zondag 13 september 2015

Parrot Polish with lace stamping from my first Marianne nails plate

Hi everyone,

I recently got my first Marianne nails plates so ofcourse I had to try them out. I love trying new stamping brands. I also had one of my untrieds Parrot Polishes so it was time to use that pretty one too.

I did not wanted to cover up a lot of this pretty polish so I used this amazing lace stamp that still shows a lot of the base.

 Parrot Polish Anne Cormac a beautiful duochorome or maybe even multi chrome holographic polish. Stamped with Konad SN black and Marianne Nails no 27.

Also a swatch of this gorgeous polish.

It is such a pretty polish..I am in love.

Thanks for reading.


donderdag 3 september 2015

Ladyqueen review: HeHe 055 plate over a gradient base

Hi Everyone,

I recently received some products from Ladyqueen as you all know I love stamping so I got a pretty plate Hehe 055 and this silver knuckle ring. And ofcourse I had to do a mani with it. So let's show the mani first and then a close up of the plate.

Look at all those cute little toys. The base is a gradient with  Lime Crime Lavendairy, Once in a Blue Mousse and Crema de Limon. Stamped the images from Hehe 055 and used MdU 5 for stamping. I really liked how cute this was. 

Now here a close up of the Hehe 055 plate.You can find it on Ladyqueen under this name NA0587 Nail Art Stamp Template. 
 Look at all those tiny toys those images are great as as a full nail but you can also use them as single images, they are a great size for small kids nails or use them to create a scene :) And all the icecream, pie, cupcakes looks yummy too. I really like the party flags too. Think this is a great plate with lots of options to make different mani's. And the quality is great too.

Here a picture of the gradient base. I really like these pastel colors.

As you can see on the first picture I also have the knuckle ring on my finger, you can find it on Ladyqueen under this name SP0420 Knuckle Ring. I have never wore a knuckle ring before so I had to get used to it but will show it more often on mani's :)

Ladyqueen sells lot's of other plates and nail art stuff and also jewelry on more beauty related items. If you use the code: NQLC15 you will get 15% off (also see the banner at the side of my blog). They also have these Flash Sale items make sure to check them out :)

You can als find them on facebook, instagram and Google+

Thanks for reading.