vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Romantic night at the beach ♥

I totally love summer themed nails, so I can't get enough of them. I made this creation a couple of weeks ago. For me this is really summer, the beach, ocean, palm trees, islands, romance, sunset, moonlight, stars etc. Can't wait to go on vacation because the weather here in Holland is not that nice ;)

For the base I used a lot of different holographic polishes: China Glaze: DV8, 2NITE, OMG, LOL, IDK, BFF and QT and mixed and layered them all together to create the sky and sea. I also used Teeez holographic Outta Control and Cool to make it more sparkly and gradient. I used Konad M14 for the stars stamped with Nfu Oh 65. With Konad SN black and image plate S2 I stamped the palm trees. The islands I made with a part of HB46. The moon and black beach is freehand. And the love couples are self made water decals.

My hand.

Under different light.

My hand again.

And ofcourse I had to make matching toes :)
My toes are China Glaze 2NITE, DV8, IDK en LOL.On my big toe also a selfmade water decal of a love couple. The rest I stamped with Konad SN black and image plate S2.

I was really happy with these nails and had it on my nails for more than a week :)

Hope you all have a great summer (or other season when you live on the other side of the world ;) )

Have a nice weekend!


woensdag 27 juli 2011

Claire's Mood Polish Calm/Wild (swatches and nail art)

I had this lovely nail polish on my nails a couple of weeks ago. But I haven't posted them on my blog yet. I took a lot of photos, most of them I had my hands under the water so that's why they are a bit shiny in a lot of photos. I did not had time to dry them because it was cold and when I made them hot they would have been already cold again when I'd dried them before I took a photo ;)

I really love this polish, love the finish it kind off reminded me of OPI Suede. I really like mood/color changing polishes ♥ I'm don't have any topcoat on my nails when I took the photos.

Normal... warm (pink) nail beds and cold (purple) tips.

Cold.... everything is purple.

Warm.... everything is pink.

Warm index and ring finger, cold middle finger and pinkie.

Ring and index finger are normal, middle finger and pinkie are cold.

Here a photo of the bottle that I held under warm water.

The upper half is warm and the rest is cold.

I also took some photos in different lighting.




Index and ring finger are warm, middle finger and pinkie are cold.

Again a normal photo with some different lighting.

I also did some nail art on it, but because this polish has so much shimmer it was really difficult to take a good photo. Also the stamping polish was shiny so it was like one big shimmery metallic bomb when I wanted to take a photo with flash or under some bright lighting.

Stamped with Konad M60 and Essence stampy silver polish on my index and ring finger and China Glaze Admire on my middle finger and pinkie.

Have a nice day!


vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Sea nails on P2 Deep Water Love ♥

Some of you will remember my Under the Sea nails that I made last year, this year I also really wanted to make sea nails again :) So I did. I want to cut my nails but left them long for this creation :) Long means more room for fishies ;)

P2 currently has a LE called Deep Water Love, there are 4 gorgeous nail polish colors, a dark purple, a light pink, a sea blue and a green turquoise. I got the last 2 from my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago, the pink one was sold out and I thought the purple was something I already have. The green one called 020 Green Lagoon I used as a base for this.

Base P2 Who Cares? and P2 LE Deep Water Love 020 Green Lagoon (this is really sheer so I needed something underneath it)  It's a bit more greener in real life see the swatch and photo without flash. It's a color that my camera really couldn't capture the right way.

What did I used for this:

Polishes for stamping and coloring: Konad PSN blue pearl, PSN jungle green, SN black pearl, SN royal blue, SN green, SN brown, SN pastel blue, SN white, SN red, SN yellow. Colorama Artística Azul royal and Verde palmeira. Konad silver glitter striper. CG Sun Worshipper and Nfu Oh 65. Stripers from Flormar NA08, NA04 and NA02.

Imageplates: Konad M21, M27, M34, M35 and H29, H20, H19, H10 and HB16, HB46 and GCOCL B01, and Essence plates and BM12.

I'm no star in coloring the images, but I'm happy with the result, from a distance people can't see I colored outside the lines a bit ;)

Photo without flash, here you can see the base color better.

With flash under artificial light.

With flash.

Ofcourse I also wanted to make some sort of matching toes again :)

On my toes just some bubbles and on my big toe also some fishes.

Here a swatch of P2 Deep Water love 020 Green Lagoon (over P2 Who Cares?)
Like I said this really is a difficult color so I only have one photo, on this the color is most accurate.

