vrijdag 28 februari 2014

Hi5 challenge: inspired by Lillibit's blog

Hi Everyone,

A few months ago I was challenged by Lillibit for the Hi5 challenge. I was one of the 5 ladies she challenged to do a mani inspired by her blog (the way it looks). As soon as I read that I wanted to do something with the cute gnome girl (lillibit) that is on her blog and is also her profile picture on facebook. 

I was really busy the last months but this week I finally did this fun challenge. Ofcourse my freehand skills aren't good that I could draw the Lillibit, so I had to think of something to make with stamps. As you know I always like making my own images out of parts of different stamping images. So I did my best to recreate a little Lillibit on my nails.

Here my mani together with the Lillibit picture.
Base China Glaze L8R G8R over that a gradient with W7 120 Mojito and a no brand green. Stamped the branches and leaves with Moyou Mother Nature (landscape) collection 03 and Konad SN green and SN brown. Made the Lillibit with the hat from FUN11 (next to the star wars logo) and Pebbles from FUN3. I editted and freehanded a little and then made stamping decals from it coloring with Konad SN black, SN yellow, SN violet, SN red and a self made pastel orange mix.

And some more pictures.

And a picture of just the gradient base.

This was such a fun challenge to do and I feel honored that Lillibit invited me for this :)

Now it is my turn to challenge people.

1. Make a mani in the theme, write a blogpost about it and link back to the person who challenged you.
2. Think of a new theme.
3. Invite 5 bloggers to do the challenge in your theme.

The theme for my Hi5 challenge is Monkey See Monkey Do ...so recreate/copy a mani that I made in the past years on my blog, it can be anything. It can be an exact recreation, but also something similar (I know not everyone has the exact same polishes or plates etc) it can also be the same design but with different colors if you like. It would be fun to post my picture together with your own. And please let me know when you did the challenge :)

It was hard to choose just 5 amazing bloggers, I love so many blogs. But I challenge:
2. Life in Color

Hope these ladies will accept the challenge <3

There is no time limit, but if you accept please let me know. And let me know when you did the challenge so I don't miss it ;)

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice weekend.


dinsdag 25 februari 2014

What a girl wants...

Hi Everyone,

Today a colorful mani with all kinds of stuff a girl wants or likes ;) Or so people say :) Cosmetica, perfume, nail polish, fashion/shoes, jewelry/diamonds, love and sweets (macarons). Born Pretty Store is having a contest on their blog and the rules were to use specific products of them that were listed. It is a pretty long list so enough options to choose from. One of these products were these water decals. So I made a mani with them. The decals have so many pastel colors so I wanted to do a base with those colors too. And some holo glitter and stamping. I always love to combine things in this case: painting, stamping, glitter, sponging and using water decals.

Base China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Stamped a full nail with M57 and Konad SN white. And sponged colorful tips over that. I made a sideways sort of gradient using Konad SN pastel green, a self made pastel orange mix, SN pastel blue, SN pastel violet, SN pastel pink. Added a layer of Catrice Million Styles C08 Have an Icy Day (a holo glitter topcoat) And used the Born Pretty Store water decals with all the girly stuff.

And a picture before the decals so you can see the stamping better.

And also before I added the topcoat.

And some more pictures of this mani in different light. It was hard to capture all the colors and the glitter and stamping.

All these colors remind me of Spring and also Easter but then instead of the girly stuff it had to be Easter eggs ;) I do love all these girly things but never ate a macaron in my life...do want too try them they always look yummy :) 

I believe the entries will be on the Born Pretty blog in a few days.

They also have some great new nail art wheels.
You can see them here. I really like the candy colored one. If you want to buy them, don't forget to use the coupon code BPSL91 to get a 10% discount!  

Thanks for reading.


maandag 17 februari 2014

Holo gradient with purple hearts

Hi Everyone,

This monthly palette project over in WON is all sorts of purple tones. And this months special rule is to recreate a mani from someone else (do a Monkey See Monkey Do). Also the rule is just like every month to use at least 2 of the colors on the palette. but I often try to find all matching colors and use them all if I can :)

My mani was inspired by Precious. I always love her mani's. I will post her pic of her mani too at the end of my blog. First I'll show you my mani.

Base Color Club Cloud nine, sponged the gradient with Color Club Wild at Heart, China Glaze LOL, Color Club Eternal beauty and China Glaze IDK. Stamped with Konad pastel violet and  Vivid Lacquer VL009.

Here a picture of just the gradient.

And here together with the MPP photo and my polished  used for this.

And here also together with the awesome mani made by Precious.

