woensdag 19 oktober 2016

I am back :)

Hi Everyone,
I feel so sad for neglecting my blog. I have been pretty active on instagram and facebook though but still this small little space online deserves attention too ;)

So I promise to write here again. Part of the reason I did not blogged was that my laptop is very old and slow...just starting it and trying to type took a while that I stopped trying. I downloaded the app but keep getting an error while posting a new post. But I will figure it out and try to blog from my phone.

Here is a mani I did yesterday for a tone on tone challenge in one of the FB groups.

A pastel blue and pink base. A little wonky ;) but I stamped the lines 5 times with 5 different pink tones and blue tones ( MdU and Konad stamping polishes). The lines are from Nailways Back to Basics - Lines.

Thank you all for reading. I hope I still some readers left haha :)



dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Freehand Fairies with 3D wings

Hi Everyone,

I did this mani about 3 months ago for a freehand contest. I made a Fairy Forest with flowers, a little creek, cute bunny, mushrooms (or should I say Fairy houses ;)) fairies with 3D wings and little fire flies.  We all know I am not a freehand artist (not even close haha :P) but I do occasionally freehand some details or once in while do a freehand scenery. I did these for #Chele_EnchantedMani I liked the enchanted theme and always like a challenge just to have some fun :) 

I was inspired by one of a stamping scenery mani but in this case I freehanded everything (I am a little proud of my fairy wings :)) Randomly painted Color Club Pucci-licious, China Glaze That's Shore Bright, China Glaze Neon & On & On and China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle for the base. Also put a glitter holo topcoat from Catrice on top.  I also like to do some fun 3D art so I painted the wings on a ziplock bag colored them with Color Club Harp on it..topcoated cut them paste one wing on my nail and the other wing only part of it so the fairies have 3D wings.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sorry for being MIA for months + some random mani's

Hi Everyone,

Not sure how many of you still follow my blog since I've neglected it for months. In february I became very sick for at least 8 weeks and later I just did not feel like blogging. Won't bore you with the long long story ;) You can read more about on my fb page and IG. I have been posting on FB and IG lately. But I'll promise to blog regular too now.

I have lot's of mani's that I haven't show her also even Christmas and Easter ones, but won't share those now. 

Here just some mani's I did the last few months.

 Sponged a radial gradient with MdU neon blue, neon green and neon yellow over a silver base, stamped with Konad black and MJ XXV (tester plate).

Base Color Club What a Drag stamped with BP-L015 and MdU Neon blue and added light and dark blue rhinestones.

Red and gold challenge for #whencolourscollide ...could not photograph (not with camera or phone) somehow this phone snapshot turned out best...but still sucks ;)  P2 Eternal stamped with Essence A piece of forever and MoYou Nails 401. Thought it was fun to use a full nail image a little different.

Another one I did for the Red and Gold challenge #whencolourscollide. I liked this one better then my other one that was impossible to photograph.   Base a gold holo from BK and the red is Jade Vermelho Surreal. Stamped with Konad red and MoYou Nails 412.

A frog and leaves on my nubs. Essence 11 kiss under the mistletoe from my Essence advent calendar. Stamped with BP-L029. Added the frog from Konad M30 for another challenge. Stamping polish Born Pretty 12 fluor green.

Base Impala Audrey stamped branches with Moyou London Suki 10 the leaves are from Moyou London Mother Nature 02. The owl is from MoYou Nails 411. Used Konad and Born Pretty stamping polishes.

And for a 3D facebook challenge..my owl is sitting in real forest :P   I stuck some tiny real leaves on my nail.

Thank you all for checking my blog again.


zondag 14 februari 2016

Valentines Day 2016: Heart shaped love letters

Happy Valentines Day for my lovely readers!

Here are my Heart shaped love letters and these are my actual Valentines Day nails..heart shaped love letters, lace and some bling ;)

Essence 46 Black is back for the base, I double processed stamped the heart shaped love letters (first picked up the writing MM24 with BPS black then the hearts MM03 with MdU 25 so I could stamped the hearts with writing on my nails) Also added some lace MM44 (too bad the picture doesn't show the lace details well) On my ring finger I outlined the heart with tiny silver rhinestones. 

Happy Valentines Day :)


zaterdag 13 februari 2016

Valentines Day 2016: Heart Balloons

Hi Everyone,

Here a mani I've done earlier for another IG challenge I had to recreate one mani and here is my creation of a mani done by the amazing @secretjewelgarden. I adore her work so this was fun to do.

I even glued 2 rhinestones to gold rings and painted them with the matching nailpolish too match her rings and tried her hand pose hahaha :)I looked through all my plates and had to improvise.

Base Only You 015 pink party (Dutch drugstore brand. Stamped with Konad white the roses from FUN13, the "cloud" from BM404, the word love from Pueen43 and created the heart balloons with parts from Nailways Spring Time - Love is in the Air.

Here you can see mine next to the original mani.
This was so fun to do and make sure to check out her instagram too.

Thanks for reading.


vrijdag 12 februari 2016

Valentines Day 2016: Love is in the Air

Hi Everyone,

Here another Valentines Day mani I did this week for a contest from Messy Mansion on IG.

Base Catherine Arley stamped with BPS black, BPS dark/wine red, MdU 25 and 55. Plates are Messy Mansion MM03 (love couple, words and hearts) and MM24 (fulll nail writing). Again inspired by a mani I've done in 2014.

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Valentines Day 2016: Love Letters

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for a while, lots have been going on. But I have been doing my nails ofcourse :) maybe not as much as before. I have a lot to catch up but I'll start with my most recent mani. Will post my older ones later too.

I did these for a Valentines contest on IG and the theme was Love Letters. With on my ring finger a love letter and on the rest of my nails birds delivering the letters, roses and hearts. 

Base Sixteen matte 646 did a saran wrap with Konad white MdU 25 and 55. And on my ringfinger I used a little grey too Catrice C01 Pebble Beach. Stamped with Catrice Rock-O-Co C01 L'Ombre A Sanssouci, BPS black, MdU 55, 8, 32 and Konad white. Plates MoYou London Scholar 02 (writing and feathered pen), Suki 03 (the letters and small hearts), Mother Nature 01 (hearts and birds) and Mother Nature 05 (roses, leaves, branches, birds and fountain).

I later made it matte with China Glaze Magic matte.

I think I liked it better matte what do you think?

Thanks for reading.