woensdag 30 mei 2012

Angels in the sky

Hi everyone,

These nails I also made a few weeks ago, for the challenge "The Sky is the Limit" on the Adventures in Stamping Facebook group. I made these the day after Motherday, and I was still a bad sad so I was like maybe my mommy is an angel too. And the angels are holding animals, so our cat we lost that weekend (and the other pets and persons) are also angels :)

Base is from The Face Shop BL603 a gorgeous bright light blue with white/silver shimmer. Water decals from angels with pets (not self made) Stamped the clouds with Konad M79 and SN white.

Here some swatches of The Face Shop BL603 I got this polish in a contest from the sweet Anastacia from My MakeUp Mania.
With flash.

With artificial light.

Have a nice day!


vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Neon Gradient Cow

Hello :)

I also made these a couple of weeks ago for the Unnatural Animals challenge. I really wanted to try the make-up sponges sponge technique. I usually sponge color by color with Konad sponges and when I do a holo gradient I just paint them layer by layer because those polishes blend perfectly. But doing all the colors on a make-up sponge seemed a lot easier and faster, so I tried it :)

I did this over my Romance in Paris nails, just quickly removed the decal and stamps a bit. Did not want to paint a base again and I thought that light pink will be good underneath it. So it is not so neat but I was happy with it

I thought a neon gradient Cow with blue spots was unnatural enough for the challenge ;)

The base is sponged over Orly Cotton Candy with all 6 colors of the China Glaze Poolside collection (Pool Party, Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshiper, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Towel Toy Boy) Stamped some Cow prints with Konad PSN coral blue and imageplate M61.

Here some pictures with different lighting, it is always difficult to capture neons.

Also some swatch pictures. Like I said it wasn't very neat, you see parts of the stamps under it and the base wasn't totally smooth anymore. But with stamping it wasn't showing.

Have a nice and happy weekend :) The weather is sooo great here in Holland. I am wearing a neon gradient right now too, but I will show you that one next week ;)


woensdag 23 mei 2012

Starry Kitty nails

Hi everyone,

I made these nails a few weeks ago for the stamping challenge to make something with a plate ending in a 5. It was also mothersday that day and we just lost our pet cat before the weekend, so I wanted to make something that would combine it all ;)

So I used a water decal of a cute lady cat, because she was a real lady and her name was little lady in Dutch :) And stamped stars because I said all our loved pets/persons are stars now and watching over us. So also my mom who I missed even more on mothersday :(

 Base is Zoya Gilda over Essence Flashy Pink from the Show your feet collection. A water decal (not self made) from a white cat. And stamped some sort of stars from Konad M5 with SN white.

I wanted to make swatch photos but it was soo hard with this polish ;) It often made it to pink or with blue in it and looked like it was still sheer (but that Essence underneath covers really good). But here some pics that will give you any idea. And is shows also the sparkle.

It's a bit blury but you see the sparkle in it ;)


dinsdag 22 mei 2012

China Glaze Cocktail Manicure

Have you guys ever heard of the cocktail manicure? For me this was totally new until last week. I saw it on China Glaze's facebook. A cocktail manicure is that you paint your right thumb, pointer and middle finger a different color then the other 7 fingers. The 3 fingers that are different are the fingers you hold your cocktail with. I really never heard of this but I tried it out. If you are a lefty you can do it on your left hand.

On their facebook there was a menu with all sorts of cocktails and color combinations. I only had the polishes to make the KIR ROYALE. That is Peachy Keen on 7 fingers and Mango Madness on your cocktail fingers.

