woensdag 27 februari 2013

Fashion Inspired: Black and White flower dress

Hi Everyone,

I made Fashion nails again. Konad Ireland has this cool Black and White competition on her facebook page. You can choose from 19 pictures as your inspiration and make nails matching the photo. It aren't only dresses but also other kinds of black and white pattern, but I chose a dress. I did another also with a dress today but will show those later. I want to do all the 19 pics..lol (but no time for that) and some I think are a bit impossible to make with only Konad stamping. The contest is still open, so you should all join :)

A white base from P2, stamped with Konad SN black and M19 for the stripes and M26 for the flowers.

Here a picture of my inspiration dress.

And again my nails a bit bigger :)

I really like doing these kind of mani's, it is so much fun. Hope some of you also join this fun competition :)

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Traces in the Snow

Hi everyone,

Today something I've madebefore the weekend, it was snowing again so I thought let's make another Winter mani :) And I have wanted to do this for a while now, ever since I got that Traces plate :)

Base Kiko 401 (a gorgeous blue holo, I am in love with it :)) Stamped with Konad SN white and SN black. The snow at my cuticles is stamped with the sort of gradient image from BM301 (it's perfect for stuff like this :)), the little snowflakes are from HB23, the tree is from Cheeky XL L, the traces and wolf/fox are from Nailways Snowwhite-Traces A-NW00003, the snow dots are made with a dotting tool.

And here of course a lot of swatches of this pretty base color.

I really love this color, as you know I just have a thing for blue polish :)

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day.


donderdag 21 februari 2013

The Lion King

Hi everyone,

In a FB nail group they were talking about the Lion King and that made me think of this mani :) I made in in Janaury 2010 but have never showed it on my blog before...don't know why...LOL But like I said several times I still have a lot of oldies to show you. I know I was really happy with these when I've made them, I love Disney :)

Base is OPI Sand in my suit stamped with Konad SN brown and SN gold brown and Konad imageplates M10, M42, M57 and M69. Selfmade water decals of the Lion King characters :)

Another picture.

And a swatch of the OPI Sand in my suit base.

Do you like Disney too? I would love to go to Disney (Paris, US, Japan).

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Be Strong!

Hi everyone,

Today something special that is inspired by a song  from Delta Goodrem - Be Strong

"And when you're like a single flower, Whose colors have turned to shades of grey, Well hang on, Be strong"

I have made these for the Empowering Woman contest on  Lacquer Or Leave Her. She has this contest to raise awareness about Inspire me 2 Aspire and is looking for women from all walks of life to be mentors for a chat event on International Women's Day (March 8th) Click link for more info. I wasn't planning on entering since I don't feel like I can inspire anyone and see my self as a failure when it comes to career. Plus English isn't my native language so I am always afraid that can cause problems in a chat. But then I thought I can help raising awareness by entering and writing this blogpost about it ;) (maybe some of you want to be a mentot in that chat) So I made an entry for this contest, my entry is totally different from all the amazing entries she already received. But I thought this song and the story behind it is inspirational (see the rest of my blogpost).

I find her songs/ lyrics especially this one beautiful  and inspirational when you feel down for some reason it will gives you power to be strong and hang on and don’t give up. And Delta is a beautiful empowering woman who overcome Hodgkin's Lymphoman cancer at the age of 18. Be strong is inspired by that period of her life. She was strong did not give up and now is a beautiful strong adult woman with an amazing music career. And she got strength and inspiration from her bad period in life.

"And when you're like a single flower, Whose colors have turned to shades of grey, Well hang on, Be strong"

Base a gradient of Catrice Pebbles Beach and Konad SN pastel violet with China Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat on top, stamped with Konad SN black, SN green, Color Club Wild at Heart, Color Club Revvvulotion and Konad SN white and SN yellow for the dots. Imageplate M25 for the flower stalk with leaves and XL F for the flower.

From thumb to pinkie the flower turns in to shades of grey but from pinkie to thumb the flower gets his colors back :)

I used purple colors because I’ve read that purple flowers can represent dignity, mystery, success, magic and pride. Overall, this color represents admiration and accomplishment. So I felt that fits the theme of empowerment too. You can admire other women /men /things in live /songs… and they can inspire you to accomplish your own hopes and dreams.

Some more pictures of this creation in different lighting.

You can see the grey colors slowly fade away more on each finger and that the flower gets his beautiful purple and green colors back :)

I’ve read Delta Goodrem wrote this song for a fellow cancer patient who unfortunately died a couple of years later (it means a lot to me since my mom died a bit more then a year ago at a very rare type of non Hodgkin’s Lymphoman Leukemia cancer) and I am glad to read there are people who overcome cancer... well not exactly the same type my mom had but something a bit similar. And it makes me happy she survived at her very young age of 18 and makes beautiful songs. To be completely honest listening to this song also always makes me cry a bit because then I have to think of my mom who was also very strong but did not win the cancer battle. But kept believing in a miracle until the very end. And even I sometimes have to cry when I hear it also gives me strength.

