maandag 31 december 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

Hello my lovely readers,

This is my last post of 2012, my New Years Eve nails. Hope you all have a great NYE and don't forget a safe one too. Wish you all the best for 2013 and of course with lots of polishing, stamping and other nail art ;)
Base Flormar Supershine Miracle colors U06...pretty shimmer duochrome purple color...hard to capture. Stamped with Nailways Snowwhite New Years plate A-NW00004 using Konad SN white, SN pastel violet, SN pastel yellow, SN pastel green, SN pastel pink and SN pastel blue.

At exactly midnight I can show everyone my middle ;)

Also some swatches, but really this polish is prettier in real life.
Thanks for reading.
Happy New Year!

zaterdag 29 december 2012

Fashion Inspired: Fairy stars dress

Hi Everyone,
Today I`ll show you another Fashion Inspired creation. Since it is almost New Years Eve I choose something a bit over the top :) a starry fairy dress. Thought it would be fun for this time of year ;)

Base Color Club Pucci-licious with a layer of Golden Rose Paris magic 307 and black tips with Beauty UK Midnight Minx black. Stamped with Konad SN pastel violet and imageplate M84 (on the tips) and M11.
 The nails.
 The fairy dress.
And a picture of just the base without the stamping.
The shimmer from Golden Rose Paris magic 307 was really hard to capture and some how looked a little streaky on the photo. But in real life it was prettier ;)

I mad these for Konad Irelands Fashion Inspired contest. There are only a few entries so far and still a couple of days to you should all enter too :) it is so much fun to do Fashion Inspired nails. And making them with only Konad is a challenge too ;)

Enjoy your Saturday!

vrijdag 28 december 2012

New Years Eve nails from the last years

Hi Everyone,
I thought let's show you my New Years Eve nails of the last couple of years. Still have to think of something for this year, not yet sure about the base color.
Here you see them all together.
Let's start with my New Years Eve nails from last year 2011. I did not wanted to use the word "Happy" then since my mom just died...and happy was the last thing on my mind. I posted these nails in this blog post, where also wrote about my mom :( and showed the nails I made for the funeral.
 Base China Glaze Ruby pumps. Stamped some sort of fireworks with XL plate F and China Glaze 2030, Essence stampy silver and Konad SN white. The letters 2012 are from M20 and M12 of Konad big demo plate.
And now my New Years Eve nails from 2010 :) You can see the swatches and more pictures in this blogpost.
Base Sally Hansen - 16 Blue it, on top I did a coat of CND effects Crimson sparkle. I stamped the fireworks with BM20 and Konad SN pastel violet, pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel orange and PSN apple green. Used the numbers from the sides of plate M20 and M11.The word Happy from M43 in different Konad SN pastel colors. For my thumb I used M46 for the word happy and the numbers from the big demo plate.
And also my New Years Eve nails from 2009. My nails were really long then. You can see more pictures in this blogpost.
Base China Glaze Eyes like Sapphires. Stamped with Konad SN silver little stripes from M72. The firework flowers with SN pastel blue and white M54. The text Happy with SN pastel blue and M43. For my thumb I used M46 for the text and M38 for the glasses. The numbers I made with the numbers on the side of imageplates M20 and M10 on the big demo plate.
Of course I will show my New Years Eve nails that I make this year too, but I think that will be Monday.
Thanks for reading enjoy your weekend!

woensdag 26 december 2012

My sad gray Mommy memorial Christmas nails :(

Hi Everyone,
Today it's been exactly a year that my mom was 2nd Christmas day 2011. So I decided to make some less happy Christmas nails for Christmas. I've been making happy nails for a couple of weeks already and I really wanted to make these now for my mommy, cause I don't feel happy at all. And as you know I love doing my nails for special things/themes/occasions. And I really like making sort of landscape/scenery nails too.
I did a black, gray, white gradient for my zebra fashion nails and I really like that, so I decided to do it again but then the other way around, so black tips instead of black at the cuticles. It gives the whole scene a bit of dramatic, sad feeling, but to make a little more sparkly for Christmas I added a holographic topcoat.
Base a gradient of Essence 50's girls reloaded 01 Ahoy, Catrice 01 Pebbles Beach and Beauty UK Midnight Minx black. Added a layer of Chine Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat. All the snowflakes (bigger and little) are from HB23 stamped with Konad SN white. The rest is stamped with Konad SN black.

Pinkie: trees from Nailways Snowwhite Christmas A-NW00002 plate.
Ring finger: cross from Konad S2, tree from HB33, cute snow bunny from HB38.
Middle finger: big tree HB012, small tree HB33.
Index: snowman from BM318 (I gave him a sad face), tree HB33.
Thumb: the sort of tombstone is actually the slot machine from Konad M48 that I colored in and painted a little cross on top, tree is from HB33 and the word mom and 2011 are made with the numbers and letters on the side of Konad M20 and M11.
Here another picture.

And some swatches of the gradient base.
I like this gradient.

And also a picture of Danbo in my mommy's memorial corner.
With the funeral thank you card (where she is watching the endless sunset in Greece), my little urn with Greek signs, her picture and the funeral card we designed our selves (she took this picture herself on Santorini).

