donderdag 31 juli 2014

Summer water marble and stamping

Hi Everyone,

In one of the facebook stamping groups we have this game called Tag You're It. Someone can tag you and give you a personal challenge. Then after you finished you have to tag another person and give her/him a challenge. Now I was tagged to do a stamping mani over a watermarbled base of atleast 3 colors. I really don't like to marble, I just ain't good at it and the water here isn't great for it too. So this was I real challenge for me.

But I did my best (that the weather here is pretty warm wasn't helping either) and I did 2 nails, yes 2 nails ;) The rest I just painted and stamped to match the rest.

Colors used China Glaze That's Shore Bright, China Glaze Too Yacht Too Handle and Icecream polish pink over Sinful Colors Snow me White. Stamped with FUN2 the white flowers and added some dots with a dotting tool.

Here a picture of just the base.

At the end I did kinda liked this mani. The water marble was pretty simple not like a pretty flower design, but this was all I could do ;)

Thanks for reading!


maandag 28 juli 2014

Penguins at the beach :)

Hi Everyone,

Last week the challenge in one of the groups was penguin nails, since the weather is really warm here I also wanted to do something for the Summer. The theme at the Nail Polish Canada challenge is also Summer. So I've send these in there. You can see all the fun summer mani's and vote by clicking the link.

As most of you know by now I love making scenery/landscape nails and I often also write a story with the mani haha.  Fab Ur Nails and I sometimes do story nails together and we talked about doing them again with this theme too. But later so many others joined too it was so fun. 

First my part of the story:

 “Tropical Holiday” 
Once upon a time there was this cute little penguin girl her name was Sara. Sara did not liked living in Antarctica and wanted a new adventure, so she decided to go on holiday to some place warm. During her holiday she often went to the beach, lying there with a beautiful view on the lighthouse. Swimming in the ocean, cuddling the starfish, making sandcastles, playing with the beach ball and her kite. One day something amazing happened and she saw this super hot penguin "beach" guy.... He noticed her too and it was love at first sight <3  

Base Sinful Colors Snow me White, sponged with OPI Sand in my suit, P2 Blue's time and P2 Who cares? Added some white for the waves. The rest is all stamped. Lighthouse and starfish are from Moyou Sailor 01, palm trees, sandcastle, sun, kite, beach ball are from Nailways Vive la Vie- Beach baby, birds from Stampaholics ST01 and the penguins from FUN8, the flower is Konad M32. 

Like I said we started thinking it was just us 2 so here also the pic of my mani and Johanne aka Fab Ur Nails her mani. Her episode was at the beach in the evening. But I'll paste the complete story below :) Since a few other chapters were added between ours.

Like I said more people joined so I wrote the rest of the storiy too and paste it all together.
 The complete story:

“Tropical Holiday”
Once upon a time there was this cute little penguin girl her name was Sara. Sara did not liked living in Antarctica and wanted a new adventure, so she decided to go on holiday to some place warm. During her holiday she often went to the beach, lying there with a beautiful view on the lighthouse. Swimming in the ocean, cuddling the starfish, making sandcastles, playing with the beach ball and her kite. One day something amazing happened and she saw this super hot penguin "beach" guy.... He noticed her too and it was love at first sight <3 (mani made by Diana van Nisselroy)

“Taking a Swim” 
Sara went for a walk on the beach and visited a great beach shop where she bought a new bikini. She wanted to look at her best for the beach guy. She immediately put it on and it looked so good  on her. After her swim in the ocean she walked around the beach collecting beautiful shells. But her mind was still at the hot guy she saw earlier. (mani made by Laurie Nievin)

“Catch a Wave” 
The beach guy saw this super cute girl on the beach, but later she was gone and he decided to grab his board and catch some waves. During the sunset the sky turned this amazing orange color but all he could think about was that girl and hoping he would  could see her again. (mani made by Notty Norma)

"Magic of Moonlight" 
After the long day and full of fun in the beach Sara was a little shy and believe it or not the hot beach guy was shy too. He thought she was soo beautiful he just did not had the guts to talk to her. When the night fell he finally talked to her. Sara found out his name was James They enjoyed a romantic evening at the beach under the full moon. Listening in the smooth breeze of the sea.. On that romantic evening the penguin love story started .(mani made by Johanne DG aka Fab Ur Nails) 

 “Going tthe Jungle” 
Sara and James were completely in love, both never expected they would find love outside Antarctica. They decided to go the jungle together. That was such a great adventure, seeing purple monkeys, a big frog and a beautiful tiger. They also saw this cute Toucan bird hiding in the bushes. It was such a great day. (mani made by Pamela Feader)  

“Visiting the Pyramids” 
Their journey did not end in the jungle, cause they also went to Egypt to visit the pyramids. The tropical holiday was really warm for a penguin, both compared to the heat in the desert that was nothing. They were extremely hot, but luckily they found a nice oasis. So they could cool down. From the oasis they had a beautiful view on the pyramids. After they cooled down they also went on a camel ride through the desert back to the hotel. (mani made by Sara Sue Sams) 

Is this where to story ends or will there be more chapters? 