So no matter how bad things seem, never give up, be strong, keep the faith, have hope and pursue your dreams!

I know it is easier said then down, but it sure is something I want to believe in or/and try.

"And when you're like a single flower, Whose colors have turned to shades of grey, Well hang on, Be strong"

Thanks for reading.


maandag 18 februari 2013

Black with metallic hearts (V-day 2013)

Hi Everyone,

I know it is a bit late but here is my mani I actually had on my nails on Valentine's Day and this weekend. I did not wanted something too sweet/pink since I was going to a concert this weekend too. And I already made some girly pink mani's for V-day. So I chose a black base with skittle metallic hearts.

Base Beauty UK Midnight Minx black. Stamped with 5 different metallics from China Glaze 2030, Sci-fi, Admire, Metallic Muse and Harmony and Konad SN black for the words. The imageplate is MM03 from Messy Mansion

Some more pictures with different lighting, because the base and the metallics were so shiny it was hard to take a good picture.

No swacth picture this time because I've already show Beauty UK Midnight Minx black before.

I hope you all had a lovely V-day and weekend.


woensdag 13 februari 2013

V-day 2013 pastel gradient with hearts and kisses

Hi Everyone,

Today a V-day creation I've made today :) I was inspired by something I've made in 2009 but back then I used loose glitter over the sponging instead of a glitter topcoat and also used a different purple. Also had more hearts and no kisses see this post.

Sponged the base with Konad SN pastel pink, SN white and SN pastel violet, holo glitter topcoat from INM Nothern Lights. Stamped with M2, M3, M4, M18, M59, M84 Konad SN magenta and Catrice Forget me not.

Some more pictures.

And some pictures of the sponges base with the holo glitter topcoat.

I also made something like this (or more like the one I've made in 2009) last year with different colors and made my first and only video of it last year see this post.

I've entered these in a Valentines Contest from Konad if you like them you can "like"  my picture to vote and ofcourse see all the other pretty nails and like the ones you like too ;) Some have over 300 likes I know I won't make that, but that is okay I just love making themed nails for contest/challenges and like I always say having fun is most important :) 

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day :)


maandag 11 februari 2013

V-day 2013 pink, holo, gradient, love nails ♥

Hi everyone,

Like I said I love to make V-day or love mani's :) So today I have another one for you. These nails were a bit inspired by something I've made in 2011 these purple holo V-day nails.

China Glaze How about a Tumble with China Glaze Tickly my Triangle gradient base. Stamped with Konad SN white, SN pastel pink, SN magenta, SN dark red and PSN cool red. Imageplates: M2, M3, M4, M13, M18, M34, M43, M59, M76, M84 and M90.

Some more pictures with different lighting.

And some swacthes of the gradient base with these 2 colors from the Kaleidoscope collection. This really is my favorite nail polish collection :)

I have some more Valentine's Day nails planned...at least 2 or maybe 3 ;)

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day.


woensdag 6 februari 2013

Romance and Roses ♥

Hi Everyone,

Today another V-day mani or just a love mani ;) I haven't been blogging or commenting much, some bad stuff at home is going on. But today I played with my polishes and plates again :)

Golden Rose Holographic 113 stamped with Konad SN black, SN green and SN wine red. Big roses are from Nailways Spring Time Love is in the Air A-NW0007, small roses Konad M53, leaves from XL plate F and love couples and words from Messy Mansion MM03 ♥

I really love the Messy Mansion MM03 plate :)

Some more pictures in different lighting.

And some swatches from the base color, Golden Rose Paris Holographic a beautiful reddish/pinkish subtle holo.

I still have more V-day ideas so hope to make some more soon :) Are you also making Valentine's Day mani's?

Thanks for reading :)


vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Pastel gradient with sweet cupcakes

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I finally felt well enough to do my nails again. Still not totally fit but I really wanted to play with my nails again :) I decided to make a vertical gradient wiht pastel colors and holo glitter topcoat. And I am very happy with how they've turned out :)

Gradient of OPI Seagullible sponged with Konad SN pastel blue, pastel violet and pastel pink. On top a layer of Catrice Million Styles C08 Have an Ice Day for the sparkly holo glitters :) Stamped with Konad SN pastel pink, SN magenta, SN pastel blue and SN sky pearl, imageplate Nailways Spring Time A-NW00008 Birthday Cake.
Some more pics with different lighting.

And some swatches of just the sparkly glitter pastel gradient base :)

I really love these, first had the gradient on for a day before stamping. 

Enjoy your weekend,  thank for reading/commenting :)