zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: World Cup final Beesies nails (World Cup 2010)

Tomorrow the European Cup Final is played. Too bad we are not playing like we did 2 years ago in the World Cup Final. During the World Cup (and European Cup) you got all kinds of stuff when you went grocery shopping. At the supermarket I usually go you got Beesies, some wormy little furry creatures in the Dutch colors. They were really populair.
So I made Beesies nails :)
Base OPI Alpine Snow, selfmade water decals of Beesies. Stamped with Konad M79 and SN red and blue the stripes. And M49 SN blue the word World Cup.

To bad we did not won back then, but it was better then how we did this year at the European Cup. Soccer/Football month is now over let's go back to Summer nails :)


woensdag 27 juni 2012

Soccer/Football Month: Feet, Flags and Balls (World Cup 2010)


Like I said before it is still soccer/football month even though Holland is already home ;) We really sucked this year. But I had fun making supporting nails. These nails I made in 2010 for the World Cup. We did it better back then ;)

Base is Golden Rose Holographic no 111. A rusty orange kind of holo polish, Stamped with Konad SN black, white, red, blue. And imageplates M49 world cup, balls, flags and GCOCL B02 for the feet. Did not turned out really neat but they were okay for one match.

Here a swatch of the base color:
I love these tiny bootles of Golden Rose, they are cute :)


donderdag 21 juni 2012

Happy Birthday to me: Dutch Island Texel nails

Hey Everyone,

Today is my birthday :) And the day the Summer officially starts here in Holland. Normally I make some sort of tropical summer nails on my birthday, but I had no time for something like that this year. So that is why I want to show you some typical Holland beach scenery/landscape nails I made in November 2011. I went to one of our Dutch Wadden Islands called Texel. It was really cold and windy there (almost winter) but also very pretty and we had fun. I do plan on making something like this today on my nails for one of the other islands..Terschelling.

It still is Soccer/Football month here, even when Holland isn't in the game anymore ;) I still have some older World Cup creations to show you. And a lot of other countries are still playing so you can always get inspired to make something in different colors for your own country :) But since today is my B-day I wanted to show you something else ;)

Base China Glaze Kaleidoscope: It's my turn, Let's do it in 3D and Kaleidoscope Him Out (on some a littel bit of He's going in Circles)  Selfmade water decals of different things you see on the island a beach pole, seals, the lighthouse of Texel, seagulls, a seal and the word Texel. Stampes some feet with HB26 and SN brown, brids in the sky H18 and SN black, clouds M79 and SN white and some grass of M66 and M29 SN green. I colored the seagulls with a Essence nail art pen.

Different light.

 With flash.

On Texel with the actual beach pole in the background.

Here a picture of just the holographic sort of gradient base.
The blue sky, the gray/blue sea, and the golden sand :)

Here some other funny pictures of that short holiday in cold November/December 2011.

My sisters dog Yoshi, my big sister and me on the boat to Texel.

Me at the large and windy beach with the beach pole ;) You can see sand waves of the wind ;)

Yoshi is playing in the sand :)

At Ecomare the seal rescue/care center.

Look at those cute big eyes...soo sweet.

 Feeding the seals and the seagulls are trying to steal the fishes.

Walking to the lighthouse to climb it.

View from the top of the lighthouse.

 The lighthouse.

My boyfriend is lifting the lighthouse..LOL.

I look ridiculous (like a penguin) but it was sooo cold, and my hair flew away ;)  I had fun walking in the foam on the beach. And Yoshi the dog loved to chase the flying foam

It almost started to rain.

 Sometimes having long hair is annoying :P hahaha.

In the harbour with sunset, a seagull just flew away.

It was a lovely trip even though it was cold and rainy, we had fun :)

Hope you liked reading this blog post, it will also give my foreign readers an idea of our country :)

Can't wait to go on my next short trip to one of the other Dutch Wadden islands soon, since it is Summer the weather should be nicer, but I am affraid it is also going to rain....well that is Holland ;)

I was really happy with these nails. They are probably one of my favourites ever, so that is why I wanted to show them to you on my birthday :)


zondag 17 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Orange, Red, White and Blue feet (European Cup 2012)

Hello my lovely readers,

Tonight is Holland's 3rd match againt Portugal. Since we lost our first 2 I wasn't sure if I wanted to make Holland nails agains, but then I heard there still was an option that we could make the second round....of we win with 2 goals difference. And if Germany wins from Denmark.

I went to Germany yesterday so I did not want to make very noticable orange nails :P So I did make Holland football nails but not really football nails ;)

Base is Color Club Worth the Risque a silver holo. Stamped with Konad SN orange, red, white and blue. Imageplate M45 for the french tip dots (balls) and GCOCL B02 for the feet. And on my thumb I made a flag made out of a feet with HB26.

Hope we will win, but I seriously have my doubts.

I will have some other soccer/football creations to show you no matter if we loose or not ;)


vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Yoshi can kick some balls (Word Cup 2010)

Hi everyone,

I made these for the second match in the World Cup in 2010. I so love Yoshi from Nintendo, it's my favourite Nintendo character. My sisters dog is called Yoshi too. So I wanted to make some supporting soccer/football nails with Yoshi.

