woensdag 22 februari 2012

Ice Crystals on P2 Blue's Time

A  couple of weeks ago it was really cold here in Holland and we also had some snow :) So I made icy nails back then.

Base is P2 531 Blue's Time stamped with imageplates Konad M59 and HB23. Used Essence stampy silver, SN white and SN pastel blue.

Some swatches of this very pretty color (is almost a 100% dupe of Essie Coat Azure)

I really like this kind of blue shade with a bit of shimmer in it, used 2 coats.

I'm not in the mood the write long blog posts but I do want to show you guys some nails so this is just a quick post again ;)


donderdag 16 februari 2012

Love nails

I had this on my nails on Valentine's Day. Made it really quick and easy because I'm not feeling well have a cold and I'm really snotty :P

Base Essence Can't cheat on me (a bit holographic silver) with a french from Teeez Smooth 01 (holo pink) and some decals (not self made).

Hope you all had a lovely V-day!


maandag 13 februari 2012

Removed blog - now only Catherine Arley 670 swatches

I had to remove these nails I got an email which said:

Please remove these listings as the items listed are an infringement of our images, our images and trademark are copyright protects and the listed items are not genuine Me to You products.
There was more in the email I don't really understand it all but okay :) Although I love Tatty Teddy I won't be posting my nails with them on it....but I don't really know why you can't make something on your own nails as hobby inspired on something that you like. But I guess it also has something to do with copyright on the name and maybe I should have named my blog post differently. 
Some swatches of Catherine Arley 670:

I hope you will have a lovely V-day ♥

I sure do miss my mom, we used to give eachother a small present on V-day :(


woensdag 8 februari 2012

Just some flowers

I did this a few weeks ago, just something quick ;)

Base Essence LE Nails in Style - Style me Love 03 stamped with H21 and SN white and some flower fabric decals (not selfmade)
Some swatches of this color:

 Very beautiful color, couldn't capture it's true beauty ;)

It only needed one thick coat but I used 2 thinner ones.


vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Mamegoma nails...soooo cute ♥

Last week I made Mamegoma nails. Doing my nails is and always will be a nice distraction. 

Mamegoma's are small Japanese (Kawaii) seals, they live in a fishbowl with icecubes.....how cute is that ;) I want them toooo ♥

Base Catherine Arley 667 and 670. Selfmade water decals of the Mamegoma's pink and grey ones. Stamped with imageplate HB23 with SN white mixed with SN pastel pink and SN white mixed with SN black.

Different light.

 With some cute stuffed Mamegoma's in my sisters closet :)

A little Mamegoma and my nails.

Two little Mamegoma's from my sister (she collects all kinds things, mostly Hello Kitty and Yoshi but also cute Kawaii things).