dinsdag 31 december 2013

Happy 2014!

Hi Everyone,

For some people in the world it is already 2014 so for those I say Happy 2014 :) I still have to wait a little less then 10 hours before it is midnight here. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve. Be careful with fireworks.

Here are my New Years nails from this year :)

Base Barry M Multi Glitter 333, sponged with Kleancolor metallic green, pink, yellow and blue. Stamped the firework full nail from BM-H14 in these colors on my thumb. Made a stamping decal of the clock on that plate, colored it with Kleancolor metallic yellow and Konad SN white. Stamped the Happy New Year from Nailways Snowwhite - New Years A-NW00004 plate and also the fireworks from that plate with Konad SN white. The numbers are the plate numbers from BM-H20 and BM-H14.  

I figured that when I put topcoat on the white with the sponged metallic underneath it would change color (that often happens with these metallics)...but in this case I don't mind :) and like it.  

A little inspired by a freehand mani from Polish Dept who put color underneath white fireworks.

Some more pictures with different lighting.

And here before I put topcoat on. As you can see the stamping is still white ;)

Wish you all the best for 2014 with ofcourse also lots of polish, stamping and other nail art :)

Thanks for reading!


maandag 30 december 2013

Happy New Years nails from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am currently making my New Year nails for this year but thought I would share the ones I've made all those years. I share them all in one post almost every year.

The top 1st purple one I've made in 2012 see for details this blogpost: Happy New Years Eve!

The 2nd  red one I've made in 2011 but it was in a blogpost about my mom who died and other stuff and mani too. 
The blue 3rd one I've made in 2010 see this blogpost: Happy 2011

And the 4th last one I've made in 2009 (did not had that many plates then but do kind of like these) see this blogpost.

Will post the ones for this year tomorrow :)


donderdag 26 december 2013

Christmas Angels... in loving memory of my Mom ♥

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas with all your loved ones. As you all may remember I’ve lost my mom on 2nd Christmas Day 2011. So that is exactly 2 years ago today. Just like last year I wanted to do something special for her, to honor her. And just because I miss her. This way she is kinda with me/us on my nails (lol I know that probably sounds stupid ;) but I like doing something special).  

I chose to do Angels (or Cherubs or how you want to call them ;)) Cause my mommy is an angel and hope she is looking down from Heaven.  

A nude base from P2 680 glamour. On top of that a white/gold shimmer polish from a really old LE from Catrice called African Beauty C01 Savanna Lodge. Stamped twinkle golden holo stars with China Glaze GR8 and Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01. Made stamping decals from the Angels from Moyou Artist 10 and also from the heart on that plate (removed the arrow). Colored the angels with a  Konad stamping polish mix I’ve made and China Glaze GR8 (also used that to color the heart). Stamped gold and black stars from Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 using China Glaze 2030 and Konad SN black. Stamped the word Mom in the heart from Moyou Biker 08 with Konad SN black.

Here another picture of my nails with different lighting.  

The images are pretty big so they’ve lost most of their wings ;) wish Moyou made these a little smaller, my nails aren’t that width. But I do really like this mani ♥ 

Also a picture of just the base with the holo twinkle stars.  

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you all a wonderful day ♥

Big Christmas hugs  


dinsdag 24 december 2013

Santa goes to Hawaii :)

Hi Everyone,

Today a funny Christmas mani for you :) Santa is on holiday in Hawaii. I wanted to do this mani since I got this plate a few weeks ago.

Santa is enjoying his holiday on Hawaii with presents, a totem pole, a christmas tree, surfboard, stars in the sky, Hawaiian flowers and ofcourse Santa had to catch a wave too ;)

Sponged base with Konad SN pastel yellow, sky pearl, pastel blue (the beach, sea and sky). All stamped with Bundle Monster SE01. Using Konad SN black, red, white, yellow, green, apple green, orange pearl, brown and some neon stripers to color it all. Made stamping decals later colored over the stamping too and dotted.

When I posted this in one of the FB groups yesterday I saw the last A  from Mele Kalikimaka was missing I accidentely removed it, I guess when I removed the rest cause I only needed the words, it was on the plate lol. So I stamped the A later after the word see the pic above. The picture below is without the last A.

And a picture of just the gradient base representing the beach, sea and sky.

