donderdag 29 december 2011

Christmas would never be the same…. Mommy died :(

I was planning to show you many Christmas nail creations these last few weeks but things did not turned out the way they should. On 2nd Christmas day my mom died :(

My sweet lovely mom R.I.P.


I really miss my mom, she was my best friend and I did a lot of things with her. She was the sweetest mom ever ♥ Don’t really know how to live without her, there are so many thing I want to share and do with her. It makes me sooooo sad she won’t be there If I ever get married or maybe have children on my own.

Mommy I love you ♥ Sagapo (I love you in Greek) like we often said or texted to eachother. Words can’t describe how much we all miss you!

xoxox very sad Diana

dinsdag 13 december 2011

1 Minute free shopping at Kruidvat / P2 crackling 020 blue thunder

Thank you for all the sweet, kind, lovely words for me, my family and especially my mom :) I find it soo sweet ♥ and it means a lot to me!

A few months ago I won 1 minute free shopping at Kruidvat (our local drugstore) First I thought it was a joke and I emailed them asking if it was real ;) I kept thinking it was a joke even when we went there by bike. I did not want to go alone so my dad went with me. It was not in my own town but a 45 minute bike trip (we don't have a car ;) ) I had to be there at 8.00 in the morning so it was a nice early morning trip for me and my dad...ofcourse the rest of the stores were closed so I kept saying it was fake hahaha.

It was not like one minute free shopping like you see on tv...just throw everything in it. There were a lot of rules... you could only pick one piece of each product, you could only pick 4 pieces of make up and facial care (that was for me a reason not to go there because it was on the otherside of the store and it would have cost me half a minute to get there), you had to start in the aisle with the deo and shampoo, no electronica, one perfume for him and her and some more rules.

Here you can see some pictures of me and my free shopping stash, I also have some movies but those are horrible ;) You can see me really nervous, talking weird and stuff (I'm still feel embarrassed when I see those)

Here you see me at the end with all my goodies :) I had to show everything so Kruidvat could take some pictures for their facebook ;)

I had to grab those Hello Kitty and Cars pillows, Kitty for my big sister and Cars for my boyfriend ;)

I'm standing in front of the store waiting, and hoping that I see people inside so it wasn't a joke ;)

Before the minute started I was talking to the girls about my stategy.

Here you see me with my full basket after the minute.
When I had only 5 seconds left I ran to the Kitty and Cars pillows I also fell because the floor was very slippery and I was running fast ;) (normally I wear heals, I was so happy that I managed to find my yellow Puma shoes) Luckily you can't see on the movies that I fell, otherwise everyone could see that on youtube.

Showing all the goodies :)

The total amount of my goodies....259,55 euros.

Posing with the entire Kruidvat team of that store and my new stuff.

Back home at my mom and dads place, showing all the goodies on the table for my mom.
The results of one minute free shopping :)
- 1 big Hello Kitty pillow
- 1 big Cars pillow
- Meccano radio controlled car (you can build it in 2 models
- 2 kinds of Oral B toothbrushes
- Oral B electric toothbrush
- 2 kinds of John Frieda foam hair dye
- 8 Dove deodorants (2 for men)
- 4 Dove shower gels
- 4 Guhl products (mask, shampoo, leave-in spray, conditioner)
- The new Gliss Kur collection (hairmask, repair spray, oil, conditioner, shampoo)
- 2 Gliss Kur products (shampoo and shine spray)
- 5 Kneipp shampoo and 1 conditioner

Me happy and tired in front of my new stuff :)

If you want to see more pictures look here: More pictures of my 1 minute free shopping

And here are the horrible movies (OMG).
The first one made my dad and the second one is from Kruidvat:

Shame shame shame shame shame on me ;)

During this one minute shopping I had a crackling creation on my nails. I cutted my nails, so I could grab everything better :P

Base Seventeen (Greek brand) 492 with P2 crackling 020 blue thunder. I also stamped a white four leaf clover on my ring finger for good luck (not just for te one minute shopping but most of all for my mom) I forgot to take a picture of that

With flash under artificial light.

Some swatches of the Seventeen base color.

I love this blue color :)


dinsdag 6 december 2011

Super Mario nails and some personal info

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for a while that wasn't my intention, but a lot has happend the last weeks. My moms 2nd heavy chemo was postponend because of bad blood levels and that made her really sad because the longer she had to wait the more time the cancer has to multiply. And we had a feeling that those heavy chemos did more than the 6 regular ones she already had. In the mean time she did had her chemo and she is home again. She has a busy month ahead, blood test, another heavy chemo, MRI scan, bone marrow biopsy and a lot more. that is too difficult to explain even in Dutch ;) Then if everything goes to plan she will be having a bone marrow transplant next fingers crossed.

More bad things happend but I will tell you later first some nice things ;) We finally celebrated my boyfriends birthday when we came back from our holiday. We invited some friend for a game party. So I made Super Mario nails with 10 different characters :)

My left hand.
Base Color Club Worth the Risque, selfmade water decals of Yoshi, Mario, Goomba, Toad and Bowser. Stamped the tips with Konad SN green, blue, brown, red and yellow. Imageplate XL B.

My right hand.
Base Color Club Worth the Risque, selfmade water decals of Donkey Kong  Dry Bones, Princess Peach, Luigi and Koopa Paratroopa. Stamped the tips with Konad SN brown, blue, yellow, green and red. Imageplate XL B.

Both hands together :)

And some swatches of Color Club Worth the Risque.

Like I said a lot has happend bad and good stuff, some good is that I won one minute of free shopping at Kruidvat our local drugstore :) I will blog about that later this week.

Something bad is that my hamster died this summer, and after our holiday I decided to finally buy a new one, because I missed having a small animal friend. And animals make me happy when I feel down. We bought a sweet really small hamster and called him Windy (I know a bit strange but that name has a whole story to it ;))

We got him friday and he was really sweet and active, but sunday evening he was lifeless in his cage :( To make the story shorter..he probably had a deadly disease called wet tail (not the symptoms yet) because his brother back in the pet store died saturday and had this disease. They were very young (I never had such a small "gold" hamster and I have hamsters for more then 10 years now) I could look for a new one but decided to wait a few weeks because although he was only with me for a couple of days it made me sad that such a small young baby animal suddenly died and I missed him. And because of the stuff that is going on..I was down and said things like I can't do anything and can't take care of anything I'm useless bla bla bla ;)

Me and Windy R.I.P. Never forget you!!!

A few weeks later a could choose a new hamster...they had two for me and it was soo hard to choose. After a few hours petting both we made a decision . My new hamster reminded us of a bear (also a donkey because of his eyes) and we called him Pooh (bear). After a few days he had Wet tail too, so I was really scared because 90% die of this disease. He had really the sypthoms and I did everything I could, I also went back to the vet that was inside the pet store (the costs were for the pet store so that was nice) the vet did not know about this disease...I was really shocked that I had to tell her everything about it. Anyway I got some antibiotics and that same evening before I gave it he was looking better already, so hopefully because of my own care too...and now he is totally better :)

This is my sweet Pooh :)

PS: ofcourse that are not my hands ;) but from my sister, she is a nail biter too, just like I was 4 years ago ;) And my nails looked a lot like hers back then ;)

I promise to blog again very soon!