I just love summer and sea nails ♥

Have a nice weekend!


dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Some older summer creations :)

Today I'll show you a couple of older orange summer creations that I made before I had a blog. They both are not really special and I wasn't a big fan of these creations ;)

I made this in June 2010. Base China Glaze Peachy Keen, stamped with Konad SN yellow and image plate M51 (see photo below for only the stamping) and some self made summer decals of icecream, flip flops and a sun.

Here you can see only the stamping it was very subtle.

A swatch of China Glaze Peachy Keen.

Here another summer creation from August 2010.

Base Essence LE Return to Paradise 04 Fruity Punch, stamped with Bundlemonster plates BM01 and BM07 with Konad SN yellow and SN dark orange. Ring finger 2 yellow rhinestones.

Here a swatch of Fruity Punch.


vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Bees and Butterflies on OPI The Show Must Go On

This I made last weekend :) The Show Must Go On is my only polish from this collection and although a lot of people think it's more like a christmas color I finally really wanted to try it. So I made a summer creation on it ;)

Base OPI TSMGO, butterflies stamped with HB32 and Konad SN yellow and SN pastel pink. The leafs/flowers are from imageplate H11 stamped with Konad SN pastel orange mixed with SN white. On my ring finger 2 fimo Bees.

When it's summer I always like to match my toes with my hands, so I did that again :)

On my toes only the butterflies.

Some bad swatches of OPI The Show Must Go On ;)

With flash.

With flash under artificial light, here you can see a bit of the duochrome.

A bit blurry but here you can see the duochrome better.

Have a nice weekend!


woensdag 13 juli 2011

Tag: What's in your purse/bag?

A couple of weeks ago the lovely and funny Miki from ♥ OneChicBella ♥ tagged me. This tag is to show you what is in your purse/bag.
For this tag it's okay to do a video or make photos of your purse/bag, no cheating ;) I don't know if there are any more rules some blogs have a few questions with this tag but I did not get those. I think the rules are like the most tags/awards, thank the person who gave it to you, write a blog post about what is in your purse/bag and give this tag the other bloggers (don't know how many it varies on blogs but I say 10  ;))
I took some photos of my bag it isn't that interesting.

I have a brown leather bag it is not very big, I got it from my mom and dad a couple of years ago for my birthday. They bought it on Lanzarote (one of the Canarian Islands) It's a spanish brand I think called...... The zipper is broken and can't close anymore but I don't want a new bag, I'm attached to this one ;)

My hands are not that big so you can see the size of my bag it think it's about 25 cm.

My bag goes everywhere with me so it's a bit discolored as you can see in the midde it's darker.

Look at my cute Monchichi monkey that hangs at my bag ♥

Inside my bag: my manly wallet, my old phone (with Hello Kitty sock) and my keys. Normally my camera is inside too but I needed that one for the photos ;)

Inside my wallet my cuteeeee debit card (is that the correct word?) with my rabbit Nero on it (he died a couple of years ago and now I carry him with me all the time. I just had to share this photo with you :)

Some chewing gum and old make up and lip care products.

Some pens, a hairbrush, a lighter (I don't smoke but you never know when you might need some fire ;)) batteries (normally I have a mp3 player inside too but it wasn't there so it's probably at my mom and dads place) and a cute Hello Kitty jar with some LUSH Lemony Flutter.

Also a coin that you can put in the shopping carts instead of a real money coin.

And the final stuff: my girly pocket knife (it's pink and it's for girls, because next to a knife and scissors it also has a nailfile, nail clippers, toothpick and tweezers), some paracetamol, an extra SD memory card for my camera, a glass nailfile from Herome, some teeth floss and the key to my boyfriends place :)

Don't know where all the other stuff like tampons and sanitary stuff were I did not cheat normally they are in there ;) guess I must have used them and forget to put them in my bag again ;)

I would like to tag these 10 blogs:


vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Summer Citrus nails (+ Color Club You Got Soul-Ar swatches)

Last week I made some happy summer nails. That was before I heard the terrible swan news. I really wanted to something sunny and happy because the sun was shining :)

Base Color Club You Got Soul-Ar, a really bright orange neon color with holographic glitters (see swatches below) I stamped some citrus fruits with Konad SN yellow, SN white mixed with China Glaze Kiwi-cool-ade and SN yelllow mixed with SN white from imageplate M55. Photo with flash.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

When it's summer I always like to match my toes with my hands :)

Here some swatches. I took a couple of photos because it's a really bright color so bright I could hardly take a realistic photo. It reminds me of neon orange traffic cones.

With flash.

With flash different settings.

With flash different settings.

Without flash under artificial light.

With flash under artificial light with different settings, here you can really see how bright it is.

I really love this color.

Have a nice weekend!