I have another fun.crazy Christmas mani on my nails right now, specially made for a nail group. Me and the famous Fab Ur Nails sort have this story where Santa is going. He started on the North Pole with a sleigh full of presents (posted that mani last week), then she did a mani where he visited all kinds of places all over the world, then I did this that Santa is on Holiday in Hawaii, now she is making a new episode of the story and then he ends in the nail group we are both members from and I have that mani on my nails right now, but can't post it yet cause her episode of Santa's journey must be posted first..lol. We have so much fun haha.

I really need this fun, cause as you all know these days are hard for me since my mom died on Christmas day in 2011. So having this crazy fun is a nice distraction :)

Thanks for reading <3


maandag 23 december 2013

Gold, Holo glitter, Santa and Holly

Hi Everyone,

Today just a quick mani I did earlier this week. I haven't done my nails all week and I planned to help my friend yesterday in his new house, painting, putting wallpaper up etc. And my Santa sleigh mani was chipped, I am always afraid my nails break sooner when I have chipped nails or no polish on. So I had to do something fast to make them "job-resistant" ;) And this base polish with glitter made my nails really firm.

Base Flormar 394 (gold with holo glitter) stamped the holly and Santa with MC-02 and MC-06 (cheap no brand plates from Tedi Shop Germany). Made a stamping decal of Santa. Used Konad black, green, red, white and a peachy mix I've made.

Another pic of my hand.

And some swatches of this pretty polish.

I love the polishes from Flormar :)

Thanks for reading.


vrijdag 20 december 2013

Meet Mrs and Mr Penguin Claus

Hi everyone,

I am so behind with blogging (that I still haven't showed all my Halloween mani's haha) but today something I've made a few weeks ago. It is almost Christmas so it is about time I show them on my blog now too. So meet Mrs and Mr Penguin Claus.

Base P2 Denim delight 030 indigo denim. Stamped the snowflakes from Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 with Kiko 401 and Konad SN white. Made stamping decals of the snowman, the pink bow (both also Moyou Festive 01) and the penguin (Moyou Suki 03) Stamped the santa hat with BM214 but that wasn't showing so dotted over it.

And another picof my hand.

Ofcourse some swatches of this pretty base color. It was from the limited edition called denim delight, I bought it a few years ago in Germany. 

I love these kinde of suede finishes, they dry so fast.

I want to wish you all a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.


maandag 16 december 2013

Ho Ho Ho Santa's Sleigh :)

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend we suddenly went to Terschelling for one day and night :) My sis is on holiday there now and we went to visit. So nice to see the island in the winter, I love it there it feels like home. I always feel good there, breathing the fresh air. See pictures of our little one day trip at the end of this post. Of course I first have to share my Santa Sleigh mani :)

I wanted to do this mani, ever since I got the Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 plate. The Santa or the reindeer were to width for my pinkie (tried it) so I had to think of something else. And decided to spread it also on my thumb :) I was very happy with how this mani turned out. Still have this on my nails :)

Gradient sponged base with Konad SN white, SN pastel blue and SN sky pearl. Stamped with Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 (reindeers, Santa and sleigh, North Pole, snowman) and Moyou Mother Nature (aka Landscape) 06 (the trees) And added white snow dots, black eyes and hooves and Rudolphs red nose with a dotting tool. Used Konad SN black, SN red, SN brown, SN green and SN white for stamping/coloring and dotting.

Stamped with multiple colors the North Pole (red and black) and Santa in his sleigh (red, green and black) scraped really carefully so it wouldn't blend much, then I colored the white while the image was on the stamper, added a layer of topcoat over it, let it dry, peeled it off and placed it on my nails. Also made a stamping decal of the snowman, colored with white and red while the image was on the stamper.

I posted these nails friday in a nail group on facebook then I saw I forgot part of the black reins on my index...see picture below. As soon as I saw this I had to stamp it haha.

I mirror stamped my right hand (the reindeer and Santa sleigh) I used my squishy stamper to pick up the image then stamped it on my Konad stamped and then on my nails....you have to be fast but it works for me :)

And a picture of the gradient sponged base.

And a picture of my nails under the Brandaris (the lighthouse on Terschelling).

Like I said we went to Terschelling for one day here some more pics.
 On the boat....beautiful blue sky.

 We saw some seals on the way there.

 The town was decorated with Christmas lights.

 Watching the sunset from observation post.

 See the sun disappear in the sea.

 The moon shining above the harbour.

 My sis and I in the harbour.

 The famous statue.

 The next morning view over the Green Beach <3

 I love walking there.
Yoshi in the forest.

