donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Happy Halloween :)

Hi Everyone,

Happy Halloween! Today another Halloween mani, again this isn't my current creation. Will show those later, still have 2 more to show you ;) So Halloween on my blog will be a bit longer ;) Hope you don't mind haha.

Like I said before Halloween isn't really celebrated here, but I do plan to go to a Halloween party this Saturday, just like last year :) Me and my sis love Halloween, she also carved a pumpkin. Sometimes we wish we live in the USA ;)

This was a really quick mani I just painted over me neon base lol cause I knew the metallic polishes are opaque in one coat. For this one I've used Konad plates.

Base Flormar Supershine 50 and 47 gradient. Stamped the pumpkin from Konad M13 first with Konad SN yellow (colored it) and stamped over it with Konad SN orange pearl. The cats are from Konad Coraline C01 and C02 stamped in Konad SN black (dotted SN yellow eyes) and the stars are from M14 stamped with Konad SN yellow.

And here a picture of just the gradient base.

I really like these flormar polishes :)

Hope you all have a great Halloween. My sis and I are going to a concert tonight (she got free tickets) but we will dress up saturday for the Halloween party.

Thanks for reading.


woensdag 30 oktober 2013

When witches go riding...ST02 plate :)

Hi Everyone,

Today I'll show you my last mani made with  StampAholics ST02 plate. I've used all the images on that plate the last few weeks :) This time I chose not really Halloweeny colors but some bright neons for the base.

"When witches go riding,  
and black cats are seen, 
the moon laughs and whispers 
'tis near Halloween" 

I also did a matching pedi with this one (cause just had to use the final image I had not used yet)

First both my hands so you can read the words :)

A white base and sponged with China Glaze - Sun-Kissed, China Glaze - Orange you Hot?, China Glaze - Surfin' For Boys and Digital Color Cream Make Me Up - F20. Added INM Nothern Lights silver topcoat. Stamped with Konad SN black and Stampaholics ST02 plate. I mirror stamped the image on my thumb (from stamper to stamper and then om my thumb)

And a matching pedi :)
 Also mirror stamped my big toes.

Close up from my left hand and foot.

Just my left hand.

Both hands.

Close up from my right hand and foot.

And just my right hand (that often just don't want to photograph well, but this day he was pretty nice and worked well :P )

Again both hands.

For those who haven't seen my other ST02 mani's here they are again. So everything is all together in one post. You can click the title to go to the original post.

Again the picture of the plate:

And some quick paper swatches:

Let's share all the info here again too:
- these are bigger round plates 7cm

- the full nail images are 2cm lenght and 1,5cm width (I have a full nail size comparison will post that soon on my blog too)
- the plates cost €5 each
- she ships worldwide from Portugal with tracking number € 3,65 inside Europe and € 4 outside Europe
- You can order these by sending her a private message on her StampAholics facebook page or send her an email at

And I have more good news  for you she also released ST03 another great plate with words and full nail images. You can see both of them here. I haven't made a mani with this plate yet but I will next month ;)

ST03 plate:

I wish you all a Happy Halloween.

Still have some more Halloween mani's to show you this week, I know it is Halloween tomorrow  ;) but still 3 more to show ;)

Thanks for reading :)


maandag 28 oktober 2013

2 Halloween mani's with Nailways Halloween plate

Hi Everyone,

Today I have two mani's to show you :) I have so many images I want to use that last week I decided to make different mani's on my left and right hand :)

Let's start with my left hand.
Base a gradient with 3 holo's a light green franken, Nubar Reclaim and Color Club Revvvolution. Stamped with Konad SN black and SN dark orange (and SN yellow for the dots). Plate Nailways Darker Period- Halloween A-NW00016.

Here some pics of just the gradient.

 I really liked how this gradient turned out :)

And now my right hand, the hand I always have trouble with to photograph or hold my fingers normal haha. So these pics aren't great but you can see the mani (most of it) ;)

Base a gradient with 2 Jade holo's Hypnose and Fascinio Violeta. Stamped with Klean color metallic black (Konad SN yellow for the dots) and all images are from the Nailways Darker Period- Halloween A-NW00016 plate.

Here also some pics of the gradient base.

I had my nails like this for a few days haha. I really like Nailways plates :) They now have 16 of their own plates, divided in 4 sets see their website.

Thanks for reading!


vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

There is a dead man hanging in the tree

Hi everyone,

I hope you aren't getting bored with all my Halloween mani's yet, cause I have still plenty to show you. Already did 12 halloween mani's this year, and plan on doing 2 or 3 more ;) Today another one made with new StampAholics plate ST02 :) This was actually my first mani I've made with this awesome plate (that explains why my nails are long again haha) I was just so in love with the hanging person in the tree haha. And for people who don't like that idea, you could just say it is a huge bat hanging upside down or something like that ;)

Base Color Club Revvvolution, shadow stamped the tree with Color Club Worth the Risque (also made the moon with that) and stamped over that with Konad SN black. Stamped the pumpkins first with Konad SN yellow and colored them then went over it with Konad SN orange pearl. Stamped the bats with Konad SN black. All images are from the Stampaholics ST02 plate.

