dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Just a quick update from me :) I'm back from my holiday!

Hi you all :)

I'm not going to start blogging again regularly, but maybe I will post something once a month or every few weeks or something like that. I just wanted to thank all of you for the sweet and encouraging words, they really mean a lot to me ♥ I also wanted to let you know I'm back from my 3 weeks in Greece, that was really great and I miss it (especially the adorable cats that lived around our appartment and we fed for 3 weeks).

Unfortunatally my mom is still very sick :( The last 3 chemotherapies also did not do anything, (we heard that news during our holiday :( ) she has had 6 chemo's already :( but none of them worked...so this is really sad news.

At the moment she is lying in the hospital for a really heavy chemo, that will last nonstop for a few days....hopefully this will work....♥ I have my fingers crossed ♥

Ofcourse you do want to see some nails and nail art, so here are my holiday nails that I made before we went to the Greek Island Kos.

This one is made after a week, at the beach with a beautiful sunset.

This photo is made before we went under artificial light without flash.

Base OPI DS Sapphire (underneath a layer of China Glaza Sexagon). Some selfmade Greek water decals of a donkey, a logo from Kos, the Greek flag and the island. Sort of Greek signs stamped with Konad SN blue and XL imageplate B.

With flash.

And ofcourse matching toes :)

And here some swatches of OPI DS Sapphire with China Glaze Sexagon underneath.

Both of them with flash.

Untill next time :)

Thanks again for all the sweet words ♥

xoxox Diana