I wanted to make a nice summer photo :)

Here you can see the cocktail menu.
I am not sure if I'll ever do this again, I like more the ring finger as an accent nail. Or if I do it then it will probably be on both hands, since I never hold my glass in the same hand all the time.And I never drink cocktails ;) But it was fun to do and try out :)


vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Peachy, happy, flower nails :)

Hello everyone,

I made this creation today :) They say it's going to be nice weather this weekend so I wanted something happy :)

Base China Glaze Peachy Keen with a pink shimmer topcoat Catrice Million Styles C07 ¿Holo Qué Tal?! Stamped with my new Konad plates M82 and M83. I used all parts of the images I think I stamped about 13 times on each finger ;) Used Konad SN gold brown, white, dark orange and green for stamping. And made with SN yellow and a dotting tool dots in the flowers.

 Under different light.

All fingers together.

Hope you all have a great sunny weekend :)


woensdag 16 mei 2012

Green gradient Toreads nails (Lyme Disease and Mental Health awareness month)

Hi everyone,

I made these green nails about a week ago  for the green month of Lyme Disease and Mental Health awareness on Midnight Manicures. Before I got the answer if it was internationally I already made them becasue I love doing something for a good cause ;) You could have entered with a make up creation, a manicure (without nail art) and nail art. I did not do make up, for the manicure I send in a older one with Nubar Reclaim and China Glaze L8R G8R, I just love those 2 green holo's. For the nail art I made something new :) I love making something with a certain theme or purpose.

Base is a gradient of 3 green Catrice colors 390 Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy, 240 Sold Out For Ever and 740 King of Greens. Stamped with Konad SN green using imageplate BM01. And I added some self made water decals from the Toreads. This girl is called Flora.

Now you all probably think what are Toreads? I never heard of them before too untill a few years ago someone asked me to make decals of them :) Toreads are tiny creatures (forest nymph) and they are all about nature. Every Toread has his own special thing that is part of nature. So I was like Lyme disease is often caused by ticks and they live in the forest and plants and stuff. So it all has to do with nature ;) Made it a green nature theme.

If you like to know more about these cute creatures check this website: Toreads

Here a photo of the base.

I loved making these for the Lyme Disease and Mental Health awareness month, you can also check her facebook to see more photos of great green make up, manicures and nail art entries. I think it is a good thing those different kinds of awareness months.


maandag 14 mei 2012

A Romance in Paris ♥

Today some cute lovely nails I made this for a contest on Konad Ireland facebook. The theme was to make romantic nails, and she was going to Paris because of her 10 years anniversary.

As you all know I really like contests/challanges with or without prizes ;) especially since my mom died. I just love making something in a specific theme :) Doing me nails is still one of the things I like to do and it gives me distraction. When I am busy thinking of a creation or painting and stamping I just finally think of something else then missing my mom (and pets).

I thought of a Romance in Paris with kisses, the Eiffel tower, love, diamonds (jewelry) and a good glass of wine *cheers* and ofcourse lots of roses ;)

The Eiffel tower is a self made water decal, the rest is all stamped with M3, M4, M14, M18, M35, M38, M53, M59 even the word Paris is stamped from the patent and copyright letters that are engraved at the bottom of the big Konad demo plate :)

(I still can't print new decals (printer is broken) but I made these for over a year ago and they came in handy now ;))

For stamping I used Konad SN black and SN white, Opi Rosy-mistletoe-sies for the hearts and kisses and stuff and China Glaze TMI for the subtle holo pink roses.

The base is Orly Cotton Candy, see swatch below:
It still looks a bit sheer on some spots but that wasn't really the case in real life.

Have a nice week :) I still have a lot to show you guys so I think a might blog more often ;)


vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Purple holo with nail art

Today an older simple creation for you all :) I made these nails in August 2011 during my blogging break. I've made them for a festival week that was in the village I live in. It's every year at the end of August when the heather is blossoming and it's called Heideweek (Heather week).

I used Teeez Outta Contral as a base and stamped some plants that looked like heather on them with XL plate F and SN violet pearl.

Ofcourse I like to make matching toes in the Summer :)

Here some swatches of this gorgeous polish.