After this more people did an episode of the penguin story. I will post the rest someday too ;)

Thanks for reading and if you like you can vote or/and still entered the Nail Polish Canada challenge too.


woensdag 23 juli 2014

National day of mourning R.I.P flight MH17

Hello Everyone,

Today is a national day of mourning here. Not just for all the Dutch people who lost their lives, but for all the victims of flight MH17. May you all rest in peace ♥

Base Sinful Colors Snow me white. Stamped with black using Cheeky Jumbo plate 2 "Tropical Holiday" for the pinkie and middle finger, Bundle Monster BM321 for the black ribbons, the cross is from Konad S2, the letters/numbers are from Nailways Back to Basics -123ABC and the little plane is from Nailways Vive la Vie - Vacation.

It's so sad this happened, and my thought are with all the families.


dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Under the Sea 2014

Hi Everyone,

The weather here is very warm, so for this weekend I had to do a fun Summer mani. I did a Under the Sea themed mani again :) (I do at least one under the sea mani once a year). I went to the beach saturday and my Under the Sea hands and feet had fun swimming in the ocean :)

Subtle gradient base with China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and China Glaze Splish Splash (over Sinful Colors Snow me white).

All stamped with Moyou Sailor 01 and Sailor 08.Stamped some seaweed, plants, coral. First stamped the pearl shell in white then colored it white and stamped over it with black and added a pearl rhinestone in the middle. Stamped the jelly fish in black colored it pink and stamped the top again with black. The starfish is stamped in white and over it stamped again with the peachy color. The crab is stamped in white too, but colored that with a little brush and red and dotted some eyes. The pufferfish is stamped in yellow colored it yellow and stamped over it with black. The shell and anker just stamped in white. And at the end stamped some light blue and white bubbles. All done using Konad stamping polishes and some mixes of those.

As you know I love doing matching pedi's (especially in the Summer) so here are my toesies :)
A subtle gradient with China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and China Glaze Splish Splash. Made a stamping decal of the octopus from Moyou Sailor 08 for my big toes. And stamped the same bubbles on the rest of my toes.

Thought some might also like to see my other hand. I always try to make it match but taking a normal pic from that hand is hard :P 

And a picture of both hand and foot together.

Thanks for reading!


vrijdag 18 juli 2014

MoYou Nails review: Dinosaur nails

Hi Everyone,

Today I'll show you a mani made with MoYou Nails plates. Or should I say the "other" MoYou with the round plates, also known as OMG nails :)

These 2 plates are my first MoYou nails plates, I have to say I was happily suprised... the quailty of the plates is amazing. I really love the perfect backing, no sharp edges (they reminded me of Konad plates when I look at qualilty and that is a good thing :) ) And they stamp really well too. I had no problems at all. The full nail images are a little narrow/small, 1,8 cm by 1 cm. So the lenght is okay but 1 cm in width might be too small for many people. Luckily my nails are not so width so I could use them as a full nail stamp. But I always find other ways to use them too, like a diagonal sort of french tip stamp or a normal french tip. See pictures below. First lets show the final mani I've made with these plates.

Base is China Glaze OMG A UFO, stamped the full nails and the diagonal french with Konad moss green and MoYou 216. The dinosaurs are from MoYou 66 stamped with Konad black.

Here another picture with different lighting.

And here you can see just the full nail image. As you can see even though it is narrow it still fits my nails (maybe not my middle finger and thumb they are a little wider). You can also see how I used it as sort of a diagonal french tip stamp on the other fingers. I like using stamps in another ways to make them work :) Or use just part of an image.
 The full nail image reminded me of animal skin so I thought it went well with the dinosaurs on top.

Here also some swatches of the greenish holo base polish.

I really liked this polish it's an unique color.

MoYou nails send me 2 plates 66 and 216 (my choice) and as you know I prefer single images more then full nail images, but I thought it would be nice to show you 2 different plates from them. So I chose a plate with single images and one with full nail images (also great for layering) to have more options and show you different kind of mani's.
I also received their stamper and plastic scraper. The stamper stamps great and needed no buffing. I know many people love squishy stampers but my favorite is still the Konad double ended stamper. And this stamper reminded me of that stamper. I like a little firm stamper for good placement. For stamping full nails a more softer stamper sometimes is easier, but still I did not had any problems with it. You just have to roll the image from left to right (or the other way around ;) ) I have tried several plastic scrapers but I always still love my metal scrapers. Though for a plastic scraper this one really wasn't bad :) (maybe my favorite plastic one). But that is just all personal preferences. I guess after so many years I am just used to my metal ones despite the fact they leave small scratches on the plates. 

In the catalogue you can see all their plates and the sets they sell. It's fun to have so I can easily watch all the images. And I'v read they will release some more plates soon. Make sure to check out their facebook page too for any news/updates.

Here also a pictures of the 2 plates.

