dinsdag 27 mei 2014

"Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees...."

Hi Everyone,

"Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees 
and the flowers and the trees,
the moon up above, 
and the thing called love." 

A few weeks ago there was this contest from Above The Curve and the theme was Spring is in the air.  In the Spring lots of animals/people fall in love so I wanted to do a cute Spring scenery where 2 snails fall in love  :) You know how much I love doing sceneries/landcape nails all done with stamping. I always have so much fun making these. 

Base a white from P2 sponged with Born Pretty Store BK 06 and BK 02 glow in the dark polishes. Added a subtle Spectraflair topcoat on top. Used many plates HB34 (bee), Moyou Mother Nature 01 (hearts, grass, flowers, butterfly) and 02 (flowers) Moyou Suki 10 (grass), Moyou Princess 04 (snails), Nailways Snowwhite Weather Forecast (clouds) and Nailways Vive la Vie Beach Baby (kite). Using Konad SN dark orange, orange pearl, green, black, white, pastel violet, sky pearl, yellow, red and Klean color metallic white.

And another picture with different light.

And a pic of just the gradient glow in the dark sponged base.

I was happy with how this mani turned out. While I was making it the song about the Birds and the Bees got stuck in my head and now I hope you have that too haha ;)

The see all the other entries in this fun contest click here. And also check out their beautiful polishes I can stop drooling on those holo's (don't own any but my nail friends do and when they post their mani's I am like woooow soooo pretty :) )

Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day :)


vrijdag 23 mei 2014

World Turtle Day....hatching turtle eggs

 Hi Everyone,

Today is World Turtle Day :) I did not even knew there was such a thing, but now I do. Thanks to Nailpolis. They have a World Turtle Day challenge there (so many super cute and beautiful mani's). As some of you may remember about 1,5 years ago I went to Zakynthos on holiday. Zakynthos is a Greek island well known for the "Caretta Caretta" turtle (also known for partying but that was the reason I was there haha) There are many hatching beaches there. During our vacation we learned a lot more about these turtles and even got to see them swimming in the ocean. You can see all the turtle manis and my holiday pics in previous blogposts (search Greece + turtle). I still haven't blogged about one of the 3 turtle mani's I did back then (told you still soo many mani's to show LOL) I did share all my previous turtle manis in the Nailpolis challenge, but ofcourse I also wanted to do a new turtle mani.

I think turtles are amazing animals. So I did a mani with little baby turtles hatching from their eggs finding their way into the big blue ocean. One little guy already made it (middle finger) and is under water :) From all the eggs that actually hatch only a few make it into the ocean. And even if they make it, their chances of survival aren't that big either. Poor little baby turtles. 

I've been wanting to do this mani ever since I got my Stampaholics ST01 plate..now almost a year later I finally did it for this challenge :)  

I used a nude with golden shimmer from Catrice (very old can't see the name anymore) for the beach. Sponged with Konad pastel blue over it and white in between the water and the sand. Sponged over the pastel blue with a shimmery blue from Catrice C02 Never green before to give it more of a water effect with the shimmer and some places a little darker.  

Used Konad SN white to stamp the broken/ hatching eggs made with parts of Nailways Spring Time Easter Bunny plate A-NW00006. The shells in the water and on the beach are from HB46 (colored over them with Kleancolor Metallic white for the shimmer pearly shell effect. And ofcourse the dark green (Konad black mixed with moss green) cute little baby turtles are from Stampaholics ST01 plate <3  I freehanded the little starfishes with a self made coral stamping polish :)  

I was a little inspired by my nail friend Aasta her beach mani she gave me the idea to sponge white between the ocean and the sand.

I took some more pictures in different light.

I know not everbody likes these sceneries on their nails, but I do and I just enjoy making them. 

ST01 is also still one of my favorite plates, if I am correct she will be expecting new stock and her fourth ST04 plate next month.

Happy World Turtle Day and have a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading :)


woensdag 21 mei 2014

In the Mood Ditsy with Messy Mansion lace and BPS rhinestones

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I had some money to spend on nail goodies :) And I really wanted some Messy Mansion plates. There plates are amazing and I only had one and that one was lonely haha. One of the plates I ordered was MM44 the new lace plate. Ofcourse when I got it I had to play with it :) Also the challenge last Sunday in AIS was over a pink base so lace over a pink base it is :) I also got the free rhinestone wheel from Born Pretty Store (some weeks ago if you shared the info and pic about their new rhinestone wheels, you could get a free wheel and I received it) I used some of these too, more about that wheel below.

I love mood polishes and In The Mood Ditsy was still one of my untrieds, and I thought how cool would the color changing look under the lace. They I have dark pink nail with white lace when my hands are cold and light pink when there are warm. It sure makes doing the dishes more fun :)

Well let's show you all the pictures (I took a lot cause it is so much fun to play with water and mood /thermal polishes).

First some pics of the final mani.
Base In the mood Ditsy (a mood/thermal polish that changes from darker to lighter pink). Stamped with Messy Mansion M44 and Konad SN white and added some rhinestones from BPS. Here you can see my tips are a little darker then the rest.

And a pic of my entire hand.

Playing with warm and cold water (ring finger and index are warm and pinkie and middle finger are cold).

And some more playing with water pictures before I added the rhinestones.


 Normal warm nail bed cold tips.

Pinkie and middle finger cold, ring finger and index warm.

And some swatches of this mood polish.

Warm nailbeds and cold tips

Index and ring finger cold and middle finger and pinkie warm.


This is how it look like "normal" most of the time, not completely warm nail beds but you do see a subtle gradient.

 And here my nails are warm.

