

woensdag 13 april 2011

P2 Sun City 010 Ocean Drive with Honeybees

A couple of weeks ago I saw the new P2 Limited Edition it's called Sun City and it has 5 nice colors of nail polish (and also a lot of bronzing make up and stuff). I bought 3 of them, the yellow, green and blue one. They also have a red and orange one, but I already have something similar to those 2 colors.

This week I really felt like making some sunhine on my nails so I painted my nails with P2 Sun City 010 Ocean Drive a really glowing yellow shimmery polish. P2 itself calls it metallic. First I'll show you my nail art photos, later the swatches and bottles photos. I really can't take good photo's with my left so sorry but most of them are of my left hand with my short nail in the middle ;)

Base P2 Sun City 010 Ocean Drive. Honeycomb stamped with Konad SN pastel orange and plate HB34 and the bees stamped with Konad SN black also HB34. I had to stamped the full nail on my thumb twice that did not went so perfect but it doesn't bother me ;) Photo with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo of my right hand, some how I can't keep my hand normal. But I do want to show you how it looks on nails with equal size ;)

With flash under artificial light.

I only took one swatch photo:
Sometimes I don't like yellow polish but I do like this one, it looks like it's glowing. I call it sunshine in a bottle ;) You can see my nail line but in real life this wasn't really showing, I think it's because of the flash. But I also could have done 3 coats instead of 2.

Here a photo of the 3 bottles I have from this collection.

Yellow 010 Ocean Drive, Green 020 Copacabana, Blue 050 La Rambla. I also like the square bottles :)

And here you can see them swatched on a wheel, I personally find them very pretty. Love the glowing shimmer effect

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Alessandro No 261 with flowers

This is one of the polishes I won with the Show us your Country Challenge on Parokeets a couple of months ago. It's a nice color with a bit of duochrome, but I found it hard to capture that with my camera. First I'll show you the photos with nail art, below are the swatches. I made this about 3 weeks ago before I broke my nail ;)

Base Alessandro No 261 stamped with China Glaze Metallic Muse and XL plate F. The pink dots are made with a dotting tool and China Glaze Emotion. Photo with flash.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

Photo without flash under artificial light. Here you can see the purple/blue duochrome a little bit.

Now here are the swatches, like a said it was difficult to capture it's true beauty so I have a lot of different photos.
With flash.

Without flash under artficial light.

Without flash under artificial light, a bit of strange skin color, but here you can see the purple glow a little bit.

Also without flash under artificial light with some strange settings but in a different angle.

The bottle, in the bottle you can see the two colors the best.

Finally with flash under artificial light, then the purple glow is hardly visible.

Thanks again to Parokeets for this lovely polish ♥

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Brazil: Impala Rocket World Cup nails

I had Impala Rocket as a base nail polish on my nails during the World Cup soccer/football last summer. It was for the match Brazil - Holland. So I thought it would be nice to keep my nails in balance. A little bit of Brazil to support our Dutch team ;)  I've made this creation in July 2010.

Base Impala Rocket a glossy bit of silver gray polish, sponged the tips with Konad SN orange and some orange rainbow glitter. Self made water decals of an orange lion with a football. And some stars stamped in the colors of our flag Konad SN red, white and blue with imageplate M3.

They did bring good luck for Holland because we won the match ;)

woensdag 6 april 2011

Brazil: Impala matte magenta with flowers

I'm not really sure if I like matte nail polish, I do like to make something matte before removing it just to see how it looks. And I love OPI suede, but most of the time I make a polish that is matte of his own shiny with a (special) topcoat. Impala matte magenta is a polish that is already matte of his own. It's a really bright color. It's a very thin polish so my nail line was still visible at 3 coats so I used a nude base color from P2 first. Dries quick but it also shrinks on your nail (see my index finger first photo).

First I'll show you the photo's with nail art, below are the swatches.

Base Impala matte magenta. Stamped with Konad SN white and  XL imageplate F. The yellow dots are made with a dotting tool and Konad SN yellow.

My left hand with my sad middle finger that is growing bit by bit ;) Photo with flash.

Now here are the swatches.

Photo with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash under artifcial light.

I still have to get used to matte polish it also feels weird ;) but I did liked this happy creation. And just love Impala :)