woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Dream Flight nails for the Efteling (inspired by my shirt)

Hi Everyone,

Last Saturday me, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend went to the Efteling, that is our most beautiful Dutch theme/amusement park. On 9 Saturdays in the Summer is it open till midnight, so we always go there once a year. So fun to be able to go in the rollercoasters in the dark. And everything is decorated with lights. The Efteling is also really beautiful park to walk in, lots of pretty trees and flowers and water. It has many rollercoasters and other "fast" stuff but also things for children (or people like me who still like those things too haha) When we were little we always went to the Fairytale Forest...we hadn't been in there for years but this day we said well lets walk through it too :)

I took some pictures of the Fairytale Forest, Dream Flight (you sit in little wagons and visit a fairytale world), The Carnival (also in little wagons and you see little dolls all over the world and visit many coutries) and also some other stuff ;) See below after the nail pics.

My nails were inspired by Dream Flight and my t-shirt that I wore that day. I have so many polishes but no cream dark grey so had to improvise and made a metallic magnetic grey polish matte :)

Base Essence Metallic (magnetic) 03 Steel me. Stamped with Winstonia W205 & W208 (mushrooms, bigger dandelion seed and fairy), Sugar Bubbles SB025 (dandelion and smaller seeds), Konad M36 (butterflies) and Moyou Fairytale 01 (twinkle stars). Using white and pastel polishes from Konad (SN pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel violet, pastel pink and pastel blue). Dotted some dots at the mushrooms and added some rhinestones on my ring finger...just like the bling on my t-shirt. I've made it all matte with Essie Matte About You.

Here a close up from the mani.

And one with my t-shirt in the background.

 A close up from my shirt.

 I also did a matching pedi, but the weather wasn't good enough for flip flops :(
The big butterfly is from Moyou Kitty 01 and the twinkle stars from Konad M14, the rest from the same plates already mentioned.

Also took a picture before I've made it matte.

And here a lot of pictures of that day :)

My big sister on a mushroom :)

A big troll ....oh wait that is me :P acting crazy on a mushroom too.

The dragon protecting the treasure.

Nibble, nibble, little mouse, Who is nibbling at my house? hahaha we acting crazy again.

Pink and blue real pigeons.

Dancing waterlilies.

Tom Thumb or in Dutch "Klein Duimpje".

The fairytale tree he moves and speaks.

Inside Dreamflight...because of the moving wagons it was hard to take good pics.


The magic light tunnel.

The castle Universe.

Okay I did take a picture of one of the rollercoasters :)

The Raveleijn theatre show

The Carnaval when we visited lots of countries..starting in Holland with the wooden shoes and old Dutch clothing.

At around 10pm is started raining just when we were in line for one of the rollercoasters....it sure had a special effect in the dark and rain. We were soaked.

The Haunted Castle.

Aquanura the most beautiful Fountain show with music and lights and fire. Also made a little movie see below.

The Entrance/Exict of the Efteling...I love it there <3

Here the little movie.

Thank you all for reading hope you liked this post, with again some personal pictures too :) If you ever visit The Netherlands you need to go to the Efteling too :)


dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Born Pretty Store: Flowers that glow in the dark

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I showed you some stuff I got from Born Pretty Store, I then did a mani with holo polish and plate QA86. Today I have a mani made with QA89 to show you :) And I also used their glow in the dark polishes to color the image.

Base Sinful Colors Snow me White, stamped with Born Pretty Store QA89 and Konad black. Colored the images with glow in the dark polish from BK (pink, green, purple and yellow). So fun these glow in the dark :)

And another picture.

Here just the black stamps on the white base before coloring them.

I really like how detailed these flowers are. Both the QA plates stamp really well :) I'll be using this plate for another mani for sure.

You can use the code KONG10 for 10% off all non sale products.

Thanks for reading :)


maandag 18 augustus 2014

MoYou Nails: Dachshunds in love

Hi Everyone,

Remember I few weeks ago I posted the Dinosaur nails and showed you the plates I got from Moyou Nails I then promised to do another mani with both these plates. Well here it is, I did this earlier but did not had time to blog about them yet.

The base a subtle yellow gradient with Boulevard Ice Cream polish yellow, OPI Need Sunglasses and Essence Cherry Blossom Girl 01 Fortune Cookie.  Stamped the black Dachshunds with Moyou nails 66 and the red and orange flowers from Moyou nails 216. Added some dots in the flowers and dotted the little hearts .Used Konad stamping polishes. I mirror stamped one Dachshund (from stamper to stamper and then on the nail).

Here some pics of the gradient base.

My sister has a wire haired Dachshund and know that these ones aren't the same but still I had to do this Dachshund mani :)

Like I said in my Dinosaur post the plates stamp really well and so does the stamper. The quality is great! Make sure to check out their site for more great plates. And they also have facebook and instagram and twitter for those who have that ;) 

Thanks for reading :)