zondag 31 maart 2013

Happy Easter! Skittle nails + short holiday pics :)

Happy Easter everyone!

Like I said yesterday, I made Easter nails a week ago before a went on a short holiday to Center Parcs in Belgium. We had fun especially in the sub tropical pool with the under water camera. And it was sooo cold that week, with snow...so it felt more like Winter then almost Easter and Spring time. When I go swimming I always love to paint my toes too, so I did a pedi and a mani :)

Base P2 Ship Ahoi! 01 Pure white, sponged with Konad SN pastel yellow, SN pastel green, SN pastel violet, SN pastel blue, China Glaze Peachy Keen and SN pastel pink. With a layer of China Glaze wireless holographic topcoat.

Stamped the eggs in the same colors as the tips of the gradient base imageplate Nailways Spring Time - Easter Bunny A-NW00006 and Konad SN white flowers from M2. Little dots in the same pastel colors made with a dotting tool.

My right hand.

Again my left hand with the shorty in the middle with different lighting.

And of course some pics of both hands with the gradient base.

And like I said I also did a Easter skittle pedi :) And took some pictures in the pool and under water :)

Base China Glaze Peachy Keen, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, China Glaze Moody Blue, Chine Glaze Go Go Pink and China Glaze Refreshmint. Stamped the full nail eggs with Nailways Spring Time- Easter Bunny A-NW00006 plate. With Konad SN pastel orange, SN yellow (mixed with orange), SN sky blue, SN pink pearl and SN green. 

Again but then a underwater shot :)

It so much fun playing with the under water camera.

And some pictures of my mani in Center Parcs and other holiday pics.

 In the market dome with flamingos in the back.

 At the children's petting zoo/farm with a cow.

At the sort of beach around the lake. It looks so warm and sunny but it was freezing, if you look closely you see the lake is frozen in the back.

 We even had snow :( soooo cold.

But it does look pretty the white snowy scenery with the Swan shaped water pedals.

Walking on the high wooden rope brigde on heels :P lol.

 Petting the sheep who walk free in the entire park :)

 Walking over the stones in the tropical Market Dome.

 The pretty flamingos.

The parrots.

 Dave and my sis in the Market Dome.

 At the other side of the pond walking with Yoshi the dog, Dave took this pic from "our" back yard.

 Me and my sis in the Discovery Bay with the water drops.

 Look no feet :P

Dave and I in the Pirate boat.

 Poor duckies on the frozen pond.

 Cool tree :)

 Let's pretend it is Spring/Summer ;) lol well that day without the wind it was very nice there.

 Part of the pool from above.

Under water...lol.

 Together from one of the water slides.

 Under the water fall.

Part of the pool with the family slide in the evening.

Me and the Flamingos.

Hope you enjoyed  watching and reading about my short holiday to Center Parcs :)
And of course my mani and pedi too?

Have a nice Easter everyone.


zaterdag 30 maart 2013

Something really quick and some ideas :)

Hi everyone,

I've been really sick 2 weeks ago, and last week I went on a short holiday to Center Parcs in Belgium. I was so sick that I was afraid I would not be able to go, but luckily that turned out okay. So sorry for not blogging for a a while.

Here is something I did 2 weeks ago when I had a little workshop again :) Some girls wanted to learn new things, so I showed them all the new things I've learned from fellow stamping/ nail addicts :)

Thumb: a gradient with a make up sponge. And 2 times stamping, first in pastel green then colored the image with that same color and stamped the same image again in metallic pink. With Nailways Spring Time -Easter Bunny A-NW00006 plate ;)

Index: using striping tape, sponging over it with a more coarse Konad sponge and removing the tape again and a Konad flower..  

Middle vinger: a baby chicken ;) using flocking powder (but when I took the pic half of it was gone because it was done really quick with too little topcoat underneath) The face made with a dotting tool, the hair is stamped (part of the Konad pineapple image)  

Ring finger: saran wrap technique with 2 colors.  

