dinsdag 24 september 2013

Fall / Autumn scenery with Moyou plates ♥

Hey Everyone,

Today something I've made this week :) I know I am behind with posting older mani's but I wanted to share this new one today. Because Fall has begun, and last sunday's challenge in AIS was Autumn themed. And also this months color palette project in WON had Fall colors. So I combined those 2 challenges :)

A gradient base with Impala Pier, Risque Menta and P2 Your Wild Side matte 010 Vibrant Green. Stamped with Konad SN brown, SN yellow, SN green, SN dark orange, SN black mixed with brown, SN red, SN white, PSN jungle green and PSN cool red. Using Moyou London Suki 01 (leaves and branches), Back to the 60's 01 (mushrooms) and Princess 04 (squirrel, snail, hedgehog).

Another different picture with the WON monthly palette project colors attached.
For the WON MPP it was required to use some sort of dotting so I dotted the dots on the mushrooms and the eyes of the animals.

The same picture without the palette.

And the unusual (at least to me) not so pretty gradient base ;)
 I did like this base for this Autumn mani, not the kind of colors I usually use for gradients.

The colors for my gradient base.

I am in love with all the Moyou London plates :) For those of you who don't know them yet, you can buy the plates here  They have a lotttt of great plates to choose from.

Thanks for reading have a nice Autumn day ;)


maandag 23 september 2013

A day on the water :)

Hi Everyone,

I've made this a few months ago really quick. My sister and doggy were staying with us the entire weekend and it was nice weather so we rented a small boat in Giethoorn (also called Dutch Venice ;)) and had a lot of fun.

Color Club Eternal Beauty full nail stamped with Nfu-OH 65 and Nailways A-NW00010 Vive La Vie - Beach Baby. The boat stamped with Konad SN white and colored over it with neon stripers used Nailways A-NW00011 Vive La Vie - On the Water .

Holo on holo is always hard to photograph so here some more pics.

And some swacthes of this pretty holo from Color Club.

Also some pics of that day ;)
  A little stop to visit some of the cute shops there.

Captain Davy ;)

No no nooo don't go through that tree there are all kinds of insects living in there....eeeks :(

 Rock rock rock that boat.

 Beautiful water lily.

 Playing with the lily.

 Of course you see some cow on the route

 Yoshi had the day of her life :) loved sitting there seeing everything.

 Pee stop ;)
Pretty old house. Looks like from a creepy movie or something.

Thanks for reading.


maandag 16 september 2013

Rock and Roll street on Terschelling

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for soo long. I've been busy and haven't been home much. In the weekend of September 6th we went to Terschelling (Dutch Wadden Islands) again. It's the most beautiful place of Holland (I think) and I love it there. I also really love Greece but if I have to stay in my own country I just love to go to Terschelling. My sister booked a holiday there and then we found out it was Rock and Roll street weekend that weekend so we wanted to go too. We rented a caravan (big mobile home that stays on one place) 2km from where my sister rented a little house for her and her doggy :) So it wasn't that long on the bike to visit eachother :) Of course I had to make Rock and Roll nails for this weekend :) I was inspired by this logo. As you know I also love sharing some of my personal life and the places I visit so this post contains lot's of pics of our short holiday on Terschelling during Rock and Roll street 2013.

Base a white polish from P2 with a shimmer sheer pearly white from P2 over that (sorry I am bit lazy don't want to look up names/numbers but have used both polishes more often so they are on my blog somewhere ;)) Stamped the red lines and sort of gradient with BM301 and Konad SN red. And with Konad SN black I stamped music things from Cheeky Jumbo 5 musical nails. Selfmade water decals of the Brandaris (the lighthouse from Terschelling) and the word Terschelling. Both came from the Rock and Roll street logo see link above ;).

Since it was still nice weather I had to make matching toes too :) Used the same plates for that.

Here a pic before I stamped the music stuff so only with the BM301 plate and my self made water decals

And some pics of our short holiday/long weekend there ;)
The first day it was very hot but we saw bad weather coming our way so instead of swimming we went for a bike trip and walking. But soon the thunder storms came and we had to bike home really fast, since my sis her rented house was 2km further she did not make it in time and got wet haha. Not it wasn't funny really but we both laughed about it. Dogs weren't allowed in our caravan so they could not shelter from the rain at our place.

Our first night out to Rock and Roll street, we tried to make our outfit's look like the 50's :) My dress, nails, jewelry matched our interior of the caravan haha.

My sister and Dave my boyfriend (who did not like it that I did his hair with a side parting to make it look like a 50's hairdo.

The town where to festicval was is called Midsland :)

In one of the bars. You had to buy a pin and they you could go in to 10 bars all with different bands playing.

At the end of the night when we came back to our bikes my sister her doggy basket was filled with empty beer bottles haha.

 The next day it was my boyfriend his birthday so I decorated the caravan :)

After that we went to the the 50's market to watch all the old cars,motors and stuff.

 So funny and they had guts to go on stage in those outfits ;)

 We acting funny with our cotton candy haha.

Since we were afraid it might rain the next days we wanted to bike to West Terschelling (were my sis her home was) and go to the "green" beach.
 West Terschelling with the harbour and and the lighthouse in the back.

 I just had to feel the sea :) and act crazy :P

 Dave and I.
Yoshi and my sis.

And some pics of the 2nd Rock and Roll night out on Dave's Birthday :)

 The band with a special guest performance from a Marilyn Monroe look a like :)

 We do dance, not any good Rock and Roll but we try and have fun :)

 Poor Davy's back haha :P

 My sis and I dancing haha.

 The 3 of us with the band and the big green bass in the back :)

My sis and Dave dancing haha.

 The last day of Rock and Roll street.

 Very nice weather and lot's of people there for the lotery of the Solex Puch.

 Also auctioning a golden Zippo with the logo on it.

 Very old :P


Dave and I :)

 Biking to West to the harbour to see all the cars leave on the boat.

 The  lighthouse by night.

Our last full day, so went for a bike trip.

 Bad weather coming our way.

Lots of rain above sea and Vlieland (other island).
 The rain reached us so we looked for shelter in a old bunker :)

 With a nice view on a double rainbow.

 You see the rain falling above see.

 The harbour with the lighthouse in the back.

 Yoshi on the Terschelling bench with the colors of the Terschelling flag :)

 Feeding the seagulls :)

 Waving my sister goodbye, cause she stayed a bit longer.

 Bye bye Terschelling.

It was a lot colder but we wanted to sit outside and watch the sea :)

Thanks for watching/reading.