maandag 30 april 2012

Happy Queens Day (Koninginnedag)

Happy Queens day for my Dutch readers ;)

Ofcourse I made some Queens day nails this year. Although I don't really like the combination of our red/white/blue flag colors and orange I always do it with Queens day our during the soccer European/ World cup when our country is playing ;) And on Queens day it can never be too crazy.

Base is Rio de Janeiro from W.I.C. by Herome, I found that a little bit to common and peachy so I added Impala matte fluors Tech, a really bright orange. So bright that I couldn't capture it correctly on the photo. I guess my Q-day nails also had something Brazilian, one polish with a Brazilian name and the other one is from Brazil. Stamped with Konad PSN gold black and imageplate BM08 some crowns. And also with SN red, white, blue some small flowers on my tips from M37.

My previous Q-day creations from over the years ;)
Some of them are soooo ugly ;)

Here a swatch of Rio de Janeiro from W.I.C. by Herome.  

And some swatches when I topped it with 2 layers of Impala matte fluors Tech. Like I said I just couldn't capture the true brightness :(

Finally I funny photo of me with my bright nails and my little crown ;)

We were walking to Utrecht city to celebrate Queens day night and came across this mill, I just couldn't resist such a typical Dutch photo ;) Like I said before not entire Holland looks like this and we also don't all wear clogs ;) Here you can also see better how bright my nails are.

On the adventures in stamping group the challenge was Queens day too, I want to thank all the non Dutch people who participated it was so much fun to see the girls from all over the world make Queensday nails with our national colors.

Have a nice week everybody.


woensdag 25 april 2012

♥ Spring Showers and April Flowers ♥

Hi everyone,

Today I'll show you a Spring Showers and April Flowers creation. This is one of my favourite creation I ever made :) It's a mani and pedi on both hands and feet. I made this for the contest of OCnailart on their facebook page. It was one of the the rules that it had to be on both hands and feet. It's an all Konad contest so only imageplates from Konad are used to make this. And the theme is Spring Showers and April Flowers. In springtime you need the showers for the flowers, so I made a happy spring flower landscape/scenery and on my ring finger a spring shower ;) with rain and dark clouds.

First my left hand.
The base is Essence You Rock 05 Speed of Light Blue (sky) and OPI Bikini Envy (grass) on top of those there are holo polishes (I just love holo) Nubar Absolute (sky) and Golden Rose Holographic 115 (grass). The ring finger is a mixed of Catherine Arley with Nubar Absolute (darker sky) and Nubar Reclaim with Golden Rose Holographic 115.

I'll try to explain finger by finger what I've used for stamping.

Pinkie: M23 for the plants with orange flower (SN green and SN dark orange), M32 for the white flower with leafs (SN white and SN green) M78 for the butterfly (SN blue and PSN psyche pink) and M79 for the clouds (SN white). With a dotting I made the SN dark orange dot in the white flower.

Ring finger: M13 (the blood drops) for the rain (SN royal purple), M29 (the top of the pineapple) for the grass (SN green), M32 for the flower with leafs (PSN cool red and SN green), M79 for the clouds (SN white mixed with SN black) and Konad Coraline imageplate C05 for the mouse (SN black). With a dotting I made the SN yellow dot in the red flower.

Middle finger: M29 (the top of the pineapple) for the grass (SN green), M32 for the 4 flowers with leafs (SN dark orange, SN white, PSN cool red), M66 for the higher grass (SN green), M79 for the clouds (SN white) and Konad Coraline imageplate C01 for the sun (SN yellow). With a dotting I made the SN yellow and SN dark orange dots in the flowers.

Index: M5 for the dragonfly (SN blue and SN pink pearl), M23 for the plants by the water (SN green),M29 (the top of the pineapple) for the grass (PSN olive green), M66 for the lily pad (SN green), M79 for the clouds (SN white) and Konad Coraline imageplate C05 for the frog that is jumping away (SN green). Sponged the water with SN pastel blue and added some Nubar Absolute on top.

Thumb: M1 for the duck, first stamped it with SN yellow then tried to color it with SN yellow, stamped it again with PSN light gray,M32 for the flower (PSN cool red) M66 for the lily pad and higher grass (SN green), M79 for the clouds (SN white). Sponged the water with SN pastel blue and added some Nubar Absolute on top. With a dotting tool I made the SN black eyes on the duck and his SN dark orange feet and beak and also the SN yellow dot in the flower.

My right hand:
I used the same imageplates and stamping polished and tried to mirror the image when it was possible.

And now my feet :) (for those of you who don't like feet...skip this part :))
The base is also Essence You Rock 05 Speed of Light Blue (sky) and OPI Bikini Envy (grass) on top of those there are holo polishes (I just love holo) Nubar Absolute (sky) and Golden Rose Holographic 115 (grass).

