donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Halloween 2015: Mummies

Hello Hello,

Here is another Halloween mani, I done it for a stamping challenge I don't have a mummy stamp so I improvised ;)  

Base Essence 49 The only chance! Stamped with a mix of Konad polishes to make an off white color and BM409. Then painted the black and stamped the teeth (used the shrinking method) from BM H06 and placed red dots and stamped the eyes over it with BM H06 also :)

Thanks for reading :)


Halloween 2015: Horror Movies The Grudge

Hi Everyone,

One of the themes of the BM challenge was Horror Movies. It made me think of The Grudge so I used the movie poster as my inspiration.

This is not the first time I used my own hair for nail art hahaha :)

Base Catrice Rock-O-Co C01 L´Ombre À Sanssouci. Freehanded the eye and eyebrow and added my own hair on it to make it look like the movie poster of The Grudge. And stamped the other nails with Sinful Colors Black on Black and topcoat.

This was really fun to do :)

Thanks for reading and sorry for just posting a lot of short blogs.


Halloween 2015: Witchy Woman

Hi Everyone,

Here another Halloween mani I did for the Bundle Monster challenge. The theme was Witchy Woman. 

Dry brush base with many blue polishes from Seventeen and also MdU stamping polishes. Painted the moon and stars with MdU Yellow. Stamped with MdU black the witch is from Bundle Monster BM13 and the trees are from BM407.

Thanks for reading!


Halloween 2015 Autumn Ghosts

Hi Everyone,

For now I have to show you some Autumn Ghosts.  I did so many Halloween themed mani's the last weeks that I just post them without typing too much ;)

The ghosts are from Marianne plates no 61, the Autumn leavesa are from Konad M31 stamped with Mdu white, mustard, avocado, neon orange and tulip.  The base is Essence The Nudes 12 It's Nude, Dude!

Thanks for reading. 


woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Halloween 2015 FreakShow

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Bundle Monster Freakshow. Their cute monster is turning into a devil and growing horns. There is also a 2 headed cat and a skeleton with 4 arms.  

Base Sinful Colors Black on Black. Sponged with a nude and stamped the wooden floor with BM309. The monster is from BM409 (I gave him horns). The cat with 2 heads I made from BM412. The skeleton BM413. The skulls BM H07. The letters are from Nailways Back to Basics - 123 ABC plate and the curtains are made with W209. Stamped using Konad and MdU polishes.

Just a short post today, But will post some more Halloween mani's,

Thanks for reading!


maandag 19 oktober 2015

Halloween 2015: Zombies

Hello  Everyone,

Today a new Halloween mani I did for the BM challenge. The theme that day was Zombies. I love doing Halloween mani's I have so much fun with all the challenges on IG or in FB groups.

 Base a gradient with Nailways 73 Grass and 22 Linear. On top Essence 02 Night in Vegas for the flakies. Stamped the zombies from MyOnline Shop MJ XXV and the zombie hands and bats are from Bundle Monster BM H08, Stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black and made it all matte with China Glaze Magic Matte.

Thanks for reading!


donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Halloween 2015: Bones and Skulls

Hi Everyone,

Here another Halloween mani I did for the Bundle Monster challenge. I am trying to catch up with their challenge and ofcourse rocking my new shorties ;)

Base I made a sort of radial gradient base with NailNation3000 Awesome Sauce and Color Club Revvvolution. Stamped with BM225 and on my ring finger with Konad M28.

Here also a picture of just the radial gradient base.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like it that I post a lot again :)

And like I said I post a lot more on instagram so make sure to follow me there too ;)


woensdag 14 oktober 2015

Halloween 2015: Bloody Gore

Hi Everyone,

Remember I did something similar last year based on a tutorial from PackAPunch Polish for a group challenge. I remember having fun doing it so I thought I'll give it a try this year on my shorties too :) 

Base a red from Colorama, over that a nude from P2 that I've made matte with China Glaze Magic matte. And played with my dotting tool scratching it. Stamped with BM-H06 the blood drops on my skin.

This is so much fun to do.
Thanks for reading!


maandag 12 oktober 2015

Halloween 2015: Ghosts

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted for a while since I was on vacation for a few weeks. And when we came back I busy dealing with stuff at home, not so fun stuff (loosing 2 pets).

But I'll promise to post more and if you follow me on instagram you can see a lot of posts there :)

The last day of my vacation I broke my nail from my middle finger, so I decided to make them all short (not as short cause that is a little sore) but as short as they can without bleeding or hurting ;)

Meet my new shorties.

A gradient base with China Glaze When Stars Collide and Catherine Arley 806, shadow stamped the ghosts and bats with Konad white and black and also mirror stamped one ghost using BM213 and BM223. Colored the eyes with MdU Avocado.

Here also a picture of just the looked more orange in real life.

Some pictures like these I took with my phone instead of camera so you might see different kinds of watermarks ;)

Thanks for reading!