About me

My name is Diana and I am from the Netherlands. I was born the day the Summer starts. And I'm just incredible amazing addicted the anything nail related. I love reading blogs and facebook pages/groups looking for swatches and amazing nailart and of course love doing my own nails. That's how I came up with the name of my blog. I wanted to do something with the letters of my real name ;)
Me and my nails :)
I've my HEAO Small Business and Retail Management bachelor. But I don't like working at an office and I'm also insecure and I have fear of failure. I sometimes give Konad Workshops (such as birthday, bachelor and girl party's) at my home. I make my own waterslide decals and I've also made them for my nail friends by request.

I'm crazy about animals currently have two small rescue dogs from Spain, Nani and Lucy (We used to have hamsters, rats also had a rabbit and 2 cats but they died : () I also like swimming, going to the beach, themeparks, going to the movies, watching tv series, shopping, taking pictures, going on holiday (especially to the Greek Islands or the Dutch islands), going out on doggy walks, going to concerts/festivals and many more things. I am always up for something new, but do have a fear of heights.

I've been a nail biter since I can remember. But in 2007 my wisdom teeth had to be surgical removed and I just couldn't bite my nails. And for the first time in my life a had a visable white nailline. I was so proud and starting painting my nails. A half year later a saw Konad Stamping Nailart on a Christmas fair. And after I started using Konad I stopped biting my nails completely. I saw it as little pieces of art and who can eat their own art work ;) I started doing my nails once a week and I'm still doing that. I intent to show my nail creations every week and in between I'll post some older nailart photo's or swatches that I made the last couple of years. A lot of people say/think I don't have natural nails for those people here is a picture of my "naked" nails.
And yes I have this weak spot on my ring finger it is from the top until under my cuticle..it always have been there :(

Edit: I lost my mom with Christmas in 2011 and I still miss her so much, she was way too young. She also was my friend and I loved showing her my nails every week. I really find it difficult to handle. Made several nail designs in her honor, also with her picture on my nails.

Forgive me if I make any spelling mistakes, I don't want to focus to much on writing correct English and often type really quick... blogging should be fun :)

xoxox Diana