dinsdag 31 mei 2011

I'm back from Centerparcs

I'm back from our short break to Centerparcs Heijderbos in Holland, near the German border. We had a great time there, the weather was really nice :) We also went on our bike to Germany the look for the Essence holographic collection but too bad I couldn't find it there :( Most of the time we spent in the swimming pool, walking/biking, shopping or in the Jungle Dome. The Jungle Dome is this great indoors tropical playing jungle for kids (well as an adult you can have fun too ;)) with all kinds of animals living there. It's sponsered by the WWF. This blog post I'll show you some photo's of our short break, most of them or from the animals because I just love animals :) You can click on all photos to enlarge them.

My Centerparcs nails from my previous blog on the photo with my new friend the Toucan. He was soooo sweet we visited him everyday to pet him ♥

My boyfriend and I in front of the Centerparcs sign/logo.

Me in front of our apartment door, me walking back to the apartments in the Market Dome and we playing a game of pool :)

My boyfriend and I next to the pool table in front of the House of Games.

Like I said I'm an animal lover, so ofcourse we also visited the "childrens" petting zoo :)

A gorgeous peacock, me and the rest of my family (I see no difference I totally blend in haha), a hugeeee bunny and some little ones and this cute donkey.

There were a lot of baby goats soooo sweet :)

Some turkeys those animals are ugly and funny :)

One of the best things from Centerparcs are their subtropical swimming pools. We spent quite a few hours there each day.
Acting crazy under water (you can dive there with some goggles and watch the aquariums under water, on the other side you can see the aquariums normal so we had to take some pictures), my boyfriend on the big slide and me in the main wave pool.

Also very famous are the wild water rapids (courses), here you can see me go :) (yes my nails survived the entire week well ;))

I already told you about the Jungle Dome here a lot of pictures from it, it was one of my favourite places to go, but it was really hot in there....you really got the idea like you were in a tropical rain forest.

Some of the animals there, gorgeous birds, big fishes, some kind of small deer and really pretty ducks (this one was hatching some eggs as you can see).

My boyfriend and I in the Jungle dome, he in a cave, me climbing some rocks and holding a sign which says DON'T FEED in Dutch and German...lol we are crazy I know ;)

There were also many pretty birds flying there.

Having fun at the rope bridges, like I said also fun for adults :)

They also let it rain inside, to make the environment realistic for the animals who live there. A real tropical rainforest.

Me sitting in a monkey chair and on this throne of the inhabitants of the rainforest.

Some flamingos and other birds.

Every morning around 10:30 it was feeding time :) Here you can see my friend the Toucan a parrot and this adorable some sort of squirrel, he walked really funny and was soo cute to watch him eat and drink ♥

I really liked the Toucan he was just tooo sweet and so soft, and as you can see he liked to be petted he closed his eyes like he was really enjoying it.

The Toucan was really tame and sat on the most crowded places, everyone petted him also children. Here is my boyfriend petting him.

Just a photo of my new friend ♥

And ofcoure I had to pet him myself too....he was soooo soft :)

Next blog will be about nails again ;)


Edit: nobody of the Centerparcs staff noticed my Centerparcs nails and I'm not the kind of person that goes showing them to everyone so I had no comments on my nails ;)

maandag 23 mei 2011

Centerparcs nails on Nubar Reclaim & China Glaze L8R G8R

 hoI'm going to Centerparcs (for those of you who don't know what it is, it's bungalow park with subtropical swimmingpool etc.) it has parks in Holland, Germany, Belgium, France and also England I believe. I made special nails for this mini break ;) I love making theme nails hahahaha.

Base Nubar Reclaim and on my ring finger China Glaze L8R G8R. Self made water decals of the Centerparcs logo on my ring vinger and thumb. Stamped with imageplate H20 Konad SN white mixed with China Glaze L8R G8R and on my ring finger I stamped with Konad SN green mixed with Nubar Reclaim (that kind of disappears because of the flash)

Lately we were talking about nail art rings, that you can decorate and paint yourself, on this Dutch nail forum Beautiful Nails 4 You and ofcourse I also wanted to try that. So I painted this ring with Nubar Reclaim. And a decal of the Centerparcs logo (I messed it up a bit because it was still wet when I putted it on and then wanted to take it off ;) ) This ring is not really my thing and a bit too big for me (don't like it that I can't put my fingers together), but I love the idea.

Matching ring on my ring finger ;)

I found this cute teddy bear from Centerparcs at home (got it from my sister many years ago as a souvenir) and ofcourse I had to take a picture with it :)
Sooo cute :)

I already like this creation without the stamping and just the polish and decal, but I love stamping so much so I just had to add some.

Photo of just the base with the water decal on my ring finger.

