donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Owls and Cherry Blossoms ♥

Hi Everyone,

I am so behind with posting my mani's (from weeks, months and even years But today something I've made this week and currently still have on my nails :) I just had to use some of my new plates from Moyou they have released many awesome plates lately. I only have a couple but love the ones I have. One very special plate is Suki 01 it is just sooo unique, I love it. This is also the plate I used for this mani and pedi.

A gradient made with Max Factor 27 Cool Jade and Deborah Milano 827 (had the colors reversed on my feet) All stamped with parts from Moyou Suki 01 and Konad SN black and SN white. And added dots in the flowers and eyes with a dotting tool and Konad SN white and Konad SN pastel pink. Also added topcoat over it all.

And my matching pedi :) I love the really big owl it is perfect for my big toe :)
Both hand and foot with topcoat.

Also my right hand.
 This pic was taken before I put topcoat on.

And both my feet :) When I look down or lie I see 2 cute owls watching me haha :)
Also this was without topcoat.

And again my hands and foot but then without topcoat.
As you can see I reversed the colors on my toes. So I painted my toes with Max Factor 27 Cool Jade and sponged with Deborah Milano 827. And my hands I painted with Deborah Milano 827 and sponged with Max Factor 27 Cool Jade.

And some swatches of the gradient base.
 Entire hand.

And just my 4 fingers.

I am really happy with this mani/pedi. It turned out how I envisioned it in my head (not perfect tho but I am happy). When I first saw the Moyou Suki plates I knew I wanted to make something like this :)

Moyou has many more lovely plates, make sure to check out their website (too bad my birthday money is now all spent, cause I really want more of them haha)

Thanks for reading/watching.


maandag 19 augustus 2013

Sunset Julie G texture gradient with beach stamping

Hi Everyone,

I've made these nails a few weeks ago. Cristina from The Clockwise Nail Polish asked me if I wanted to write a guest blog for her blog. And of course I wanted to do that, I felt so honored she asked me :) I love her blog and her nails. This mani is currently on her blog. So I thought let's share it here today too :)

I had to use my new Stampaholics plate, it's one of my favorite plates. This plate totally screams "ME" haha I just had to have it. I also wanted to use my new polishes I got in a RAOK from the sweet Christina (not Cristina those are 2 different ladies both very sweet tho ;))

Sunset Julie G texture gradient with beach stamping I made a sea/sunset gradient with 5 textured polishes from Julie G. Frosted Gumdrop collection. I used Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush, Tangerine Dream, Rock Candy and Blueberry Fizz. Stamped with Konad SN black and imageplate Stampaholics ST01. I also stamped with Konad SN white. And some images I colored and stamped over them again in a different color. I used a topcoat over it all.  

I also try to mirror my right hand (not like really mirror stamping but trying to place the images different). That doesn't always work with every image, but here is my right hand too. (I suck at taking pics with left so don’t mind the weird position of my fingers hahaha).

Also some picture without a topcoat over the stamping. First my left hand again. 

And  my right (bad picture) hand too ;)

And ofcourse some swatches of the gradient textured base.
 This is without topcoat.

And here with topcoat.

If you like you can read my guestblog on The Clockwise Nail Polish here and of course follow Cristina her amazing blog. 

If you also like this amazing ST01 Stampaholics plate you can ordered it here on the facebook page. She only has one plate so far, but I think it's amazing and can't wait to see what else she might make in the future.

Thank you all for reading!


vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Green with flowers and dragonflies

Hey Everyone,

I don't really know why but I haven't really felt like blogging much and I am soo behind with posting. So today something I've made a couple of weeks ago (could be over a month ;)).

Base P2 Summer Attack (LE) 050 green palm tree. Stamped with Essence plates. Using 2 colors Konad SN white and SN yellow for the dragonflies. And the rest stamped with white adding the yellow dots later.

In the Summer I love to make a matching a pedi too :) 

I really love this base color it is sooooo pretty but it was hard to photograph. 

Thank you for reading.


vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Colorful peace woodstock nails

Hi Everyone,

I've made these nails over a month ago but I forgot to blog about them. Did posted them on my facebook. I've made this for a small music festival in the place I was called Woodstock at the Waal.

Base Barry M (yaay my first Barry M polish) black multi glitter 333. Stamped with Konad SN white and BM07 (weed leaf), BM 320 (Peace sign) and BM311 (flowers) colored over it with neon stripers from So Easy and Flormar.

And some more pictures of this.

Two pictures made at the festival:

And of course I did a matching pedi too :) don't mind my sandy toes...I took this later in the train when I came back from the beach ;)

Some swatches of Barry M black multi glitter 333

And some pics made at Woodstock.

My sis made me a Hippie headband out of pieces of grass and flowers while we were sitting in the grass enjoying the music :)

These nails were nail art of the week on Bundle Monster their facebook a couple of weeks ago :) I was soo honored :)

Thanks for reading enjoy your weekend!