 My boyfriend and I.

 The seagulls on the poles.

 Drinking hot choco in the Walvis (the whale) with a preet view. (also loved all the Christmas ornaments)

Waving my sis and Yoshi goodbye cause she still has almost a week on the island left.

It was a fun 24 hours there, we did a lot, shopping, watching the sunset, going the a small christmas fair, walking in the harbour, going out for dinner, relaxing, going out dancing between the local young people haha, sleeping (not too long), walking in the dunes, forest, beach, drink hot choco...too much for just 24 hours haha.

Thank you for reading...still have plenty more Christmas nails idea, but don't want to take this off ;)


donderdag 12 december 2013

Holiday Memories ♥

Hi Everyone,

Today a special mani for me :) The final week of the Nail Polish Canada Holiday challenge is “Holiday Memories” this can be whatever your favourite part of the holidays is, whatever gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. 

This theme was really special for me, as most of you know I lost my mother on 2nd Christmas Day 2011, so my favorite memories are the ones with my mom.  Especially when she was “playing” Santa and when she was wrapping our presents. Cause me and my sister always knew what was inside the presents just by looking at the shape and feeling it. That is when she started to wrap them inside objects or make strange shapes of the presents.

Like when we got a lipstick she would put it inside a “toilet roll” or using old boxes from other stuff. Then we opened the present and saw a pack of candles, but the real present was inside that box. The weeks before Christmas she spend hours in the addict wrapping the presents. And my dad always mumbled why she would always keep old boxes/packages from stuff….then she would say well it is for Christmas ;) Unwrapping them on Christmas Eve was always so fun ♥ 

This is my favorite Holiday Memory…sure miss those days.  So I did a mani representing these things, with on my ring finger a heart with the word mom and a Santa hat on top, cause my mom was our Santa. And on the other nails different presents. 

Base Color Club winter affair mini Berry and Bright and P2 010 Pure White with P2 260 Divine on top for the shimmer. Gold full nail stamp with Essence A piece of Forever (Pueen 45). Made a stamping decal of a piece of the mom heart (Moyou Biker 08) stamped a Santa hat on top (Winstonia W120). The present are from Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01. Using Konad SN white, SN black and SN red.

And another pic with different lighting.

I really love participating in this 3 weeks challenge :) Like I said I believe I am not eligible for any prizes since I am not in the US or Canada, but I do love entering for the fun. You can vote for your favorite by clicking the link above (also still time to join yourself). If you like mine best I do appreciate it ♥

These days are always extra hard for me, but my mom loved Christmas so I think it is also kind of pretty she died on Christmas day cause she loved that holiday. 

Thank you for reading :)


woensdag 11 december 2013

Keep it Simple ;)

Hi Everyone,

Today a quick simple mani I've made last week. I love the ST03 plate I wanted to another mani with it.

 Base Pupa 402 a dark metallic base. Stamped with China Glaze Sci-Fi and Stampaholics ST03.

And some swatches of the Pupa.

Thanks for reading. You can buy Stampaholics plate by sending her a pm an facebook.


zaterdag 7 december 2013

Christmas tree with decorations

Hi everyone :)

The theme of the 2nd week of the Nail Polish Canada Holiday challenge is: Decorations :)  So I made a Christmas tree and decorations for in the tree :) The ring finger is the tree and the rest are close-ups from parts of the tree ;)  

Base Nubar Reclaim and Different Dimensions Gnarly. Made a stamping decal of the tree from Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01, colored the tree with Nubar Reclaim and stamped all the litte ornaments separately on top of that. Stamped the red bow with BM317, the black strings stamped with part of the santa sleigh with reindeer Moyou festive 01, the blue/silver ball, the snowman, the gingerbread and the candy are from Nailways Snowwhite-Christmas A-NW00002 plate. Made little stamping decals of those. And dotted the yellow garland.  Colors used for stamping and coloring: Nubar Reclaim, Konad SN black, SN white, SN red, SN yellow, SN sky pearl, SN dark orange and a mini Color Club silver (don't know the name).

And here a pic of just the ring finger stamped, I also liked this look but since the theme is decorations I thought let's go a little more crazy on the rest of my nails too ;)

You can all still join :) Like I said last week I just join for the fun cause I believe since I am not in the US or Canada I am not eligible for the prizes. You can see all the entries on their site (see link above) and vote for your favorite. If that happen to be mine, thanks :)

Have a nice weekend!