vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Diagonal french with dots and butterflies

Hello hello,
I once said I have a lot of older mani's that I have never showed on my blog yet or were made when I wasn't blogging (before I started or during my break). As you may have noticed I started showing a lot of my older ones :) Today another older one, made in May 2010.
I wasn't really happy with the result, but did liked the color combo. For this french tip I did use stickers, normally I do it freehand but since this one was diagonal that was really hard for me so I just the top of SMart nail templates.
Base China Glaze French Bliss Oooo la la pink pearl, french China Glaze Snow. Stamped with M60 the dots SN yellow, PSN green, SN sky blue, SN violet pearl and SN pink pearl. Butterflies on tips with M78 sky blue/pop green and pink pearl/violet pearl.
Enjoy your weekend!

donderdag 30 augustus 2012

H&M Lady Luck with nail art

Hi Everyone,
I made these a few week ago. When I saw this polish I fell in love, but I was afraid it would be a sheer one or the duochrome effect would only show up in the bottle. Luckily there were testers in the store and my sister tested it on her thumb....and wow it was sooo pretty. Really changes from green to blue. I just had to buy it. It also stamps pretty cool.
Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble taking good pictures, but if you google this polish you will find better swatches.
The nail art photo also isn't great, it was way better in real life. Base H&M Lady Luck, stamped with Konad SN blue and H11 and Konad SN pastel green and BM316.
Here some swatches, with flash it turned a totally different color, with some light it looked like it had many brushstrokes but that wasn't the case in real life. But I did my best to give you an idea of this ohhh so pretty polish.
On this last picture you can really see the duochrome well on my index finger.

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Revlon scented parfume nailpolish with simple nailart.

Hello hello,

Again an older creation, this one I made in August 2011. My sister bought me a Revlon scented polish. It was my first scented polish. And of course I wanted tot try it. I kept the nail art very simple because I did not wanted to spoil the smell and of course I couldn't add any topcoat.

Base Revlon Scented Parfume - 355 Mad about mango. Stamped with Konad SN white and imageplate M50.

Here a swatch of this yummy mango smelling polish :) I must say after 2/3 days I couldn't smell anything anymore.

Have a nice day!


dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Isadora Graffiti nails with butterfly

Hi Everyone,

These nails are from August 2010. It was my first crack polish and bought it in Germany. I wasn't sure if I liked crack polish, and it felt weird not stamping so I just had to add a small stamp :)

Base China Glaze Sneakerhead, on top Isadora Graffiti nails black. Stamped with Konad SN white and M36.

Here some more swatches without the stamping.

Here some more test swatches.

Also some swatches of just China Glaze Sneakerhead.

Thanks for reading :)


maandag 27 augustus 2012

Color Club Raspberry Rush with kisses

Hi everyone,
Sunday's challenge in Adventures in Stamping FB group was pulsating pink and/or purple. So I decided to make something quick and I wanted to try one of my untried polishes. I chose Color Club Raspberry Rush it smells really sweet. I guess it suppose to smell like raspberry (but I also find it a bit bubble gum like :) I thought of lipstick and kisses that smell like raspberry would be great :)
It didn't turned out the way I wanted with the double stamping over eachother, but it was okay for a day ;)
 Base Color Club Raspberry Rush, stamped with BM303 first with Konad SN white then over it with Teeez Outta Control. The purpleholo on the white was more noticable in real life.
Here also some swatches of Color Club Rasberry Rush. It is always hard to capture bright colors. The first photo is most color accurate.
I like smelling my nails :) They smell so sweet now, must be careful that I don't start with my old habit of biting my nails again ;)

zondag 26 augustus 2012

Fruit Parade / Apple pop 2008

Hello hello,
And today I'll show you my fruity nails from 2008. Made for Apple pop and the Fruit parade. I wasn't stamping very long back then. But I still remember I did liked these nails a lot :)
Base a yellow from GOSH I believe not sure anymore. Do know I threw it away later because it was really thick. Stamped with Konad SN green, SN orange, PSN pysche pink, SN red, SN violet pearl and image plate M55 and M29.
Also some pictures of the Fruit parade 2008