Hope you all have a great Christmas.


maandag 24 december 2012

Merry Christmas from Mickey and Disney friends ;)

Hi Everyone,
Let's start by wishing all my lovely readers a wonderful Christmas (Eve). Although I don't really feel up to it, we will have to make the best of it, but I do really miss my mom :(

I made these nails Friday, I am currently busy making new Christmas nails so I just removed these ;) But these were on my nails this weekend when I went Christmas shopping with my sister to Maastricht and Valkenburg (there you have Christmas markets in the marl caves that is always very pretty). My boyfriend had to work the whole weekend :( so he couldn't come so it was a sisters only day :) It was a really fun day but we were totally soaked from the rain :( I will also show some pictures of our trip and Danbo who went with us ;) Most of the time we spent in the train..since it is a 3 hours trip from the center of Holland to the south. But my sis and I always talk sooo much that the time flies by.
Base Essence 50's girls reloaded 01 Ahoy with Golden Rose Paris magic 301 for the golden shimmer over the white base. Stamped with BM301 and SN wine red and SN green. And the Disney cuties are again self made and designed water decals. I added the bone with bow, the Christmas hat, the candy cane, the present and the tree myself.
Here another picture.
Here some pictures of our trip :)
 The laser show at the bridge in Maastricht.
The shopping street with lights and also laser on top of a building.
 The Maas with the laser above it <3
 The otherside also with laser on the big screen.
Danbo went with us ;) He liked the laser show and  "mommy" the Christmas angel is in the back ;)
After shopping in Maastricht we went to Valkenburg to visit the Christmas market inside the marl caves. At the entrance there were some Disney characters at display :)
Captain Hook with Peter Pan.
Me with Baloo bear :)
 Pic without flash on night stand, this is how it really look liked...with the blue/green glow.
Totally soaked me with Pooh bear <3
 Mickey, Scrooge McDuck and Goofy.
Danbo and Goofy.
And some more pictures of inside the cave.
 Danbo's eyes are glowing just like all the lights :)
Danbo visited Santa and Rudolph ;)
Danbo found his own little cave inside the cave ;)

Have a nice Christmas Eve and day everyone!
Thanks for reading.

zondag 23 december 2012

Christmas 2011: Winnie the Pooh cuties

Hello Everyone,
Today something from 2011 again. These nails were very special to me I made them while my mom was in the hospital and had surgery. We did not know back then she would never wake up again :( We left the hospital very late that evening and my current nails weren't pretty at all any more and I felt weird standing beside her bed with chipped nails. She wouldn't expect that of me, so really late in the evening I did my nails really quick. When I need to do something quick I always choose a holo polish. I did not bring much nail stuff to my parents place but I did had some decals and plates.
My mom knew I really like Disney so I used these Disney cuties water decals that I made and designed myself. I made them Christmassy adding the stocking, hat, tree, present, candy cane etc.
Seeing these nails makes me sad again, because she never saw them anymore. And I used to love showing my nails every week to my mom. And with these nails I spent a week until 2nd Christmas (the day she died) living in the hospital. We also slept there (well tried to sleep there was one extra bed so we took shifts) and  we only left sometimes to get some food and feed our pets. But my mom and dad's place is only 5 minutes by bike from the hospital. My dad never left and even showered there, the moment she did really died I wasn't there (I was just at home to take a shower) and I blame myself and it makes me mad. Because my sister slept a couple of nights at home because she couldn't leave her dog alone so many nights and nothing happened. And I just left 5 minutes after staying with her all the time and she died and I missed that :( it still feel so bad :( Some people say that maybe she wanted to spare me that final moment of turning really white with blue finger nails, but to me it feels like I let her down and I wasn't there for her and that feeling sucks.

So these nails really remind me of that period :( and are very special to me.
Base China Glaze Sexagon (my favorite silver holo). Self made and designed water decals of the Winnie the Pooh cuties. And stamped the stars from Konad M3 with SN red.

Also something weird, we did decorated the trees at my mom and dad's place and at my boyfriend place while she was in the hospital, because after the first surgery it went well and they were saying that maybe she could be home with Christmas...unfortunately that never happened. The Christmas decorations at my parent's place are always silver and at me and my boyfriends place they are red. So I realized later that these nails represent both colors of both my homes (I offically still live with my parents ;)) and I often decorate my nail room with Disney Christmas stuff.

But this year I decorated the door of out living room with Winnie the Pooh :)

Thanks for reading.
xoxox sad me :(

zaterdag 22 december 2012

Golden holo Christmas nails with red stars.

Hi Everyone,
I made these nails last week, when I removed my Fashion Inspired fail nails ;) I really did like those and removed them the same evening. And like I said when I need to do something really quick I always grab a holo polish....they just dry soooo fast :)
Base China Glaze It's my turn from the Kaleidoscope collection, this was the last one of that collection that I still hadn't used for a full base color. Stamped with Konad SN red and SN black and imageplate A-NW00002 Nailways Snowwhite -Christmas plate.
Another pic.
 And of course some swatches of this very pretty golden holo.
The China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection is my all time favorite collection...I sooo love it.
Enjoy your Saturday!

vrijdag 21 december 2012

Christmas 2011: Nostaligic Christmas

Hello Everyone,
Are you already getting tired of all my Christmas posts? I hope not :)
Today something I made last year in my blogging break before Christmas. I called them Nostalgic  nails, because of the decals....they really look old. I bought these decals, did not made those myself. Later I really found it strange/weird that I made Nostalgic Christmas nails...because my mom died 2nd Christmas day and those Christmases we used to have as a family would never be like that again and already feel a bit nostalgic.
Base OPI Sheer your Toys (pretty grey with really tiny red glitter) water decals (not self made) and stamped with XL plate B and China Glaze 2030.
Another pic with flash.
And some swatches of this OPI polish :)
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice weekend.