dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

I stop Blogging for now!

Dear  readers/ followers/ commenters ;)

I'm not feeling very well for many reasons and my mind isn't really into blogging. So I decided to stop with my blog for a while.

As some of you may have read a couple of months ago, my mom has a really rare kind of cancer, we keep receiving negative news after negative news :( I thought blogging and commenting (is that a word?) on your blogs was a nice distraction but I'm not thinking, reading, writing clearly which may lead to mistakes so it's better for me to take a break.

I'm also going on holiday next month, with my mom being so sick I find it really difficult to go but she insisted that we go and we have to enjoy it for her, and then when we come back she can watch the photos. And she wants to receive text messages of the things we do there so she can imagine she is there too. She and my dad are (just like my boyfriend and I) big Greek Island lovers ♥

(some of you may remember these Greek nails from last year)

I want to thank of all you who read (and comment on) my blog. I'm not going to forget you (and your lovely blogs) I'll will be back but I don't know when. I still do my nails 1 or 2 times a week, so when I decide to start blogging again I have enough to show you ;)

Bye bye for now ♥


woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Kawaii ice cream nails

Here just a quick blog post from me. My mind isn't really into blogging right now. I made these for my dad's 60th birthday yesterday. Despite all the bad thing we are going true I thought we do needed to celebrate it. Even my mom thought so and she arranged my uncles and aunts to come as a surprise. So I made some happy nails (hoping they made me feel happy too).

Base China Glaze Kaleidoscope Don't be a square and He's going in circles. Some sort of confetti stamped with Konad SN pastel pink on the green base and SN pastel green on the pink base imageplate H21. And  some self made water decals of cute Kawaii ice creams. I colored the eyes with Essence nailart pen pearl white.

With flash.

With flash under artificial light.

Without flash.

Here some pics of only the stamping.

With flash.

Without flash.

Also some swatches of these gorgeous base colors.

Have a nice day.


dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Piglet nails on Catherine Arley 804

I'm really a Disney fan and love to make my own Disney water decals :) One of my favorite characters is Piglet, so last week I decided to make some Piglet nails again. (I also have some older Piglet creations on my blog).

Base Catherine Arley 804 a nice light pink holo with some lilac shimmer. Self made water decals of Piglet. Stamped with Konad PSN cool red and imageplate M37. On my ring finger 2 pink flower rhinestones.

I took a lot of photos because decals and holo polishes are always hard to capture.

Without flash under artificial light.

Without flash in daylight.

With flash.

As you probably know by now I like to match my toes when it's summer, so I did that again ;)

This time I chose a subtle creation, I used the same flowers as on my hands only on the tip of my toes.

Here a photo of only the selfmade water decals.

Isn't Piglet cute?

Ofcourse I also have some swatches for you of this nice base color.

With flash under artificial light.

Without flash under artificial light.

With flash and some different settings.

With flash a bit blurry but you can really see the colors correctly here :)


vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Stargazer 309 with stars :)

I cut my nails a week ago, sometimes I liked them "short" again ;) This creation I made last week for the Truckstar festival. My boyfriend really likes that and we go there every year, it is not really my thing at all but I go with him because he likes that. We stayed there 3 days and went camping (sometimes when I am mean I call it my weekend from hell ;))  I don't like Trucks on my nails but I do like stars, so I made starry nails :) I do always like the special paint trucks....that is also nail art inspiration hahah. Love the movie and Disney trucks etc. But this year there weren't so many Disney trucks :(

Base Stargazer 309. Stamped with Konad SN yellow, SN pastel pink and SN pastel blue and imageplate HB39.

It's summer here although the weather is most of the time more like autumn. And in the summer I love to make matching toes :)

I used the same colors but some different images but also from HB39.

Here are some swatches of this nice polish. I got this polish from a friend for my birthday it's my only Stargazer, I really like the bottle too. It's a bit sheer so sometimes you can see my nailline, but that wasn't showing in real life.

With flash under artificial light.

With flash.

Under artificial light.

Here some photos from the special paint trucks and me acting crazy ;) Even if it's not really my thing I had to make fun right ;)

A nice safari themed truck.

Fast and the Furios with all the actors on it.

Fear of the Dark this one was really amazing and very detailed.

Me and some other scary faces that were on the Fear of the Dark truck.

The Joker, I loved the black, gray and white theme.

The Flintstones :)

A nice tropical themed truck.

Part of the Gunfighter truck, this one won the special paint contest.

Me petting a Husky/Wolf ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Various Older Bright Neon Summer Nails

Today I'll show you some older neon creations that I all made in July 2010. I love bright colors especially in the summer :)

The first one is a bright pink star creation.

Base China Glaze Pink Voltage. Stamped with Color Club Wild at heart and imageplate M15, and some Konad SN pastel violet stars from M3.

And ofcourse I also wanted to match my toes again ;)

Here a swatch of China Glaze Pink Voltage.

I really love this color ♥

For this second creation I was inspired by an entry of the summer sponging challenge on Polish Hoarder Disorder it was made by Emerald Sparkled I totally loved the bright colors she used and the pineapples. I also had to make matching toes :)

Base on my hands and toes is OPI Alpine Snow and China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. On my big toe I stamped with Konad SN dark orange and SN green imageplate M29.

My hands base OPI Alpine Snow with China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Sponged with China Glaze Sun Worshipper, Konad SN white and on top that China Glaze Kiwi Cool-ade and China Glaze Turned up turquoise. Stamped with Konad SN Black and image plate M29.

This third creation is a neon with flowers.

 Base China Glaze Turned up turquoise. Stamped with Konad SN pastel green and imageplate M75. With a dotting I made some SN pastel violet and pastel blue dots in the flowers. On my ring finger 2 green flower fabrics.

Here a swatch of China Glaze Turned up turquoise.

This is also a color that I really like.

I thought let's do a nice happy neon summer post today because I need some happiness. And from looking outside I don't get happy, yesterday the weather here was nice and sunny but today it was a really cloudy day :(