vrijdag 27 februari 2015

R.I.P. sweet ratty Hope ♥

Hi everyone,

Today we had to say goodbye to one of our sweet pet ratties...Hope ♥ We will miss you and also Faith and Joy will miss you. R.I.P sweet strong little girl.  

The top nails I had when we went to the Vet and when we came back I stamped her name and the tombstone :( Ofcourse I had to wear my ratty ring too.  Base Lime Crime Crema de Limon on top of that neon glow in the dark yellow from BK 02, made the cheese with a dotting tool...just making holes in it so the lighter base or my bare nail was visable and added a little darker orange/yellow on some spots. The rat and tombstone are from a no number plate from the Tedi shop Gemany. And the letters are from Nailways Back to Basics - 123ABC plate.

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 24 februari 2015

A Romance in Paris

Hi everyone,

I did this mani a few weeks ago it is a combination of stamping and freehand.

Base Color Club Worth the Risque, Color Club Fashion Addict and Nubar Absolute. Stamped the lanterns with Fab Ur Nails FUN15, the love couple is from MM03, the eiffel Tower is from Bundle Monster BM419 (used the shrinking method), the trees and love birds are from Emily de Molly EDM07. I freehanded the bridge fences, the little cat on the fence, the red hearts and the bench.

Thanks for reading!


zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. 

This was another mani I did for Chinese New Year.

 Base a gradient with BK 18 (golden holo) and Catherine Arley 800 (red holo) stamped with Konad SN black and SN wine red and Bundle Monster BM-H15, the lucky cat face is from Konad S9.

And another picture.

And here the gradient gold and red holo base.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading.


woensdag 18 februari 2015

Chinese New Year...the year of the goat

Hi Everyone,

Here is one of my Chinese New Year mani's. Just a short post today, did not took much pictures or made swatches cause I already swatched this once..

Base China Glaze Long Kiss, stamped the cherry blossom with black and Vivid Lacquer VL-022 and dotted the white flowers over the black and added holo gold in the middle. The "goat " is from Konad M34 and the numbers are from Nailways Back to Basics -123ABC 

Thanks for reading :)


maandag 16 februari 2015

My actual Valentine's Day nails

Hi Everyone,

These were my actual Valentine's Day nails. Matched with my clothing we went bowling on our double date with my sis and her boyfriend and after that to the bar :)  

Base Sinful Colors Snow me White with Parrot Polish Purple glow topcoat. Stamped with FUN13 the full nail roses, the black hearts are from FUN7 and the letters are from Nailways Back to Basics -123ABC.

Here before the heart stamping and name of my boyfriend.

Here you see the purple glow a little.

And here all together where you see my top that matched my nails.

We had a fun saturday night. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.


zaterdag 14 februari 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all,

I did these a more then a week ago for a Vday collab, but we weren't allowed to post before Valentines Day.The rule was to use the color red in it.  

Base a pink and red gradient with Orly Basket Case and Colorama Melancia, stamped the love couple with FUN15, some hearts from HB29 and most is stamped with Pueen43.

Here the collage.

If you are on instagram you can see all the single shots from the participants here #vdaynailscollab This was so much fun to be part of.

Have a lovely day.


vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Hearts that glow

Hi Everyone,

I received my first Parrot Polish polishes I won them in a giveway on IG. Ofcourse I had to play with them. I was allowed to choose 3 polishes and also received a mini and 2 homemade soaps...so sweet :) The polishes are soo pretty and I love the packaging too.

Base Parrot Polish Queen Teuta Of Illyria stamped with Essence stampy white and BM425 and BM-H16 and added Parrot Polish Glow Purple topcoat.

Here my new goodies.

 And some swatches of this beautiful holo polish that switches from blue to purple.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Colorful Hearts

Hi Everyone,

Here another Valentine's Day mani I did earlier. Just a short post for today.

 Base Nfu Oh 61 a silver holo on top some blobs of 10.1 Polish Scarlet, Evergeen, Ocean Mist, New Skyline and New Moon. Stamped with Messy Mansion MM03.


And some swatches of Nfu-Oh 61

This was a really quick mani to do.

Thanks for reading!


dinsdag 10 februari 2015

Vintage Love Letter

Hi Everyone,

Today another Valentine's Day mani for you a Vintage Love Letter. A little inspired by Notty Norma and the couple of letter nails she did.

Base China Glaze FYI (a nude holo) stamped with brown and BM301 later dabbed China Glaze FYI on parts over it again. Stamped the hearts with dark red and BMH17 and on top stamped with black and BM311 the "love letters".  

I was happy with how these turned out :) I thought about making it matte later but then forgot and already had it removed.

Thanks for reading.


zondag 8 februari 2015

Leopard nails

Hi everyone,

I did this a few weeks ago, I had to do something really quick. I first did super cute Frozen nails but my self made water decals weren't playing along so those nails were a fail. Already did both hands buy because they were curly I got stuck to everything and had to remove them. It was late in the evening so had to do something quick...so I always grab a holo polish then. They dry so fast. I am not so crazy about animal prints but do have this dark grey sweater with sort of black animal print on it and decided to do matching nails.

China Glaze Let's Do It in 3-D stamped with BM221 (stamped twice) and BM613.

I was tagged on IG to show my righthandmani so here also a picture from my right hand.

Remember when I told you I broke a corner from my ring finger nail on my right hand I could not resist to to file the other corner too. And I posted this picture on IG..most people said nay haha. Well you know I filed them all short as you seen before.

China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection is still one of mt favorite holo collection. I really like this color too, I've used it many times.

Thanks for reading!


vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Neon Valentine's nails

Hi Everyone,

I did these for the Bundle Monster challenge last week. I felt like doing something bright. But they were really bright, my sis said to me if I thought it was Summer lol.

Gradient with China Glaze Neon On and On, China Glaze That's Shore Bright and Color Club Pucci-licious. Stamped with BM317 and Color Club Pucci-licious.

And some more pictures in different light.

I later added the I heart BM with BM425. Since it was for the Ilovebundlemonster challenge :)
I did really like these bright neon heart nails.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for reading <3


woensdag 4 februari 2015

I'm from The Netherlands

Hi Everyone,

As you all know I am from The Netherlands also known as Holland. There was a challenge on IG to represent your heritage with nail art. So today I have some Dutch nails for you.

Orange is our national color so I chose a light orange base: Lime Crime Peaches ♥ Cream. I thought it was fun to show some typical Dutch things...things people think about when they envision Holland. 

Ofcourse my country is known for it's cheese (pinkie), everyone here rides a bicycle and there are mills (ring finger), Heineken is a Dutch beer brand and we love to drink beer (middle finger), stroop wafels are famous Dutch cookies with caramel (index), a blonde (somehow people often think the Dutch are all blonde) girl with old fashioned Dutch clothing and tullips (thumb). Also stamped the tullips at my tips in our red, white and blue flag colors. Images all come from MoYou Tourist 15 plate. I freehanded the tiny Dutch flags.

This was so much fun too do.

Thanks for reading!


maandag 2 februari 2015

Love is in the Air

Hi everyone,

I did this mani somewhere last week. For a challenge on IG the theme was inspired by the sky, but I also wanted to do a love themed mani so why not make a heart shaped hot air balloon in the sky and a plane leaving a heart trail.

Base Purple Professional sugar summer 84 Under Water a texture polish. Stamped the clouds with Konad M79, the balloon basket is from MoYou Mother Nature 06, the heart shaped "hot air balloon" is from Pueen43, the plane is from Nailways Vive la Vie- Vacation plate and I dotted the heart trail. I did use a topcoat but the texture effect was still visable in real life.

Thanks for reading!