And a wheel with the rest of my InTheMood polishes :)

Also a little review about the Born Pretty Store rhinestone wheel I received. When I first opened the envelop I was confused since I could not see how to open the wheel. It wasn't like the other wheels I have.

Normally you turn it until the opening is above one part of the box but as you can see there isn't an opening ;)
 So I fugured it had to be a sliding system, but it was hard to actually slide it (I did manage to slide it open though) When my boyfriend came home I gave him the wheel and asked him how do you open it haha. At first he was like what? And also looked a little strange and looked closer and said slide it but also could not get it to slide open at first. The postive thing about it is it closes really well, you don't have to be afraid it might accidently slide open .

What I don't like about this kind of wheel that when it is finally open all the little boxes are open too not just one piece. So if you knock it of your table you have a lot of picking up to do :P instead of usually only one box.
But the quality if the rhinestones are really good, sometimes when you put topcoat on it they loose their shine but that did not happen. And they stayed well on my nails only using topcoat to apply them.

So while this kind of wheel is a little unusual to me and do like the stones. And thank you BPS for sending all those people a free wheel.

Thank you all for reading/watching :)


donderdag 15 mei 2014

Spring Blossom and Butterflies

Hi Everyone,

The theme last Sunday in AIS was Spring, so ofcourse I wanted to participate. I decided to use some holo's from  Catrice to make a gradient base. I really like the Catrice holo's, the holo effect isn't that strong but I like how subtle it is. Too bad all their holo's are always limited editions.

Gradient with Catrice Luxury Lacquers Holomania: C04 Plum Me Up Scotty, C02 Apholo 7 and C03 Holo In One. Stamped with Moyou Suki 08 and Konad SN black, colored over the images with Konad SN white, SN pastel blue, SN pastel pink, SN pastel violet.

And a picture of both my hands :)

Also made some pics of just the gradient base. I really was happy with this gradient.

Lol it is hard to hold 3 bottles ;)

This mani kinda reminded me of this one also used the same sort of colors and branches with flower/blossom :)

Thanks for reading.


zaterdag 10 mei 2014


Hi Everyone,

Sunday (tomorrow) it is Mother's Day. Seeing all those commercials, advertisements and interviews about moms and their kids makes me a little extra sad and teary. My mommy is an angel and with days like this I miss her even more. As most of you know she died waaay too young with Christmas 2,5 years ago :(

The nail art challenge theme in different groups this week was Mother's Day, so I made an Angel in Heaven with blue sky, white clouds and hearts. Wishing her a Happy Mother's Day in Heaven. I love doing something special for her.

Base P2 Satin Supreme 050 royal residence. Stamped the full nail clouds with Konad SN white and Moyou Artist 10 also used that plate for the Angel. The small hearts are from Moyou Mother Nature 01 and the bigger heart from FUN7, the word mom in the heart is from Moyou Biker 08. And the words "Happy Mothers Day in Heaven” are made from the titles of the Moyou plates....well that was so difficult to do pffffff. Stamped the letters on a ziplock baggy to make a stamping decal from it, so hard to line them up. Used Konad SN black, SN red, SN white and a nude color from Impala that I forgot the name of for stamping and coloring.

I did not really liked my thumb with the winged heart but I did take a picture of it.

 Used Messy Mansion MM03 for the heart, Moyou Roxy 01 for the wings and FUN12 for the word mom.

And ofcourse a swatch of the base polish.
I really liked the satin finish in this.

This mani is for all the mommies who are Angels <3

Have a nice weekend and lovely Mother's Day, give your moms an extra hug from me.


vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Hits Mari Moon So Unique with simple nail art

Hi Everyone,

Today someday I did a few months ago, but still haven't blogged about it. I had this polish for a while but never used it, don't know why, cause I love it. Maybe I was afraid to use it cause it is such a small bottle ;) I did some simple stamping on it.

Base Hits Mari Moon holografico So Unique, stamped with Color Club Worth the Risque and Winstonia W112. Stamped the flower from Winstonia W104 and a self made stamping polish.

And another picture with my thumb.

And some swatches of this pretty polish.

Thanks for reading! (watching cause I haven't typed much lol).


maandag 5 mei 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Hi Everyone,

I did these a week ago for some of the FB challenges, they had the theme Cinco de Mayo and I love doing themed nails :) So ofcourse I googled what Cinco de Mayo meant and I had some special plates for this holiday too.

Today may 5th we here in Holland celebrate our Liberation Day, that means all kinds of Liberation music festivals across the country :) Will show you those nails later this week ;)

Sponged the ring finger in the Mexican flag colors with Konad SN green, SN white, SN red. The gradient on the rest is Essence Cherry Blossom Girl 01 Fortune Cookie, Konad SN orange pearl and P2 Summer Love LE 020 Summer Affair. (I loved this gradient) Plates Winstonia Store W211 (pinkie) and Bundle Monster BM H24 (the rest).

And a pic of the gradient (forgot to take pic and I already stamped my ring finger).

Happy Cinco de Mayo for those who celebrate and Happy Liberation Day for the Dutchies ;)

Edit: I was featured together with the amazing Nicky at Nailart of the week on Bundle Monsters' facebook. So honored and proud.

Thanks for reading!


vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Flowers and Skull

Hi Everyone,

The challenge in different nail groups this week is Cinco de Mayo...it did another mani for this. Will blog about those next week. But later this week I did these nails and they also have a "Mexican" feeling to it with the sugar skull :) I really like this skull it is one of my favorite Bundle Monster plates.

Orly Basket Case, stamped with Konad SN white and BM 205 for the flowers and added a little pink and yellow color. The skull is from BM 413 stamped with Konad SN black colored with SN white and a little pink and added neon orange studs as eyes.

Here a swatch of the mini Orly Basket Case.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice weekend.