Base is OPI Seagullible. And self made water decals of Yoshi kicking some footballs :) Stamped with Konad M60 and SN red, white and blue. Finished with a layer of China Glaze wireless holographic topcoat.

A cute Yoshi stuffed animal.

 Look at those sweet faces :)

Are you already tired of my soccer/football mani's? Or do you like the theme? I still have a few more to show you :)


dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Orange Lions (from Miffy) against Germany (European Cup 2012)

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow Holland is playing against Germany. Since we lost our match against Denmark we really must win this, but I am affraid the Germans are gonna kick our ass :( Like I said in my previous blog...2 years ago against Brazil I had a Brazilian polish as a base and that brought us luck. So for the match tomorrow I decided to use a German base polish ;) So everything is in balance :P hahaha hope it will bring us luck again :)

Base P2 Ship Ahoi 010 pure white with a coat of P2 Divine. Self made water decals of the lion from Miffy. And french tips stamped with Konad M88 and SN pastel orange.

I really hope we beat Germany (sorry for my German followers ;))

Here some funny pictures from me in some crazy supporting lion outfits that I had on the last match against Denmark.

Hahaha you are allowed to laugh LOL :P


maandag 11 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Dutch Lions against Brazil (Wold Cup 2010)

These nails I made in 2010 for the World Cup match against Brazil. We really were convinced that we were doomed to loose that match, but we won :)

Base Impala Rocket (a polish from Brazil to keep everything balanced ;)) Sponged orange tips with Konad SN orange and some orange neon glitter on top. Self made water decal of lions with a football (lions are a Dutch symbol from many years ago and now days also used to support our country in soccer/football matches) Stamped stars from Konad M3 using SN red, white and blue.

Using a Brazilian polish as a base brought us luck 2 years ago because we won and we never expected that. Our next match is against Germany....shall I use a German polish as a base this time? I was thinking P2 because that is unlike Essence and Catrice (who are also German brands) only sold in Germany I believe.


zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Holland football nails with Orange You Hot? (European Cup 2012)

Hello Everyone,

Like I said in my previous post I wanted to make something matching with my toes for Hollands first match today. Normally I match my toes with my hands, but this time the other way around. Because I plan on leaving my toes that way for the upcoming 3 matches.

So I made my hands to same way as my toes :)
Base 3 coats of China Glaze Orange You Hot? from the Summer Neon 2012 collection. I sooo love this orange color. Stamped with M49 and M52 (bigger footballs on my thumb) first in SN white and then I colored them with a Essence pearl white nail art pen. And tried to precisely stamp over it with SN black. On my thumb a selfmade water decal of Hup Holland.

Some funny pictures with Holland supporting lions ;)

My hand and my foot

My feet picture from earlier this week.

And some swatches :)

With topcoat.
I did not cleaned up very wel, so sorry for my bit orange cutticles ;)

For my Dutch readers (and Danish ;)) have fun watching the match tonight!
Also good luck and have fun for my Portugese and German readers who play after our match and are in the same group as Holland.


vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Orange You Hot? Football Toes (European Cup 2012)

Hi everyone,

My feet are already ready for our first match saturday against Denmark. I usually leave polish on my toes longer then on my hands, so think they will last for the upcoming 3 matches (we probably don't play more..yeah I know not optimistic right ;) but we have some tough opponents). As you can see in me previous post I did something similair 2 years ago during the World Cup. I just like these footballs on my toes :)
Base is China Glaze Orange You Hot? from the new Summer Neons 2012 collection. A perfect bright "Dutch" orange ;) Stamped with Konad SN black and M49 and M52. Again first stamped it in white on my big toe and colored it with a Essence nail art pen and stamped over it with black. A selfmade water decal of Hup Holland Hup (means Go Holland/Netherlands Go) it is also part of the lyrics of a Dutch soccer/football song.
I plan on making something matching on my nails for this first match :)
Will show them tomorrow!


woensdag 6 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Football Feet (World Cup 2010)

Today I'll show you my feet I made for the World Cup in 2010 . I did something similair this year, will show them later this week.

Base is Impala (matte fluors) Tech. Stamped with Konad SN black and M49 and M52 on my big toe (stamped in white first and then colored it and stamped again over it in black). Selfmade water decal of WK 2010 (it's short for World Cup in Dutch).


maandag 4 juni 2012

Soccer/Football month: Hello Kitty goes Orange! (World Cup 2010)

Hi everyone,

This weekend the European soccer/football Cup starts, that means making Holland (red,white,blue or orange nails) :) 2 years ago when it was the World Cup I made several Holland creations, but back then I did not had blog. So I thought it would be fun to show you these too in the upcoming weeks and also my new supporting my country nails for this European Cup that I still have to make. I don't expect that we come far, but we play at least 3 games so I think I will make at least 3 new creations :)

This creation I made for our first match in the World Cup in 2010.
Base is China Glaze Glacier and and a white french with China Glaze Snow. Self made water decals of Hello Kitty (gave her an orange "Dutch" dress and a football) Stamped with Konad M44 and SN red and SN blue, so it looks like our red, white and blue Dutch flag.

Here a photo of just the glitter China Glaze Glacier and the french Chine Glaze Snow tips.

Are you (my European followers) making supporting nails for your country for the upcoming European Cup?