Here a funny pic with a Halloween lollipop ;)

In case you missed my 2 previous posts here again some quick paper swatches of this plate.

More info about the StampAholics plates see my previous post.

Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice weekend!


donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Grey and red holo gradient with pumpkins...ST02 plate :)

Hi everyone,

In my previous post I showed you the new StampAholics plate ST02 :) Like I said I already made a couple of mani's with it. Today a mani I've made after I cut my nails :)

Base a gradient with Catherine Arley 800 and Color Club Revvvolution. Stamped with Konad SN black and the full nail image from ST02.

Another pic.

And a picture of the gradient base without the stamping.

Again a scanned picture of the entire ST02 plate.
More info see my previous post ;)

Thanks for reading :) I still have many more Halloween mani's to show you :)


woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Cute ghost and StampAholics ST02 plate ♥

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may remember the cute sea/beach themed ST01 plate you can see my mani with that here. I am happy to announce the new Halloween themed StampAholic ST02 plate is now available on her facebook page StampAholics. I have already made several mani's with this plate, so the upcoming days I'll show them all :) I plan on doing one more with this plate later this week, so that I've used all the images on this :)

I also have plate pictures, swatches and more info for you too but first lets start with a mani :)

This was actually my 2nd mani with this plate, but somehow I wanted to show this cute one first haha. I love the little ghost costume. My first mani was more a creepy Halloween mani and this one is more kid appropriate with all the colors and cute images :)

Sponged to base with Konad SN pastel violet and PSN apple green. Stamped with Konad SN black, orange pearl, violet pearl, green and I colored the ghost with white and gold brown. All images from ST02.

I really love this Halloween plate, I love it cause it has so many different things on it. You can make so many different kinds of mani's with it. So let's stop talking and show the plate ;) I have made pictures of it and scanned it.
I always have a hard time trying to take a plate pic without seeing myself in it hahaha. So that is why I thought why don't I just put them under the scanner :)
Look isn't this plate amazing? I love the tree with the hanging person in it ♥ and the full nail and the pumpkins, the bats, the cat, the words...just love everything about haha. It has something for everyone. But I love the words you can always also use the words seperately too, like I did in this mani I only used the word Halloween.

Here some quick paper swatches:

And I have more good news  for you she also released ST03 another great plate with words and full nail images. You can see both of them here. I haven't made a mani with this plate yet but I will next month ;) This month is Halloween month on my blog haha.

Some more information:
- these are bigger round plates 7cm
- the full nail images are 2cm lenght and 1,5cm width (I have a full nail size comparison will post that soon on my blog too)
- the plates cost €5 each
- she ships worldwide from Portugal with tracking number € 3,65 inside Europe and € 4 outside Europe
- You can order these by sending her a private message on her StampAholics facebook page or send her an email at

More info just pm her or sent her an email :)

Stayed tuned for more ST02 mani's this week :) (have 3 more mani's to show you).

If you want to see more now check out her page and you can also read Cristina The Clockwise Nail Polish her review here and Betty Nails her review too here (with some pretty mani's ofcourse) :)

Thanks for reading!


zondag 20 oktober 2013

Who is that knocking in the coffin?

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you a mani I did earlier. As you know my sister won a Bundlemonster create your own set, cause one of her designs was chosen to be on the plates :) She let me borrow her plates for a few weeks so I can make some mani's with it :) And I had to promise her to do a mani with " her" coffin image :) So here it is. My nails are now a lot shorter cause I've cut them this week, but I had to keep them long for this mani otherwise the coffin would not fit on my pinkie ;) haha.

Who is that knocking in the coffin?
It's me.... the skeleton man  Let me out let me out! 
Yes I am almost there just a little bit further. 
Woohoo I am out, you can't catch me. 
Na nana nanaaa.... Happy dance :) 

The base a subtle gradient with Konad SN dark orange and SN pastel orange on top a holo polish Hits No Olimpo Demeter (wish I had more of this collection haha, love it and the Greek signs on the bottle) Stamped my sis her coffin from BM402 in Konad SN black colored them with black and stamped over it in white. Stamped the skeleton man (mostly parts of it) from BM413 in white.

And some pictures of the subtle gradient holo base :)

Later this week I will show you my shorter nails too, and some other Halloween mani's I did earlier too, so some are on my long nails and some an my "shorties" haha.

PS: don't forget to vote for your favorite entry in the Bundlemonster contest see: if you like mine A witching time at night when everything might bite I am on page no 10 ;) You can vote daily on all the mani's you love and there are some pretty amazing mani's there :)

Have a nice Sunday! Thanks for reading.


woensdag 16 oktober 2013

A witching time at night when everything might bite

Hi everyone,

Today I'll show you my Bundlemonster contest entry :) I've made 2 weeks ago and I could not choose which one I wanted to enter in the contest, this one or the The trees get eyes when the moon begins to rise so I posted it in a nail group and the lovely members helped me choose by voting on which one they liked best. And this mani had more votes :)

You can see all the entries of this Halloween contest here. You can vote on all the entries you like and you can vote every day till October 23rd. If you like mine I am on page 10 ;) They are in the order of how they were submitted (I believe) so on page 11 the first entries and page 1 the last entries.

