zaterdag 29 september 2012

Metallic Butterflies

Hi Everyone,
For today another oldie ;) I have so many unshowed mani's from before I started blogging or during a break. These I made in January 2010. I love the effect from stamping with metallic polishes, but it isn't easy to capture on a photo ;)
Base China Glaze Long Kiss a nice dark red (stamps too). Stamped with China Glazes Sci-Fi, Metallic Muse and Emotion, imageplates M38 and M68.
Here a pic with different light, so you can see the stamps a bit better.
And also a swatch of this base polish.
This is one of my first China Glazes I ever bought :) it was in one of those buy 3 pay 2 sets.

woensdag 26 september 2012

Red Robins

Hello Everyone,
Today another older creation. I made these nails last year in November. It's a short post, just had one picture. And I already swatched this polish once.
Base China Glaze Spin me around. Leaves stamped with Konad SN green and imageplates XL F. Selfmade water decals of a cute Red Robin on a twig.

zondag 23 september 2012

Blue with Dolphins

Hello Hello,
For today I have another older mani. I made this one in April 2010.
Base P2 191 Gigantic a very bright dark blue. Stamped with Nfu Oh 65 and M73 and the dolphins are from GCOCL A02 stamped with SN pastel blue.
Here also a swacth of this P2 polish.
It is a really bright blue and was hard to capture correctly.

donderdag 20 september 2012

Pink flowers with fimo butterflies (a bit of a fail)

Hi lovely readers,
Again an older creation, I made these in May 2010. They were a bit of a fail, the polish started to bubble a lot :( You can see it a little bit on the photo. I did not took any swatch photos because of this.
Base is MNY no 261. Stamped with Konad SN pastel pink and M50. And some fimo butterflies. I am not a big fimo fan, thinks it looks better in acryllic or gel nails.But this was really thin so hardly felt it. To bad about the bubbles.

zondag 16 september 2012

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel are going surfing

Hi Everyone,
I made these a few weeks ago :) These images were one of the first decals I have ever made. I loved the sun tanned Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Dear Daniel.
A subtle gradient with OPI Suzi and the Lifeguard and H&M Check me out, Essence 05 Speed of light blue and H&M U must have this. On top a layer of Spectraflair 35 topcoat.

Self made water decals of sun tanned Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel holding a surfboard. Stamped flowers from BM313 and SN blue and PSN cool red.
 On the beach,they are really going surfing ;)
A swatch of the gradient base with Spectraflair topcoat.
Have a nice sunday!

vrijdag 14 september 2012

Applepop /Fruit parade 2012

Hello everyone,
Last weekend was this years Fruit parade and Applepop music festival with bands like, Miss Montreal, De Heideroosjes, Ilse DeLange, Racoon, Within Temptation, Bush and many more. That weekend was also my boyfriend his birthday so we celebrated on Applepop.
I had to make Fruity nails again :)
Base is a polish from Hits from Brazil called Caipirinha a nice bright pastel green with a Catrice pink shimmer topcoat Million styles C07 ¿Holo Qué Tal?! Stamped with Konad M55 and SN brown, SN green, PSN apple green, PSN cool red, PSN psyche pink, SN violet pearl, SN dark orange, SN red, and SN blue. Plus a self made decal of Applepop (Appelpop in Dutch). I smudge my green apple a bit.
Here a pic from my other hand on Applepop with the logo in the background.
I uses M29 for my thumb.
Of course also a swatch of just the base polish Hits Caipirinha.


Here some pictures of the fruit parade.
The first one is from the childrens cute.
Also some pictures from Applepop.
 My sis and I holding the
 Within Temptation....great show.
 The entrance/exit.
The Heideroosjes a Dutch rock band that existed for 23 years but this was their last festival they played her in Holland.
 Part of the festival.
Bush when the singer took his shirt of and showed his muscles ;)
 My sis, my best friend, me and my boyfriend.
It was a great weekend, with nice Summer weather :)

dinsdag 11 september 2012

OPI Don't Melbourne The Toast with feathers

Hi everyone,
I had a busy weekend with this years Fruit parade and the Applepop music festival, so I haven't blogged for a few days. I will show my Fruit parade /Applepop nails later this week with also some pictures of the parade and the music festival.
For today I have an older creation made in May 2010.
Base OPI Don't Melbourne the Toast. Stamped with Konad M77 and SN pastel yellow and SN pastel green.
Here a swacth of this pretty base color from OPI.
Have a nice day.