Big toe: M29 (the top of the pineapple) for the grass (SN green), M32 for the flowers (SN yellow), M66 for the higher grass (SN green), M78 for the butterfly (PSN cool red and SN blue) and M79 for the clouds (SN white). With a dotting I made the SN dark orange dots in the flowers.

Rest of my toes: M79 for the clouds (SN white).

Left hand and foot.

Everything together.

And here you can see my entry for the contest from OCnailart on their facebook page. The photo had to include the supplies you've used.

I hope you all like it? It did took me some time but I am very happy with the result. I made this a few weeks ago, but my feet still look like that :) The contest ends April 30th so you all could still enter too :)


zondag 22 april 2012

Inspired by music/song challenge (Bon Jovi)

Today I'll show you my creations I made for the inspired by your favourite music/song challenge. I don't really have one favourite band or music style but I do like these songs for many years now. And my mom also liked Bon Jovi especially the song Bed of Roses.

This is my 1st for this challenge inspired by these lyrics:
It's been raining since you left me
Now I'm drowning in the flood
You see I've always been a fighter
But without you I give up.

Bon Jovi - Always

I actually found this one funny... it tells a story ;) But not pretty and I only had this on one hand and went out the door with it, with on my other hand something completely different ;)
It's been raining and the water level is rising on each finger. On my ring finger a girl who's been left by her boyfriend looking sad waving goodbye with a broken heart. And the water level keeps on rising and on my thumb it's at the top. And the girl just gave up looking sad/angry she is drowning in the flood (all the bubbles of her last breath).

Base China Glaze Moody Blue, water sponged with PSN sky blue on top a layer of Maybelline Bolt of blue 140 for the glitter. Rain stamped with Konad SN blue and M13, waves to make it more look like water from H20 (SN pastel blue), broken heart from M18 (made it broken myself) girls from Coraline C02 and C05 (SN black pearl), bubbles from M16, M34 and M35 (SN blue, black pearl).

My 2nd creation was also from a song from Bon Jovi and I did these because it was also one of my moms favourite songs.
I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses
for tonight I'll sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as, the Holy Ghost is,
and lay you down on a bed of roses.

Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses

These I found a lot prettier ;) and did it on both hands and I'm still wearing it.

Somehow I really love blue and I was in a blue mood so I chose for a blue base again. Base is Teeez Cool 02 a blue holographic polish and on my ring finger Nfu Oh 65 a light blue holo. I stamped some roses from M65 with SN black pearl on them and on my ring finger a love couple (self made water decal) from a guy who'd love to lay his girl on a bed of roses ;) also stamped a blue rose from M25 with SN blue and SN black pearl above them.

I know there is a lot more to the song then just that one sentence, but I only used the Bed of Roses part literally for this creation ;)

I hope you like my music inspired creations :) 


vrijdag 20 april 2012

Peace, Love and Music

I made these nails in November 2011 for a 70's - 80's party. I did not blogged about them  back then because I was still having a break. But now because of a stamping challenge to make something inspired by music I just thought of these nails and wanted to show them.

They are not pretty but I liked them for the theme party.

Base is 4 colors of the China Glaze OMG collection (L8R G8R, GR8, BFF, DV8). Some self made water decals of a peace, love and music logo on my ring finger and thumb. And I stamped a peace sign from an Essence plate, heart from M18, guitar from M58, the music notes are from M43. For stamping I used Konad SN pink pearl, SN blue pearl, SN pastel green, SN pastel pink and SN pastel blue.

Have a nice day!


maandag 16 april 2012

Happy Berry nails on Catrice Just Married

Hi everyone, I made these nails in august 2011 while I was having my blogging break. I stopped blogging but did not stop doing my nails :) (I also have a lot more older creations to show you before I started blogging but these and the ones I made during my blog break I will show you in between so now and then ;))

I made these for a pink theme contest/challenge on a dutch nail forum.

Base is Catrice Just Married (dupe of OPI Suzi and the lifeguard). Diagonal french stamped with a Essence plate and Konad SN pink pearl, berries stamped with Konad M55 and SN dark red. Some SN pink pearl dots made with a dotting tool. And on the tips a pink rhinestone. I was inspired by a picture on one of the posters from Konad (something similair in white and blue).

 All fingers together.

 A photo of just the diagonal french stamp.

And here some swatches of Catrice Just Married.