You also had to give it a title so I called them "A witching time at night when everything might bite".   During Halloween everything might be haunted and can get freaky even the cutest things like a bunny. So I made a Halloween scenery where everything is freaky and haunted even a cute bunny that is now "evil".

Sponged the base with 4 Konad stamping polishes SN pastel blue, SN sky pearl, SN blue and SN royal purple, painted the sky (with different colored brush strokes)  the moon, tree trunks and the little cross. Stamped with BM04 (cat), parts of BM12 (leaves, branches), BM13 (cross, bats, witch), BM20 (stars), BM302 (devil bunny haha) and BM305 (pumpkins, house and the part of the devil to make the bunny evil) colored some images and dotted yellow eyes.

I only have the first and 3rd BM set so I had to get creative with the images :)

Here is the direct link to my entry A witching time at night when everything might bite  but you can always look mine up on page 10 :) Remember to vote for all you like (I am also voting for my fellow nail friends who entered) and you can vote every day.
If you are on a phone and it doesn't work try this: I am on page 10.
Thank you so much for reading (and maybe voting too) :)


zondag 13 oktober 2013

I see a ghost :)

Hi Everyone,

Today another Halloweenish mani, the challenge today in AIS was to stamp over a black base. So that was something I liked to do. And I was just testing out some selfmade water decals that were big....not much a success since I could not get the decal flat on my nails. That is often that way with big self made decals cause a decal is flat and my nails are very's like wrapping a ball with paper haha. That is why I usually not make my decals bigger then 1cm. My ghost now has a wrinkle on his head but it kinda makes it extra spooky ;)

Black sponged base, added a self made water decal of a ghost on my ring finger (first sponged with white underneath it). Sponged over the edges with black again to cover the excess white. Stamped with BM301 (the sort of saran wrap stamp) first stamped it with Konad SN white then again over it with Konad SN black.

Another pic with different light.

Have a nice Sunday!

Thanks for reading.


donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Crime Scene (+ BM create your own swatches)

Hi Everyone,

Today a mani that was inspired by all the pretty crime scene nails I've seen lately (when the new BM set was released). I am not sure if I already told you guys that one of my sis her designs was chosen for this set, so she got a free set (she only stamps her toes and other stuff but she is a nailbiter just like I was). So I asked if I could swatch the plates for her and borrow the set for a few weeks. So I had to use some of the images now that I have this set temporarily in my possesion :) Who knows when she wants it back ;) I also used some of my still untried Nailways images :)

Base P2 Sun Love 040 Summer Rain, stamped with Konad SN wine red. Finger and shoe prints from Nailways Snowwhite A-NW00003 Traces. Blood drip from BM405 and caution tape from BM421.

And a swatch of this polish that I have for many years but never used it as a full mani (only saran wrapped with it).

I quickly tested all my sis her plates on paper. They all stamp great, the mistakes you see are my own fault ;)

All of them :)

BM401- BM407 (in case you were wondering the little coffin on BM402 is from my sis)

 BM408 - BM414

 BM415 - BM420

BM421 - BM426

Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice day.


maandag 7 oktober 2013

The trees get eyes when the moon begins to rise!

Hi Everyone,

Today I'll show my first Halloween nails of this year. I love Halloween even though it isn't really celebrated here. I've made these last week together with another Halloween mani, and I could not choose which one to enter in the Halloween contest, so I asked members of a FB group they chose the other one (will show them later this week or next week).

"The trees get eyes when the moon begins to rise"
Sponged base (Konad pastel orange yellow, dark orange, cool red and added some brush strokes to get a sky effect and a little foggy around the trees) colored the moon, drew the tree trunks and stamped the branches and leaves with parts of BM12 with Konad SN black and added some yellow dots as eyes. The Jack O on the moon is from BM305. I was a little proud of myself that I drew the tree trunks and moon haha cause I hardly freehand stuff (I know it were just lines but still, lines are hard for me too :P )
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness

Hi Everyone,

October is breast cancer awareness month, and I saw that today a lot of people were doing a pink mani to honor that and bring more attention to breast cancer. My grandma had breast cancer so I really wanted to join today with all the awareness mani's, I think it's important. I know there is an inlink code or something but I have no idea how that works. So today a short post with my pink ribbon nails.

Sponged with Konad SN white, SN pastel pink, SN Magenta. Stamped with Sally Hansen 220 Flashy Fuchsia and BM321 and BM324 and added a neon pink stud. I had my neon studs for a long time now but never used them so I thought I add one. In real life you see it brighter and better.

Edit: loooook Nail art of the week.
So cool and I love Dimpal her textured mani a lot and with the pink stud it feels like we are nail sisters haha (hers look better tho on the white ;))
Have a nice weekend!

Thanks for reading and remember to check your breasts.