Ofcourse I'm spendig a lot of hours in the swimming pool, so I had to make matching toes ;) And the weather is nice here too, so time for flip flops and summer shoes :)

Base of my toes is China Glaze L8R G8R, on my big toe decals of the Centerparcs logo. The rest stamped with H20 and Konad SN green mixed with Nubar Reclaim.

To end this blog some swatches of the base:
I really love these 2 polishes together. Photo with flash.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

I won't be able to blog or comment on your blogs this week, so I say bye for now and see you next week!


vrijdag 20 mei 2011

China Glaze Monte Carlo with nail art

This was one of my first China Glaze polishes but I never used it (I did marbled with it sometimes). It is a beautiful pink polish. I did some quick nail art on it after a "killed" Keroppi :(

Base China Glaze Monte Carlo, stamped with Konad SN pink pearl and imageplate M69. White flowers stamped with SN white and imageplate M7. In the white flowers some SN pastel pink dots made with a dotting tool.

Here some swatches, it looks like I still have a visable nail line on these photo's.....that wasn't showing in real life. But I guess I could have used a third coat ;)

With flash.

With flash under artificial light.

Without flash under artificial light.

I received the Liebster Blog award again, although I already got it, I still feel honored everytime I get an award. I got it from Liquid Jelly I'm not going to do al the rules again but I did want to mention it. You should really check out here blog!

I aslo got the Kreative blogger award again this time from Diava's Lacquer Box she has a great blog too!

Thank you so much sweeties for those awards.

Both blogs are great go check them out ;)
Have a nice weekend!


woensdag 18 mei 2011

Keroppi Nails (on OPI Bikini Envy)

My big sister is a huge Hello Kitty/ Sanrio fan, and she collects all kinds of stuff from it. Mostly small Hello Kitty figures, but also stuffed animals. Not only from Hello Kitty but also Hello Kitty's friends the other Sanrio characters. Last christmas she gave me a cute stuffed animal of Keroppi (Hello Kitty's frog friend) and she said I should make Keroppi nails and then take a photo with the stuffed animal :) And that is what I finally did ;)

Base OPI Bikini Envy with self made water decals of Keroppi (and I believe his sister). I stamped with Konad PSN Cool Red some water lilies up side down with imageplate M66. Also from M66 water lily pads/leafs with PSN Apple Ggreen.

All my nails.

On my thumb I colored his eyes and clothers with a white nail art pen from Essence.

My nails with only the decals and cute Keroppi stuffed animal.

My nails with the decals without the stamping.

Here a swatch of OPI Bikini Envy:
Very sweet light green color with  some sort of white shimmer in it.


maandag 16 mei 2011

Flowers, pink, sailing and holo (Nfu Oh) all things I love ♥

Last week I mentioned I had Nfu Oh 63 on my nails and I wanted to post that friday but blogger was down. And in the weekends I normally am not online. So I will show you this today. Not last weekend but the weekend before that we hired a small moterboat in Giethoorn, and my best friend, his girlfriend, my boyfriend and I had so much fun that day. Ofcourse I took some photos of my nails there, the last time I was there I took the photo that is my blog logo now with the big water lily. I wanted take a new one with a lily but unfortunately it was to early in the season and the lilies were not in bloom yet. I did take some other nature photos. So I have a lot of photo spam for you :)

Base Nfu Oh 63, self made water decals of this cute pink flower (Frangipani). Stamped with XL plate B and OPI Rosy Mistletoe-sies.

Photo made from to boat in the background some sort of a small windmill.

It was such a beautiful sunny hot day ♥

Debora ♥ Dennis aren't they cute. (she is the one who always gets me those nice Brazilian nail polishes).

They call Giethoorn also the Dutch Venice because of all the water and bridges.

Just a pretty photo :)

Me and my boyfriend captain Dave ;) He's was at the rudder most of the time.

Some cows.

 Isn't he sweet?

Me at the rudder :)

Now here are the regular photos ;) I also took a few because with decals and holo it sometimes is difficult to take a good photo.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

 Photo with flash.

 Without flash or any direct (sun) light. So you can see the decals a bit better.

Without flash under artificial light.

Ofcourse I also took some swatch photos:

With flash.

 With flash a bit of different angle.

 With flash different angle...look at the rainbow ♥

 With flash under artificial light.

Without flash under artificial light.

I sooo totally love Nfu Oh holo's and also loved this creation I had it on my nails for more then a week.

I also painted my toe nails. I wasn't really matching but it did matched a lillte bit because I used this Nfu Oh for stamping. For those of you who don't like the see foot photos..... DON'T look ;)

 Base Teeez Outta Control a beautiful bright dark purple holo nail polish.

I stamped some flowers from XL plate F with Nfu Oh 63 and Nfu Oh 65.