woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Everything is Haunted!

Happy Halloween Everyone,
This holiday isn't really celebrated here in Holland but I do like it a lot  and wish it was a real holiday here too:) (and like you could see in my previous post I went to a Halloween party last weekend) I love making Halloween themed nails, so today I'll show you another creation: a haunted village :) on a sunset gradient base.
A 3 color gradient with Catherine Arley 806, 800 and 673 (just painted not sponged) Did sponge the black with Konad SN black. Stamped with SN yellow and SN black and used a lot of plates ;)

Pinkie: bat BM13, tree HB33 and cat HB28.
Ring finger: moon M16 (the middle of the button and colored the 4 holes), witch, ghost and pumpkin HB28, cross BM13.
Middle finger: bat C04 (Konad Coraline plate), tree HB33, house BM305.
Index: ghosts HB28, cross M18 (made of the letter T), pumpkin BM305.
Thumb: moon HB012 (part of a christmas ball), witch BM13, small bats HB28, little village HB33.
Some images like the pumpkins I first stamped in yellow, colored them in, and then stamped over it in black. Used a dotting tool for the eyes and windows.
 Different light.
 Before topcoat and before I damaged the pumpkin in the shower :P
 Without topcoat.
Also some swatches of the gradient base.
I love gradients especially holo ones :)
A month ago while we were on vacation we lost our oldest pet rat Trouble. And Valley stayed behind very sad and lonely, so when we got back we had to buy some new friends for her. So we got Hope and Faith :) Here you see 3 months old Faith... see wanted to play in the haunted village too ;)
 Can I play in the haunted nail village too? Please? It looks like fun.
 Let me in!
 I'll lick my way in...I want to scare people too...Muawhahaha.
 Yummy yummy that ghost tastes funny ;)
Let's visit the graveyard.

I know some people are scared of rats, but they really are sooo sweet and smart. Hope I didn't scare any of my followers away by posting rat pics...but to scare people on Halloween is allowed isn't it ;) But really they only give kisses, so no need to be afraid :)

Have a nice Halloween!

maandag 29 oktober 2012

Halloween 2012: roses, spiders and skulls + party pics

Hi Everyone,
I went to a Halloween party this weekend in a rock cafe in Utrecht. We had so much fun. Also the pre fun of dressing up and doing our make-up and making bloody handprints on my best friend his cooking clothes. I also had fun doing the make-up of the guys. I went there with my boyfriend, my sister and my best friend. Below you also see pictures of how we look liked :) This post has a lottttt of pictures, hope you don't mind.

Of course my nails had to match my outfit.
Barielle Elle's Spell over Beauty Midnight Minx black. Stamped some roses from Konad M65 with Color Club Worth the Risque. Stamped with SN white the bat from Konad Coraline C04, Halloween from M13, and the spiders and skull from M28. Painted some mini silver rhinestones red for the eyes on my ring finger.
Before the skulls and spider, I already liked it this way it just had something.
Also some swatches of the layered base.
 I got this cool red flakie polish from the sweet Nat of No Holos!
Also a swatch of just the black base.
I also pimped some jewelry :)
And ofcourse some party pics haha lol.
Our full outfits. My dress short in front and long at the back and full of skulls. 
Having fun with the stage blood, my handprints where everywhere...he killed me..I was even writing help in blood.
 A little spider on my cheek.
 Somehow I looked really white here, thought it was also cool if I really was that white (only for Halloween)

Me and my sister.
 Rhinestones are not just for your nails :P I thought lets stick them to my face :) haha.
 My sister Angelique, my best friend Dennis, me and my boyfriend Dave (trying to look angry hahaha).
Me and my big sis.
 In the Stairway to Heaven.
 Me and Dave.
 Dave acting funny hihi.
The 4 of us in the Stairway to Heaven.
 My sis between the zombies.
Dave looking scary.
And the final picture:
Me acting funny and showing my nails :) and the stamped ring too.
Thanks for reading/watching...hope you liked this post?

vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Devilish HalloWitty

Hi Everyone,

This week I made another Halloween themed creation. I had so many cute self made decals, that I wanted to use some of those again.
So today I'll show you HalloWitty (Hello Kitty in a devilish Halloween costume).
Base a shimmer yellow from ETOS (local drugstore brand) it is a a really tiny bottle and you could get those for free in the Summer when you shopped there. Stamped with BM305  and Konad SN red. Self made water decals of Hello Kitty wearing a Halloween costume. First sponged a white dot to make her head white.
Also a swatch of the base color. I like this yellow and love mini bottles..glad that I got it for free:)
It had good coverage in 2 coats.
I am busy with new Halloween nails for a Halloween party tomorrow. They have to match my outfit. Will show those after the weekend.
Enjoy your weekend.

dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

My Halloween nails from 2011

Hi Everyone,
Today I'll show you my Halloween nails from last year. As you know I had a blogging break back then, because of my mom. But I never stopped doing my nails :) I already showed some Fall nails from last year and I also have a lot of Christmas nails from last year ;) But since it is almost Halloween and I am going to a Halloween party saturday, I thought I'll show my Halloween nails from 2011 today. They weren't very special, did not had much time but just wanted to do something that was Halloween themed.
Base Catherine Arley 805 a gorgeous black/dark grey holo. Stamped 3/4 of a full nail spiderwebs on it with China Glaze OMG and imageplate HB28. And added some waterdecals of skulls (NOT self made) I got those from ebay.
Here you see it without the decals.
And ofcourse swatches of this pretty polish.
 A close up :)
I really like this holo polish it is the blackest holo I have :)

Thanks for reading.

zondag 21 oktober 2012

Black Cats under a Full Moon

Hi lovely readers,

The challenge this Sunday on Adventures in Stamping was Halloween themed, so a perfect excuse for me to make something Halloweenish (is that a word? ;)) A had many ideas and also some cool self made Hello Kitty Halloween decals. But I decided to go for the full moon and black cats. I also really wanted to use one of my franken polishes I made with many polishes and Spectraflair.
Base a blue franken mixed a lot of blue polishes with some Spectraflair. Stamped "the moon" with SN yellow and imageplate HB012 (it actually is a Christmas ball hahaha. The rest I stamped with SN black using HB28, Konad Coraline plates C01, C02, C04, BM13. Made yellow eyes with a dotting tool. And stamped some silver stars with Essence silver stampy polish and M14 (you see the stars better on the picture below).
 Without flash under artificial light.
 And another one.
Also some swatches of my blue franken holo, I put in a really small empty Konad mini stamping polish bottle :)
I have a weakness for blue polishes and I really like this blue :)

Thank you for reading.


vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Green Fall nails

Hello Hello,

It really is Fall so I made my 2nd Fall / Autumn this week. I swatched all kind of Fall colors that I have never used before on a wheel :) And this one is one of those un-used polishes. It was actually from a Summer LE from P2 but I also find it a Fall color.
Base P2 Sun City 020 Copacabana. Stamped with Konad PSN apple green some sort of leaf vein imageplate HB21. Also from that plate some leaves with SN red, SN yellow and SN gold brown.
Another picture.
And another one.
Ofcourse also some swacthes of this pretty green base color.
Have a great weekend, thanks for reading :)