Thanks for reading.


donderdag 13 februari 2014

Olympics Sochi 2014

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make a Olympic mani to support my country :) Ofcourse I had to use orange (our national color) and our Dutch flag and since the Dutchies are very good at speed ice skating I had to do something with ice skates but since I don't own any of those images I had to improvise LOL (see details below).  

Base Barry M multiglitter 333 and a sponged accent nail in the Olympic colors (Konad SN blue, SN yellow, SN green and SN red). Konad SN white sponged tips and sponged over that with Konad PSN psyche orange.  Stamped the Sochi Olympic logo from MJ XXIV tester plate in Konad SN black. Stamped the rest with Konad SN white. Made the medal with the part of the pink ribbon image on FUN1 and Cheeky CH48 using Essence A Piece of Forever. For the ice skating guy I used part of an image on MJ XXIV tester plate and gave him skates using a dotting tool and part of the helicopter image on FUN1. I also did not had a big ice skate so I used the roller skate on MJ XXV removed the wheels and again used a dotting tool and stamped part of the helicopter from FUN1 to make it look like an ice skate haha :)The cheering guy is from MJ XXIV tester plate too. Made the Dutch flag with stripes from FUN7 stamping them all seperately using Konad SN red, SN white and SN blue.

I find it fun to look at the plates I do have trying to think of what I can use to make a certain image...always very challenging. The result ain't perfect but it was still fun to do :)

Our small country already won 12 medals with ice skating.

Thanks for reading.


maandag 10 februari 2014

Valentine's Day in Paradise

Hi Everyone,

Today another mani I made last weeks. Made these for a Valentine's challenge on Nailpolis. I wanted to do a V-day mani like how I would love to spend my Valentine's Day...somewhere in Paradise, warm, the beach, the ocean hmmm :) A few years ago I did a romantic mani like this, together with stamping and self made water decals see here. It inspired me to do something like this now too, but since I now own love couple plates I made it an all stamping mani (and a little tiny bit of freehand) :)

So I made a romance under the moonlight, with a beautiful (love) boat) an airplane making a heart in the sky and even the dolphins are in love <3

Base 3 holo's from Teeez Cool 02, Smooth 01, Outta Control 01. Stamped with Konad SN black and China Glaze OMG. Using Messy Mansion MM03 (love couple), Stampaholics ST01 (dolphins), Nailways Vive la vie Beach baby (palm trees), Vivid Lacquer VL023 (boat), HB29 (heart in sky) Nailways Vive la vie Vacation (airplane) MoYou Mother Nature 01 (heart above dolphins) and Konad M14 (silver twinkle stars). And a little freehand (moon, islands, waves).

Another picture.

And a picture of just the holo base.
Thanks for reading.


zaterdag 8 februari 2014

Romance in the garden ♥

Hi Everyone,

I finally did my nails again after 2 weeks...yaay...I missed it lol. And I missed being online on facebook and watching blogs too. Still busy but at least I now have nail time again :) In my absence I missed all kinds of invitations for challenges/contest one of them was an invitation from Nail Polish Canada if I would like to enter their Valentine's Day nail art challenge :) Of course I always love a fun challenge...and I almost missed it when I was so busy. But luckily I had some time yesterday to make a new Valentine's Day mani :)

I chose a Romance in the Garden theme :) Many women (or maybe men too) are careful with giving their hearts so that is why I made the caged heart ;) but the birds in the garden are helping to convince her this guy is a good one ;) And are trying to reach the caged heart and bringing flowers and hearts to the love couple in the rose garden.

Base P2 014 Heartbeat, saran wrapped with Konad SN white. Stamped using Konad SN black, Konad SN magenta and Konad PSN cool red. And I used all kinds of little parts that I stamped seperately to make my own images from Moyou Mother Nature (aka Landscape) 01, 04 and 05.

Here a picture of just the saran wrap base.

Some swatches of the base color P2 014 Heartbeat.

If you like my mani then please vote here by chosing my blog link in the menu. You can also see all the other pretty entries.

I am so happy to be able to do my nails again :)

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!


dinsdag 4 februari 2014

WON my fav nail group

Hi everyone,

I have been soooo busy (still am) I haven't stamped my nails in 10 days and my polish is all chipped....horrible :( Busy painting the attic, laying the floor, moving etc. Also have to lay the floor at my sis her new apartment this week too. So still so busy.

So today just a quick post with a mani made in August 2013. It was a tribute to my favorite nail group...World of Nailcraft (WON).

Base China Glaze FYI sponged sort of gradient tips with A England Tristam. Stamped  yellow stars with Konad SN yellow and Winstonia W110.  And a selfmade water decal of the logo.

Thanks for reading, I promise I'll blog more often soon. Or at least post older not posted mani's from the past years and not keep you waiting more then a week ;)