I also wanted to mention that I got the Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Emily from Macabre Manicures I believe I already got this award and told 7 things about myself. So I'm not going to pass it again. But I did wanted mention it because every time someone gives me an award I feel so honered ♥ Almost all the blogs I follow already got this award. Be sure to check out Emily's blog Macabre Manicures and check the blogs from the girls she gave the award to. Thanks again Emily :)

Have a nice weekend!

And if you like check my previous blog post and vote for my strawberry nails, you can still vote every day this weekend ;)


maandag 7 mei 2012

Juicy Strawberries, my BM contest entry!

Hi everyone,

Today I'll show you my strawberry nails. I made this for the Bundle Monster contest. I know it is one of Konad's famous poster/advertising creations...I thought it would be fun to make it with BM plates... a bit of rivalry ;)

The base is P2 Ship Ahoi! 010 Pure White, with a layer of Catrice Million Styles topcoat 08 Have an icy day (it's almost a dupe of China Glaze Fairy Dust) for the holographic glitter effect. Stamped with SN red and green and image plate BM05. The tips are sponged.

Voting is now open and I would really love it if you would vote for me, you can vote on as many entries as you like one time a day for the next 7 days.

If you have facebook you can vote here: my Strawberry nails.

And I believe when you don't have facebook you can vote here.

Thank you so much, if you have enterd this contest please leave a link to your entry in the comments and I will also vote for you.


zondag 6 mei 2012

Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag)

Yesterday we celebrated Liberation Day here in Holland. There were 14 Liberation festival across the country (at least one in each of our 12 province/counities), with lots of stages with bands, music, drinks, food...one big party. The logo of the Liberation fesitval is a blue torch with red flame. I wanted to make decals of it but since a couple of months our printer is still broken...so I had to think of something else ;)

The blue base is my first franken a mix of lots of polishes and on my ring finger P2Ship Ahoi! 010 Pure White. Like I said the logo is a liberation fire/torch. So I made some sort of torch with BM07 (Konad SN red, yellow, black0 and the tower from BM15 (SN blue) upside down haha, the other flames are from Konad M63 (SN white).

You can see my inspiration here: Liberation Torch

Here a swatch of my first dark blue holo franken. Waht I remember they were: 3 blue ones from China Glaze (dark blues Up all night and a other one and a neon from the Poolside collection), China Glaze Sexagon, Catrice topcoat Million styles topcoat 08 Icy day (China Glaze fairy dust dupe), China Glaze wireless holographic topcoat, P2 topcoat, a dark blue from Seventeen, a dark blue metallic like from Flormar, Color Club worth the risque, and loose silver holo glitter powder (not spectraflair).

 It's in a empty Konad topcoat bottle I don't have any empty bottles and little balls for shaking so all the glitter went to the bottom. I made this a few months ago.

Have a nice week everyone!


donderdag 3 mei 2012

P2 Denim Delight 020 Navy Washed Denim with nail art

A couple of weeks ago I saw the P2 Denim Delight LE in Germany I sooo loved the polishes and I got 2 from my boyfriend. In the bottle I could see that they seem to cover really well and maybe I could stamp with them ;) They also reminded me of the OPI suede polishes. I got 020 Navy Washed Denim and 030 Indigo Denim.

First the nail art photo :)
Base is 020 Navy Washed Denim from the P2 Denim Delight LE. Love this color and it's semi matte (suede) finish. Stamped with BM20 and China Glaze Up all night and BM06 and Konad SN white. On my ring finger two blue rhinestones.

Here some swatches:

Here a comparison with matte topcoat and a OPI suede polish.
On the left on top P2 030 Indigo Denim with Essie matte topcoat, right OP suede We'll always have Paris. As you can see the finish looks the same, the Indigo Denim reminds me of a blue OPI suede polish. The second one on the left is P2 030 Indigo Denim normal and below is 020 Navy Washed Denim normal. I really love the finish of these with or without matte topcoat, but with matte topcoat they look even more like OPI suede.