I can't imagine how much work this is...decorating it all with small fruit, seeds and vegetables.
Enjoy your Sunday :)

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Fruit parade / Apple pop 2009

Hi as promised my Apple pop/ Fruit parade nails from 2009. I did not made any in 2010. But you can see mine from last year in my previous post.
I used pre cutted fimo but they were a bit thick so I didn't like that.
 Base is China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya. Fimo slices from different fruit. Stamped with Konad M55 and SN red, SN green, SN brown, SN yellow, SN pastel yellow and SN orange.
Here a swatch of the base color.
Here also some photos of the Fruit parade all the cars are decorated with fruit and vegatables or parts of it like seeds.
I always find it really cool to see how they come with the ideas and themes and they need so many fruits and veggies to make it.
Enjoy the weekend!

Hello Kitty goes to Apple pop 2011

Hi everyone :)

Every year in the second weekend of September we have this music festival called Appelpop (Apple Pop) it's this big free music festival with all kinds of bands. In that same weekend there is also the Fruit corso (fruit parade). So I always make something fruity on my nails. You have seen my previous Fruit parade nails.

In 2011 I made these Hello Kitty apple nails :) The Appelpop logo is a green apple so that is why I chose for green apples.

Base P2 Ship Ahoi! 010 Pure White. Stamped with Konad M55 and PSN apple green and SN green. On my ring finger a self made water decal of Hello Kitty in a bear suit with an apple on her head. On top of everything also over the stamping I added China Glaze wireless Holographic topcoat.

I believe I also have never showed my Apple pop / Fruit Parade nails from the previous years here, so lets do that this weekend :) In 2010 I did not made any because we left for our holiday then. So I will show them from 2008 and 2009.

I must think of something fruity for this years Apple pop festival and the fruit parade :)

Do you remember my Dolphin Sunset nails?
I entered them in a Summer contest. If you like to see all the entries and maybe vote you can do it here:http://nailsandstuff-shannara.blogspot.nl/2012/08/summer-nail-art-contest-pick-your-winner.html My entry is no 8 if you like them ;)
Also while you are there and don't follow her already, she as a great blog too :) with lots of posts.


woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Flowers and Sunglasses

Hi Everyone,

It still is nice summer weather here so I thought time for another summer creation. I made these in October 2011 (now you probably think that it is Fall in October but I just got back from my holiday to Greece and was still in the Summer mood ;)) I also wanted to test some of my new Essence plates. And I got the base polish from my sister who went on a short holiday to the South of Germany.

So I was really still in Summer mood in October...after coming back from my holidays to Greece I never want it to be Fall already. I wasn't really a fan of these nails, but they were okay for a few days :)

 Base Gipsy Queen no 3 with a layer of CND effects Jade Sparkle. Both stamps are from a Essence plate (they are not named or numbered :()Glasses stamped with Konad SN black and colored them a bit with black Essence nail art pen to make them look like sunglasses. Flowers stamped with Konad SN white mixed with Hits Sorvete, yellow dot with Konad SN yellow and dotting tool.

 Under different light.

Here also some swatches.

Here swatches with the CND effects on top.

Thanks for reading/wacthing.


dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Sea nails with self made water decals :)

Hello everyone,

I made these nails last year in the beginning of September 2011 during my blogging break, and I did showed these nails a couple of months ago as a guest post on The Manicured Monkey, you can check this post out here.

I love making sea themed nails, I make at least one sea themed creation every summer but last year I did more then one ;)
Base MOHDA Bermuda-027 with a coat of CND Effect Sapphire Sparkle. Stamped with H20 using China Glaze LOL (from the OMG collection). And I made water decals of different sea creatures.

Sort of matching toes with just some bubbles from H20.

Some swatches of this pretty Brazillian base polish :) This is 3 coats.

Different lighting.

A close up with CND Sapphire Sparkle on top.

Enjoy your week!