Pinkie: a stamping decal Konad M1, coloring him on the stamper, then a layer of topcoat and peel it off. And put it on the nail, I smudged it a bit. But like I said it was done really quick just to show those girls how it was done :) On Messy Mansion is a great tutorial of stamping decals :)

I had so much fun that day, later I took most of it off and did saran wrap on all of them to cover the bald spots…had do it sooo fast cause had to go, but I thought can’t go out with these 5 different nails :P

The Saran wrap with China Glaze Lemon Fizz and a brght pink color from 2True. And a Kleancolor metallic black stamp from Konad M22.

The Saran wrap base.

Both together.

Last week I had skittle Easter nails and toes, I will show those tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend!


zondag 17 maart 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day 3x

Hi Everyone,

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you who celebrate. The challenge today in AIS was based on this Irish Holiday so I made St. Patrick's Day nails. I did them 3 times different, so it actually are 3 new mani's ;)

All 3 looks from my left hand.

First I only stamped them all. The base is Risqué Menta (a polish from Brazil). Stamped with Konad SN moss green and imageplateNailways A-NW00005 Spring Time - Flowers.

Second I added the green grass (or should I say the green flocking powder ;)) It was my first time using this..it feels so soft and funny :)

And third I stamped the shamrock over the flocking powder again. Used Konad PSN apple green but that wasn't showing really well so I mixed it with white and stamped over it again as you can see :)

Of course I also did my left hand and took pics of that with my short little middle finger nail :P

And all the 3 mani's from left hand.
All stamped.

My whole hand with only stamping.

 With flocking powder.

With flocking powder and stamping over it.

Also some swatches of Risqué Menta from both my hands.

And all 3 manis from left and right together.

Again Happy St. Patrick's Day and enjoy your Sunday!

Thanks for reading.


donderdag 14 maart 2013

Bowling nails

Hi Everyone,

I was sure I already posted these on my blog but I can't find them, so maybe I did not posted them since I was busy with all the V-day mani's last month. But I made these in February. I went bowling with my family and my dad's new girlfriend and her family. So since they already knew me as a crazy nail lady (from stories my dad told them) I thought let's make a mani that is perfect for bowling. I had just received my Cheeky 2012 set that was my prize from the lovely Wacky Laki. I knew there was a bowling image on them. I also got some striping tape recently and really wanted to use that too, so I combined them.

A white base from Essence with Kleancolor metallic white on top, added striping tape and sponged over it with Kleancolor metallic black (and white) and I removed the tape again :) Stamped with Cheeky CH35 and Kleancolor metallic black.

Here a pic of just the tape mani. Since it was my first time using striping tape I wanted to play with it and did each nail differently.
I was really happy with my first striping tape mani.

Bowling was fun too :)

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 12 maart 2013

L.A. Girl Metal Trilogy with hearts

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was about time to show my short middle finger nail..lol. I made them all shorter but not as short as the middle one. I don't really like round shaped nails on my self (do like it on others) and it was broken till the flesh so it couldn't get any shorter without bleeding. So I am actually still kinda proud of this lenght, it's amazing to see how much my nail bed grew in the 6 years since I stopped biting. You know they looked like this so that is a hugeeee difference to me. And sometimes I still can't believe it :) 

I also tried making photos of my right hand, but those fingers are weird they don't want to do what I want them too :P lol. So the up coming weeks I will show pics of both hands :) (if they cooperate).

My left hand with the broken middle finger nails :( (luckily they will grow fast) Base L.A. Girl Metal Trilogy stamped the full nail from BM315 with Konad SN vivid pink, the hearts are from BM303 stamped with SN pastel pink.

The right (hard to photograph) hand.

And some swatches of both hands.

I really liked this color and finish dried really quick too and good coverage...it think it might also stamp..haven't tried that yet.

Thanks for reading.