I already have a few other ideas for these plates, so expect some more mani's from me with these soon too ;) (I really love the Dachshund since my sister has one).

I don't have instagram or twitter but I thought lets share MoYou's instagram and twitter account for those of you who do have that ;)

*Even though I received these plates for a review I doesn't affect my opinion. 

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a nice weekend!


donderdag 17 juli 2014

The World Cup is over :(

Hi Everyone,

The World Cup is over and I kinda miss it. I loved watching the games on tv almost every night. And also loved supporting my country with mani's and pedi's. Here the 7 World Cup mani's and 2 pedi's I've done. Now wait 2 years for the European Cup :)

Just a really short post today ;)


zaterdag 12 juli 2014

World Cup: Proud of the Dutch Lions

Hi Everyone,

Even though we did not made it to the Final I am still proud of the Dutch team. In the beginning nobody thought we would make it this far (most people thought we would not make it pass the first round). Tonight they play for the 3rd and 4th place against Brazil. So this is my last World Cup mani. I am proud of the Dutch Lions in Brazil :)

Base Sinful Colors Snow me white and P2 divine (white shimmer). Stamped the thumbs up from FUN2, the Brazil heart from Moyou Tourist 14, the orange lion from Moyou Fairytale 12, the soccer/ foot balls from Winstonia W103, the flags from Konad M49, the lines from Nailways Back to Basics - Lines, the letters VS from Nailways Back to Basics 123ABC. And some red, white and blue dots made with a dotting tool.

I do hope we win ofcourse but I also find it okay if Brazil wins ;)

Have a nice weekend!


woensdag 9 juli 2014

World Cup: The Netherlands - Argentina

Hi Everyone,

In about an hour the World Cup Semi Final will be's the The Netherlands - Argentina.  Or our Queen vs our King haha since she is from Argentina ;) This is my 6th World Cup mani....Go Holland Go!!!  I did my best to try and make something new/different ;) I will be making a 7th mani, hopefully for the final against Germany but will also make one for the 'loser' final against Brasil if Argentina wins tonight.

Base Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and Snow me White (index and ring finger) stamped with Nailways Snowwhite -Traces the feet, the big ball pattern is from Bundle Monster BM 408, the soccer/ foot balls from Winstonia W103, The I and heart from MoYou Tourist 15, and made the VS from the word Winstonia on W03. Using SN white, red, blue and pastel blue.

And here a picture of just the base with the flags on my ring finger and index. Made those with striping tape over my white base so I could paint the red and (light) blue and have straight lines.

Thanks for reading and Go Hollang Go or as we say in Dutch.....HUP HOLLAND HUP :)


zaterdag 5 juli 2014

World Cup: The Netherlands - Costa Rica

Hi Everyone,

Today another World Cup mani for the game The Netherlands - Costa Rica this evening. Well I am ready :) And do hope we win again. I have so much fun making these World Cup mani's.

Base China Glaze Orange You Hot, stamped all the soccer/ foot balls from Winstonia W103 (double stamped first in white and colored them white stamped over them in black), made the Dutch and the Costa Rica flag with lines from BM 411 and FUN12. The Dutch Cow is from Moyou Tourist 15 and the Costa Rica Toucan from Winstonia W03. The World Cup is from MJ XXIV tester plate.

Just a short post today, still have the same World Cup pedi like last weekend...they brought us luck.

Have a nice weekend!


vrijdag 4 juli 2014

World Cup: We are on fire :)

Hi Everyone,

In one of the facebook groups the challenge this week is Caviar Beads. I have lots of them but don't use them much, so it was actually fun that this challenge was picked for this week...I had to use them again. I am also still in the World Cup mood so I had to combine the beads with a World Cup mani :)

I did not really liked this and removed it right away.

Catrice Orango Bloom (and a white on my ring finger) stamped the flames in the colors of our flag (red,white,blue) from Bundle Monster BM312 and the soccer/foot ball is from Winstonia Store W103. Double stamped....first in white and colored it white then stamped over it with black.

And some more pictures with different lighting.

Ofcourse I have a The Netherlands - Costa Rica World Cup mani planned for tomorrow :)

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 1 juli 2014

Peace with matte black and Stampaholics ST04

 Hi Everyone,

Today another mani with the new Stampaholics ST04 (I still haven't showed my 2nd mani with that plate here either, but this is my 3rd one) I love this plate. Nail friend Dimpal from Crazy Polishes did a black mani with matte stamping earlier this week, and she gave me the idea to do a matte with shiny mani again. Only she stamped with matte and I stamped with shiny over a matte ;)

Catrice Carnival of Colours C07 Black For Gold made matte with Essie Matte about you. And stamped with Konad SN black full nails from Stampaholics ST04 over it (ring finger is the sort of reversed image from that plate). Later stamped the peace signs and bird over it with Konad SN white and also ST04.

Here also a picture of just the tone on tone full nail stamp.

I was really happy with this mani loved the subtle full nail stamp.

Thanks for reading :)