I really liked this pink creation with all kinds of pink :)

Have a nice week!


woensdag 11 april 2012

Some new stash pics + 5 colors pastel sponge nails

This is something I've made in february 2010 and could also have been something you could have on your nails with Easter. It's very spring to me because of the pastel colors :)

Sponged with Konad SN pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel blue, pastel violet and pastel pink.Not all together on 1 sponge but I sponged one by one. When it was still wet I added some rainbow glitter. Stamped the dragonflies with Konad SN black and M5. On my ring finger a pastel green pearl stone.

Here some pictures of just the 5 colored base.

At the end of the summer I got a new glass showcage from my sister, she could not keep it when she moved back home so I got it for my polishes. A few weeks ago I finally hung it up the wall and redecorated my nail room :)

You all probably know my wall display my dad made me for my birthday last year.

And in my other showcages my Konad stamping polishes and some other polishes and nail art stuff.


zondag 8 april 2012

Happy Easter everyone ♥ + some cute animal pics

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all have a nice Easter day. Today I'll show you my Easter creation of this year. I also forget one creation in my previous post so I'll show that today. And also some cute pictures of our pets :)

Base OPI Alpine Snow with a layer of Catrice C08 Have an Icy Day topcoat for the sparkle glitter. Stamped some zigzag stripes with XL plate B and Konad SN pink pearl mixed with PSN cool red, SN yelllow and Catrice 400 Blue cara ciao mixed with PSN sky blue. And self made water decals of Hello Kitty disguised as an Easter bunny holding a basket with Easter eggs.

This I actually made for Carnaval 2011 when I was a bunny but this creation would also be something you could do for Easter ;)
Base OPI Alpine Snow with one coat of Orly Gogo for the silver small glitters. French made of Golden Rose Magic Paris color 321. I stamped small bunny feet with Konad SN black and HB38, also some Konad SN psyche pink bunny's from HB38.

As some of you probably know our pet rat died when my mom was also dying too in the hospital, rats can't be on their own so just before Christmas we bought a new friend for our rat Trouble who lost her friend Bubble :( We called our new rat Valley (after part of the name of the hospital where my mom was) Valley was also alone in the store they just sold here sister the day before. We found it very sad that she had to be alone with Christmas so we  took her home ;) I never showed any pictures of  her...but I did promised that so here some pics of Valley ;)

We just picked her up at the pet store.

Sleeping in her coconut in her temporary cage (first the 2 of them have to get to know eachother before they can be together in one cage)

Trouble together with Valley :)

She grew a lot, look at her cute white belly ;) (no I'm not squeezing her).

I am sooo sweet ;)

Here also a cute picture of my hamster Pooh together with Piglet ♥
I just had to share this one hahaha.

Have a happy Easter and great week!


vrijdag 6 april 2012

All kinds of Easter creations together from 2009, 2010 and 2011

Today I'll show you some really old Easter creations and the ones from last year and the year before (but those I've already posted on my blog ;)) But I thought it might be nice to seen them all in one post :)

Ofcourse I will make a new Easter creation for this year, but I will post that one later this week.

These first 2 creations I made in 2009, I don't exactly know what I have used any more.

The first one reminded me of colorfull eggs, I sponged the base with all kinds of Konad SN polishes mixed together.

Stamped some flowers with M35 and PSN gold black and a blue rhinestone on my middle finger.

 Just the sponged base with glitter.

Also made this one in 2009, first polished with a purple/lilac nail polish and sponged some sort of yellow Easter egg tips on it :P

And stamped some flower with Konad SN violet pearl and M25 and 3 yellow rhinestones on my ring finger.
It says Vrolijk Pasen which means Happy Easter in Dutch.

This was my Easter creation of 2010 with decals of Thumper in a egg and Vrolijk Pasen.

These 3 creations you have seen last year 2011 when I broke my nail on my middle finger a few weeks before.

First a pre-Easter creation...

Somehow I found this also Easter like and I made it last year not long before Easter:

Second some pastel yellow Easter Eggs.
 What I've used you can read here: 

Ands  third my nails that I actually had with Easter in 2011.

Somehow I always find a spring landscape also very nice for Easter. I made these in 2011.
Right hand

In 2010 I also made my first spring landscape nails, first I tested it on this huge nail tip hahaha. I was affraid it could never fit on my own nails ;)
But luckily I managed to make it fit on my smaller nails too :)
This was my first creation that I blogged about as a guest blog of my friend Michelle from Passion for Nails. A year later I also wrote about on my own blog what I have used for this creation you can read here:

With these kind of landscape creation you can also add an Easter egg in the grass or something to make it really Easter like ;) I did this on one nail of Tanja a nail friend of mine, Originally the rest of the nails were blue with clouds but I don't have a picture of that anymore. She liked her ring finger so much that she kept that design and only changed the rest :) The bee is a decal made by me.

My Easter creation of this year is in the making and I will post that this weekend :)