donderdag 6 september 2012

Hello Kitty loves nailpolish ♥

Hey Everyone,
Today another older creation for you :) I made these in March 2010. I loved these self made water decals...Hello Kitty on a bottle of nailpolish soo cute :) This image isn't from the internet but my nail friend bought a little HK on a bottle of nailpolish en took a picture of the image on the package and I drew over it and gave it different colors. Back then a lot of people here in Holland wanted those decals and I made a lot of them in different color styles for them :)
Base is China Glaze Snow, french tips sponged with a Konad sponge and Konad SN yellow, SN violet pearl, SN sky blue, SN pink pearl and PSN pop green. Added rainbow glitter on top of the wet sponged tip also with a Konad sponge. Stamped with M37 the flowers on the tips using SN pastel pink, PSN psyche pink, PSN pop green, SN yellow and SN violet pearl. And ofcourse self made and desgined water decals of Hello Kitty on top of a bottle of nail polish in matching colors :)
Here another picture without flash in different light..
I am not a huge HK fan, but I just sometimes really love having her on my's sweet and girly. My sis collects HK stuff and other Sanrio and Kawaii things, so it's all because of her that I like it too ;)
Enjoy your day :)

woensdag 5 september 2012

Newspaper love nails

Hi everyone :)

I wanted to try the Saran wrap technique again :) but this time with less contrasting colors. So I used 2 shades of shimmer grey. I wanted to make it look like an old newspaper or something similair. So I could finally use this cool BM plate full nail design. Have been seeing lots of great manis with this, so I really wanted to use it too :)
Base is Impala - pier (a pearly grey shimmer) saran wrap with P2 sun love LE 040 summer rain (a more brownish grey shimmer). Stamped with Konad SN black and BM311.
When you use this stamp and it goes a bit wrong or not everything transfers on your nails is reeally doesn't matter, it makes it look more like an old newspaper ;)
Here a photo of the Saran Wrap base.
And also some swatches of this pretty grey from Brazil: Impala - pier.
Have a lovely day ;)

dinsdag 4 september 2012

Catherine Arley 673 swatches

Hello my lovely readers :)
Today a quick post of just some swacthes. I had this on my nails in November 2011. Just needed something fast and then I always choose a holo polish. Did not had time to stamp.
This is one of the 9 Catherine Arley polishes I have. I really like them all.
I just love holographic polishes <3

zondag 2 september 2012

My first try at Saran wrap nails

The challenge for this sunday was to make something based on something you've learned in the AIS group. For me that was the Saran wrap nails. I never heard of that before and saw it for the first time there :) So I was like I have to try that for the challenge :)
Since it was in the stamping group I had to stamp on it too, I wanted to do a full nail but then I thought you couldn't see the base that well anymore. So I decided to do a small stamp. I already had this base polish on but could remove the stamps easily so I could add a yellow coat for the Saran wrap nails. I am not sure if I like this combination but I thought the contrasting colors will show the effect good. And it was also a nice color combo for the Summer.
For those of you who don't know this is not that hard. Just paint your nails a color and let that dry really well, then choose another color (prefer one that isn't too sheer) and paint one coat over the base color, grap a piece of Saran wrap /plastic foil (in Dutch plastic vershoud folie) and dab/pat with it on your nails, and repeat these steps for each nail, let it dry and add a topcoat :)
Base Color Club Raspberry Rush and a coat of a mini yellow polish from ETOS (no name), stamped with Konad SN black and imageplate XL F, added some yellow dots in the flowers with a dotting tool and SN yellow.
Here a pic of just the base.
What do you think of this technique? I really like it (not sure about this combo though) but would love to do it again under a full nail stamp or with less contrasting colors.
Have a nice sunday!