donderdag 29 maart 2012

Centerparcs 2012

Last week my boyfriend and I went to a Centerparcs park here in Holland. Although I was still very snotty we had fun. No I'm feeling even sicker but hopefully I will get better. The weather was really nice and warm for this time of year. We went swimming every day, visited the marina and some villages. Had a lovely breakfast in the restaurant every morning that was included in the price :)

Ofcourse I wanted to make theme nails again, and the printer was/is still broken but luckily I still had some water decals from last year ;)

Base Catherine Arley 801, stamped with Konad SN green and XL plate F. And a selfmade water decals of the Centerparcs logo on my ring finger.

I also wanted some matching toes again :)

Here some swacthes of Catherine Arley 801 (a lime yelllow holo):

Have a nice day.....the sun is still shining here :)


maandag 19 maart 2012

Animal nails with 4 colors of holo :)

We had some free tickets for a Safari Park here in Holland and this weekend we went there. I wanted to make safari nails with some selfmade decals, but the printer is broken. I tried printing all week but to bad it did not work. I already had the base colors on my nails for several days so last minute I had to think of something else. But although I did not had my safari decals I did want something within the safari/animal theme ;)

Base 4 colors from Catherine Arley (from tip to cutticle no 800, 806, 802 and 801) stamped with Konad SN black and imageplate H4 the full nail (kind of looks like a giraffe skin) and HB37 for the animal claws/paws.

Without flash under artificial light.

We (my boyfriend, my dad, my sister and I) had a nice day in the Safari park :) 

Here a photo of just the 4 color base, Catherine Arley 800, 806,802 and 801. It reminds me of a sunset.

I do plan on making this base again but then with my safari decals on them ;)

Have a nice week everyone!


maandag 12 maart 2012

It's a Starry....10 to Midnight (Glitter Gal)

A couple of months ago Glitter Gal organized a name a nail polish competition on their facebook. If one of your names was chosen you would win the entire new 15 ml bottle range of the Glitter Gal Holos and Sparkles. Unfortunately none of my names were chosen. But I did was one of the lucky ones that received one holographic and one sparkle nail polish from the new 15 ml bottle range, because they liked my entry and as an appreciation for my time and support. When I read that I was really happy woohoooo because I did not had any Glitter Gal yet. And I'm always drooling on all the swathces I see online ;)  I received 10 to Midnight (one of their newest holographic ones, this one was not one of the colors in the naming competition) and from the Sparkles I received The Award Goes To (formerly known as White Gold... I will show that color someday). I am so happy with my first 2 Glitter Gal polishes...thanks again to Kerry and Anna from Glitter Gal ♥

Thursday my sister I and went to a rock concert from Anouk (a famous Dutch rock chick...she also has some hits worldwide so maybe some of you know her too) I thought 10 to Midnight was a perfect color for a rock concert :) I have a lot of photos and swatches for you ;)

Although the color is awesome by it self I stamped some Rock Stars on it ;) because as you know I am a nail art stamping addict. I used Bundle Monster plates BM05 and BM21 with Konad SN White. And on my ring finger a little clear rhinestone in the star.


I think the grey metal holographic base and the stars made these nails real Rock Star nails hahahahaha lol.

Now here are a lot of swatches ;) I just took many photos and want to share them with you because I'm so happy with my first Glitter Gal polishes :) This polish is soo pretty...I have to say to holographic effect is really showing in bright artificial light, sun light and camera flash but in normal cloudy daylight the holo effect is a less showing.

I love the shape of the new 15ml bottles (I don't have the 9ml bottle so I can't compare them) I love it that it has so much glass and is square. It is quite large I could hardly place my fingers around the bottle to take swatch photos ;)



vrijdag 2 maart 2012

It's a snowman's world

Here again something quick ;) I made these a few weeks ago, when it was freezing cold and snowy.

Base Flormar Supershine no 47 (I really love this color a lot) stamped with XL plate B and SN white, and some stickers of the snowman.

Here some swatches of this gorgeous blue :)

I bought this polish in Germany at the Douglas for 1,95 euro.

Have a nice weekend!